Pier 6th : Missing Lots part 1

I miss my friends. There are a lot of things (actually it's mostly sleeping) going on in my life right now that I never get to see them anymore. I want to start hating my job (night shift sucks!!!)coz it's getting in the way of my weekend fun but then of course I can't 'coz it's my source of my shopping fund and my savings. So then again back to my friends. As I've said I missed them. And as much as I explain to them that my schedule is hell, there are some who would never understand. I may be paranoid but there are people I feel I'm drifting away from. And if they are reading this, I wanna tell them that despite of our lack of bonding time, I'm still a friend who would always be there for them. And that I'm still the same person they loved or still love. I realize there are so much I'm missing. I miss going out on weekends, just wasting away and getting drunk and lost in booze but most especially from stories exchanged. I miss our pier 6th 24/7 tambay nights when we will just sit ALLLL night on the sidestreet laughing at each other and just do plain nothing up until we see the sunrise and the street lamps go off. After that when we wake up (which would be around late afternoon) we again go out on the street and hangout again. How I miss those days. But since then a lot happened. People left, started a family, had adorable babies, worked and got busy with other things (like me). Sometimes I wish I live in Q.C. so I could be closer to them and I could visit them anytime and not be in this "ghost town" that is an hour away. Sometimes I wish, time would just freeze. So we'd never have to grow up and think of the future and just be the careless youths we were. But then at one time or another time catches up on us and we have no choice but to move on. And as my bestfriend and I would always say, we can't just stagnate at one place. I don't know if he already forgot that conversation we had because right now I don't know if he understands that this is part of me not stagnating in one place. But then I hope he's supporting me just as much as I would support him in all he does and I'm super proud of him. I would forever remember the tree house and the Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween special marathon. I would never forget the food trip sessions and the taguan ng yosi. I would never forget the ultimate party place AND people that is 6th avenue. We may never relive everything again and be present in one place and time, but we could sure keep the memories, the smiles, laughters and the genuine friendship we all shared.

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