The Co-Relation of Shopping and Emotions

I had a major fight with someone today and tomorrow might be the start of my new life--minus YOU. Whatever, I think it's about time. I wouldn't elaborate anymore since this entry's supposed to be about the co-relation of shopping and emotions. For us girly girls, shopping could shoot up our adrenaline and endorphins as much as a naked Brazilian model. For me, it's one of the things that makes me extremely high of happiness. Even window shopping does. Even those cheap vente nalang stores, whatever it's called. So anyway, as I've said I had a fucking bad night. And so I did what I normally do whenever I'm sad or depressed or fucked up... I browsed through my multiply site for any new potential buy, 10 minutes later I've already submitted an order form for a dress which I have to pay for within 3 days. Darn. Mich asked me if everytime I go emo I shop, coz she said if that's the case it means I've gone emo too many fucking times already. Haha funny. :P This is what tramped my numb, angry and fucking semi-broken heart:

* from glamline.multiply.com (Ruffled dress, P500). The dress comes with the belt. Happiness.

I dunno if I would actually wear it or if looks cuter in actual. But I bought it anyway. And besides, I heard my sister say it's cute. I can just make her wear it.

How I wish relationships are as easy as shopping.

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