Online Shopping - Part 3

It's a holiday today in the US, so yey! it means we too don't have to go to work today. Although my boss asked me if I could, I refused and it ended up with me rendering overtime for almost over 8 hours last Saturday. So here I am sitting in front of the pc blogging (while also watching DVD) and looking for new clothes or shoes or shits to buy. Before that, I was watching a mexican telenovela (whole dvd copy! err) with my mom and my sister's bf. Haha! And even before that I was out with my mom on a foodtrip at our local market. We first went to a video store to rent some cd's then I left my pink pumps to my favorite shoedoctor, bought some green mangoes and bagoong, bought some dvds, bought french fries in Jollibee that I ate with carcinogenic street foods (betamax na naman!!!) and a bottle of softdrinks. Yum. While waiting for my mom's nilagang baka I had a looong, weird...super weird fight with Algene that ended with a "BAHALA KA NA SA BUHAY MO" tagline (sabay sign out!!!) then 10 minutes after a 7 minutes phone call from her that ended up with laughter (it was all laughter from start to finish.mush mush.) and i love yous. Crazy! We are crazy little alien freaks. Haha. So that brings me here...sitting and shopping. Again! Discovered a new online store. I got to purchase this! Since I didn't find anything nice enough to buy in Gateway yesterday.

* from allaboutshirts.multiply.com. :)

I have to clean up my closet tomorrow! Remind me!

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  1. i really like the way you are thinking. wish you good luck.


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