Columbia Sportswear: Tales of Trying New Stuff

I know a lot of people who are living but not actually "living". I'm not one to judge them because it might be their own version of a perfect, sweet life... to live & die within their comfort zones & their usual routines. It might work for some people, but definitely not for me. I vowed to live my life to the fullest by pushing myself outside my limits and finding new things to do, places to go or people to meet. It might be in the form of traveling, immersing in different cultures, striking a conversation with strangers, discovering a new hobby, trying out new food, trekking unfamiliar terrains. In my case, it was getting a tattoo (or two haha), backpacking in Singapore, conquering Diplomat hotel in Baguio, walking the Rice Terraces & spelunking in caves at Sagada, eating random food in Thailand, running at temples in Cambodia, ATV in Bohol, riding the deadly "Sky Cycle" in Boracay and many more! No matter your relationship status, your age or work, there's always some reason to actually "try stuff". This is why Columbia Sportswear's newest campaign, Tales of Trying Stuff, hits close to home! Here are photos from their launch at Privato Hotel...

We were welcomed by this truck full of ice where we got to experience Columbia's winning omni heat technology!:) Love the purple plaid jacket I was wearing. That's my gigimik sa north pole outfit. Lollll.

Columbia's Omni-Heat® technology manages your body heat outdoors & helps regulate your temperature by reflecting and retaining the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat to keep you comfortable. Nosebleed, but so amazing. Haha.

We then entered the Omni-Tech® (waterproof technology) testing area...

 Excited kids. Haha. 

Love that they have them in my size! Wearing an XS jacket, Small pants & Size 7 shoes

 Ready to rumble! Haha. At talagang tinuck-in ko yung jacket. Whyyy. Haha.

Nico: Check ko mga outfits niyo... (LOL)

Nico: Ako naman sa shower! Pax: Mamaya ka na! Ana: Tingin ka na sa cam! 

Nico: Pasingit namannn. Pax: Ayaaaaaw!

Nico: Sabi ko sayo wag mo ituck-in maarte kaaaa. Pax: Eh bat ba!

Pax & Ana: Sinolo na niya, tara na nga!

Nico: I win. Shower's miiine! Time to shine!!!

Not a drop of water inside! Super waterproof. The Omni Shield Technology prevents water from coming in. The 100% air permeable Omni-Tech membranes also creates superior breathability that allows moisture to move away from the skin. 

Afterwards, we went to the other side for some pica-pica and the campaign presentation...

kaniiiin. haha.

we were asked to fill these up for the raffle. :)

Had a grand time looking at the photo exhibit. It's so inspiring that I literally had goosebumps after viewing each and every one of them...

Columbia Sportswear celebrated the spirit of adventure and innovation with a showcase of the Trying Stuff lifestyle as told in truly inspiring photographs and videos made by some of the brand ambassadors namely John Chua, Paco Guerrero, Paul Quiambao, Paelo Padrejas, and Rolly Magpayo. So proud of you Paelo!!! :)

 Jacket worn and words written by my love (haha sorry na) Atom Araullo! 

  Love these Columbia watches!!! Must have theseee...

 Affected din sha. Hehe! Amazing video about the brand and Trying Stuff was shown.

One of the ambassadors talking about his experiences and how he's changing the world by trying stuff. 

 Hi boyfriendssss


Brand Ambassadors

The event was a nice wake up call to try and live life by "trying stuff". Stuff that could change the world or could change you--in a positive way. Let's all follow in Columbia's brand ambassadors' footsteps by taking risks and not being afraid to continue to learn and excel in their passions and advocacies in life. Take the leap, explore your passions, experiment in life, make your mark and arm yourself with the right gears & equipment. ;) Always remember, life is about trying and winning and losing and trying and the cycle goes on. Up to you to make the ride worthwile. ;) 

Can't wait to explore and try new stuff with Columbia naman! Soon, I hope!:) Pulag maybe?:)

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