I can't construct paragraphs 'coz I'm too stressed and tired to do so. Thank God for bullets. Bullets with paragraphs. Huh? *Confused*--->too stressed not to feel confused!

* WORK WORK WORK - New department, new responsibilities, new timeframe, new everything. I seldom get enoough sleep. And when I do go to work early, I still go home late. So I decided to just come in late so I would feel less tired and worn out. I can't complain. I love pressure and challenges but not with strict "impossible" deadlines.

* VIRUS - I've had this ebola virus , eer..virus.. for 2 months now. 2 months!!! I have been drinking meds (antibiotics) for 2 weeks and it's still here. It's like a freakin' leech that is sucking the life out of me haha! Well, I never told my doctor that I never stopped smoking and I still drink ice cold water and loves eating Mais Con yelo. But the meds should have worked by now! Trivia: I hate getting sick because I hate drinking medicines because I can't swallow them.

* MY MOM - I love my Mom but she's extremely annoying! She nags the shit out of us, over clothes, laundry, dishwashing, smoking,etc.etc. And if there's nothing else to nag about, she finds 5 new reasons to start a new session! It drives us crazy. We sometimes unanimously shout at her to just sleep, peacefully, without opening her mouth. Sometimes she's smart enough to get the cue, but oftentimes it just drives her more mad...to nag. I dont know why but her voice'slike some kind of drug that whenever I hear it my heart pumps faster then I suddenly want to become violent and resistant to anything. Arrgh... I love my mom.

* MY ROOM - My dad always tell me that my room looks like it's being occupied by a boy. It's a total mess. Clothes are everywhere. Same with shoes, bags, accs, plastics. Sometimes I sleep with my bags and clothes beside me. Hehe! Here's a not so secret-secret: Once, I buried a Mcdonald's burger under a pile of clothes on my bed and discovered it 2 days later. Eew eew eew. Haha. We have a shoe cabinet but we seldom use it 'coz my shoes are all on the floor anyway. Well , I have a busy life. I seldom have time to fix things, clean my room and put my shoes back in the shoe cabinet. I know i know it's a lame excuse 'coz it doesn't take too much time to put everything back in their proper places, but it is for me! Haha. It's good that we have a hired help who cleans my room every 2 weeks. Sometimes, when I'm not in the mood to shove things on the chair beside my bed, I just crash and sleep in my brother's room. Hehe. It stresses me out coz if I can just put everything in order with just one snap of a finger ..then life would be easssy.:)

*LOVELIFE - it's so stressful I don't even know where to begin with. She's in Dubai, I am here. She's hostile and I'm a touchy affectionate person. She's chasing after her dreams, I am chasing after her, and no one's chasing me. Just figure it out. It's stressful really.

* FRIENDS - I want to see my friends. Spend time with them, laugh with them and laugh at them. But I'm too tired and worn out to even see them. I now go home at around noon every Saturdays. When I get home I stall and sit infront of the pc to check some stuffs which leads me to sleeping at around 3 pm. I will then wake up (if ever I wake up that seldom happens coz usually I go into comatose) way past midnight. That just gives me Sunday to do normal stuffs. Nobody goes out on Sundays. It sucks.

* SHOPPING - Whether online or in the mall, it stresses me as much as it excites and comforts me. I too shop on a budget and it sucks seeing things that are so over my allotment. This is where the line "So near yet so far" applies. You can't have all the cake you want to eat in one sitting. Still...shopping is my theraphy. As the saying goes (as I continue to associate shopping with love)... you always come back to the things that hurt you. I love shopping!

* MY BOSS - He's great, smart (over the top smart), strategic, analytical and most of all an Excel guru. He's also nice and funny. But I don't know why he stresses me out this much (not as much as my previous boss Claire whom I also love). He's not yet 30 but he already achieved a lot of things. I also want that (which stresses me again grr)! Hahaha. Bottomline is he's great and in our previos meeting he told me that he wants me to learn a lot so that when I finally decide to venture into another opportunity I would have enough bullets in my gun. I appreciate that he only wants the best for and of me and that he wants me to be great, excellent, superb...that's why I'm this stressed.

* CONSTIPATION - or colon cancer after a few years. I hope not! Well, I've got all the symptoms. I've always had this love-hate relationship with my umm, excretory system. I have a HUGE intestinal problem. Sometimes it cooperates for a few days or months, then there are also days where I almost believe its got it's own mind. It's the only thing that scares me in this lifetime because I can't force it to (you know) unleash its contained toxins even if I sit on the toilet for a whole day. Some people or almost everyone can do that. But not me. The worse constipation I ever went through was last May during our Bohol-Singapore trip. In summary, I didn't "shit" for almost 1 week. And I ate A LOT. It's stressful.

* MY BIRTHDAY - It's near! Meaning, I'd again get a year older...which means I'n not getting any younger..which means I have to pull myself together and start living my dreams. Well, I am. But there's still a lot more to execute. And I'm not even halfway yet. There's still a lot of things I want to do, like skydive. Haha. Or get paid blogging. Hahahahaha! Well, unlike other people I knew, know or not know, I don't want a family. NOT YET. or not ever. Other people when they get to this stage and age (25 and above) panic, acting like they're being left by the shiny shiny train of marriage and kids. Don't stress friends. It will come to you. But not me, I love my life or live my love..I love you! Hahaha! MICH, YOU SAID WE'LL CELEBRATE MY BDAY for 9 DAYS. Let's do it!!! Hahaha:P

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