Love-Hate Relationship

It is funny how I got into this crazy crazy relationship. Hours ago I was chatting with Algn, it started nice then it suddenly turned sour. Haha. My praning insecure self took over again. So in summary it ended with not-so-pretty words all in CAPS LOCK. So I smoked to slightly release my anger. I was preparing myself for a possible break up. I pretended to act fine watching tv with my family when 10 minutes later my phone rang. It was Algn. I answered it, after our first hellos we found ourselves bursting into laughter. CRAZY. She said the alien thingy made her laugh so hard that she had to share it with her closest friend Joanne. What happened was, halfway through our not-so-nice conversation over YM I asked her "From what planet did you came from?! Coz I met your family and I swear they were nice people!". So armed with an unbelievably wild (you'd never guess how wild) imagination I told her that she is an alien and that her mama and papa are aliens too who gave up on her and left her here on Earth 'coz she was driving her planet mates mad by her "sungitness" and coldness. So now we call each other aliens. Our newfound term of endearment.

Maybe I am really a masochist and I enjoy these roller coaster test of emotions everytime. Argh. Haha. Or maybe, even if she never admits it, we can't live without each other. I don't know how long this would last, but all I know is as long as there's love (and laughter) it might just work. I AM BLINDED! And if it never works (or maybe it will) in the end I am certain I'd have no regrets. Sweet love.

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