LIFEHOUSE Live in Araneta on July 26

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I'm super excited and I can't contain it! I've been looking for someone to go with me since my sister backed out, but managed to woo her into coming with me again. So I guess we're off to Araneta on Sat! I just have to buy tickets. Hehe. Anyway, I've been waiting for Lifehouse to come here in the Philly. After I missed the Incubus concert, I promised that I wouldn't let a next good bands concert slip through my hands. So one day while I was passing by Farmer's Cubao (hahaha! I actually was there) imagine my excitement when I saw the Lifehouse concert poster! I even took a picture of it. Haha! Lifehouse has been one of my all-time favorite bands. Not just because I've memorized almost all their songs, but because they write and make great music that through time have also evolved with me. The first Lifehouse house I heard and became my all-time fave is "Hanging by a Moment". I don't know but I believe I'm the first person to ever like that song! haha! I was still in high school then. In the many phases of my life there's a certain Lifehouse song I could associate with it. When I was still a high school stud in St. Scho it was "Hanging by a Moment", when I was in college (during my crazy UST life with Dinah) it was "Sick Cycle Carousel" "Breathing & "Spin", 2 years ago when I fell in love with a boy (as in boy 'coz he's 5 years younger than me) it was "Blind" & "You and Me", and now with Algene it's "First Time", "Everything" and "Take me Away". They still have a lot songs which I'm super in love with. Before, I actually thought Jason Wade's voice sounds a lot like Creeds vocalists' voice! Who would ever think a low magnificent voice could come from a boy-next-door looking guy! Their songs might sound a little alike but because each song reflects a certain emotion, stark, positively negative, it becomes distinctively indifferent. Lifehouse is a band that touch people's hearts (including mine!) with their gift of melody and lyrics. I'm certain I will be a big fan of theirs for a LOOONG time.:)

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