Concert starts at 8 pm. Got to the Coliseum and met my sister there at around 7:45.. Haha! Well show didn't start 'til around 9 pm. I was sooo hungry when I got there so I bought Jamaican Patties (Pinatubo flavor and it's addicting!) to munch on. Our area (though it's cheap) was fine. We sitted at the right wing so we could be closer to the stage and there's a huge screen at the side. I thought it's gonna be an empty arena but at 8:15 people started to pour in then I started to get excited! Haha! They were supposed to have a front act but I was suprised that when the lights came on it was already them on the stage! *Shrieks* And for a little trivia, they were staying at Discovery Suites! aaargh!!! Sayang! Anyway, it was not so so so spectacular but it was worth it! And the show was great! They sung Hanging by a Moment, Spin, Take me away, First time, Broken (or was it Storm) and other new songs. Walang jologs!!! Hehehe.

Alicia Keys and Avril's next!!!


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