Time-out on a Sunday

I woke up early yesterday. I have been sleeping the whole night in my parents room (they didn't come home last Saturday, they spent the night at my Lola's house in Q.C.). I roused from sleep when my parents arrived. After which I watched TV for a while before sitting in front of the PC. I felt like I'm wasting my time when I could do something more exciting, so I asked my sister if she wants to go to the mall. She said her bf's coming over and that she have a scheduled shopping day next week, so I asked my mom if she wants to play BINGO as I go around the mall. She said I just got sick and that I should not be going out 'coz I might get sick again, then she said maybe next week. GREAT. I'm bored as hell. And I wanted to buy new shoes because as my sister said our shoe collection is so outdated. I agree. So since I can't go out I sat in front of the PC again... and to get over my frustration, I started shopping online. These are my purchases yesterday. Darn!

* (from ebay) American Apparel 6465 pack of 3 deep v-neck tee - P1900 (including shipping from the US)

* (from baromanila.multiply.com) - Got this on sale for only P399!:)

* (from secretstore.multiply.com) - Forever21 shirts I got for only P180 each.:)


Anyway, that's not all I did yesterday. I also went to a nearby market. I went to a videostore and signed-up for membership. It's called E-videos and not as accessible as Videocity. Before, there was a Videocity near our place but one day I found it gone, closed due to unknown reasons. Haha. Well, there were always a lot of people in that store that sometimes it freakin' stink. I was an avid fan, too bad. I rented 3 dvd's (haha I was excited) that I was able to finish watching in one sitting. I also went to a nearby ihaw-ihaw and indulged in street foods like Betamax (cubed pork or chicken blood which I love!), Bilog-Bilog (chicken intestines that's shaped in circles and is very chewy haha) and Sarsi. I love it! After that I bought a bunch of Bavarian donuts for eveyone in the house (it's because of this Mr. Donut commercial with an annoying screaming little girl). And that's how I spent my Sunday evening.

I hate being frustrated. Still have to pay for my purchases tomorrow. Nice job.

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