My not-so-secret talents

I am queer. I can do some things that I'm not quite sure other people could. Here's some:

1.) Alternatively raising my eyebrows - some people can raise their eyebrows together, deliberately. Others can just raise one. But I do know some people who can easily do this. Well I can do it fast! If that makes it sound harder. Hihi.

2.) Applying make-up on a moving vehicle - For any kikay girl, this is EASY.. But at NIGHT??? Without any lights? Aside from the dim taxi yellow light which is no freakin' help, but in total darkness? Hahaha! I'm an expert. :P I learned to do this since I am always always late. It's actually an art, where you actually have to be in perfect rythm with the street lights. :) I sit there armed with my concealer stick and a mirror then I wait... as soon as we pass by a lighted district I then start my "art", then I stop again until we pass by another lighted area for me to continue. I've perfected this and so far I have not gotten off a ride looking extremely horrendous. Haha!

3.) I can't whistle - I can't execute a normal whistle. I however can whistle ( a little) by doing it in reverse. Meaning not blowing air but sucking air. Sucker. Haha.

4.) 360 degress nose twitch - Now this...is super weird. Hahaha! My sister, brother and my sister's boyfriend loves playing with my nose. I just recently discovered this special talent or gift or curse (?) of mine. All this time I thought it's totally normal until my wretched siblings + my sisters bf made my nose a freak show. Hahaha! I have a boneless nose. So they say. They might be right!

5.) Thumb bending - I can bend my thumb sideways until the tip reaches my wrist. Hehe something I discovered over boredom.

6) Burp Galore - I can induce burps. I can burp whenever I want, wherever I want. Hehe! Basta I can induce burp by like swallowing air. Yeah I can swallow air. hahaha! I should enter a contest, make burping my cash cow.

7.) Calamansi Relay - I have kidney nephritis. Once I pee'd blood. One of the main causes is of course my addiction to fishsauce (or patis). I can partner any food with fishsauce. I was like that since I dunno..birth? Hahaha! Anyway, what really triggered my kidney problem is my addiction to calamansi. I could eat one bowl of sliced calamansi dipped in salt. I would slice a calamansi in half, dip it in salt, and squeeze it in my mouth. Yummy... and proven dangerous.

8.) Ketchup Addiction -A lot of people have witnessed how I obssess over ketchup. I have a ketchup corner on my desk where people can donate ketchup (I only accept Mcdo, Jollibee, Wendys or del Monte ketchup!) for my consumption. Like fishsauce, I also can partner any food with ketchup (except for maybe sinigang? or maybe i can.hmm.). Fish, Porkchop, Chicken, ANYTHING. I sip ketchup straight from the pack (the little packed ones from Mcdo or fastfood restos). I could down 6 lil packs of ketchup with 1 regular fries. They said too much ketchup could cause arthritis. Sometimes I feel pain on my legs or muscles, so what? Let me die of arthritis.

9.) OIL is Gold - I think I am the queen of unhealthy eating habits. I eat veggies and fruits but they're not on top of my food pyramid. On the other hand, I love eating greasy food. I love mixing oil (from fried whatevers) with rice. Whenever I get food from our office pantry I always ask the servers to add oil with my viand. Haha! It makes the food more exciting to eat! I've been on it since I was a little girl. I would always ask my yaya or my mom to put a lil cookng oil with my rice. Sometimes I ask for margarine. Haha! And I'm still not over it. I might die of heart attack one day, if not lung cancer OR arthritis.

10.) Happy Feet - Just like my nose, I also have a very very weird feet. My sister have always been amazed by this talent of mine. I could fit into Size 5-8 shoes. Hahaha! In malls whenever we're scouting for new shoefinds I am usually very lazy to ask for my size (which is regular size 7) so I just try on any size on display. Haha! I've also gotten so used to it, but my sister still finds its freaky. Of course, a size 5 shoe is tight! But while some people would not even be able to get their foot IN the shoe, I could do so easily. Even if it is tight. Haha! My mom is size 6 and I oftentimes borrow her shoes. It is a little tight but still very bearable. Haha! My sister is 7 1/2-8 and I also borrow her shoes sometimes. I love my feet! Suits a shoe lover well.

I love being me. :P

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