Get Younger & Healthier Skin with Mega We Care’s Gloww Collagen

Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to drink collagen for months now. I even tried those sweet collagen juice drinks from convenience stores and although it tastes good, they’re also too sweet for my liking. I also hate the jelly in it, the texture makes it hard to swallow. I’m happy to have finally found one that’s easy to prepare, consume, and tastes good too! Read on to know more…

Mega We Care’s Gloww Collagen Bovine Food Supplement Powder contains 2,500mg of pure potent VeriSol® Collagen, a product of German technology, that ensures complete absorption and high bioavailability.

Glow Collagen has also been shown in medical experiments to stimulate the production of collagen, which is beneficial to skin health, tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, and moisturizes the skin. Aside from skin benefits, studies have shown that daily collagen supplements can help increase bone density, as well as slow the aging process, Avail!!!

I read somewhere that drinking collagen improves skin elasticity, reduces signs of aging, and makes skin appear glowing & healthy, so I’m so happy to try this. So far, so good!

Preparation is also quick & hassle-free, just mix it in water or juice, and voila! I expected it to taste bland but I was surprised by the subtle strawberry flavor. Not too sweet but delicious!

Try Gloww Collagen’s mixed fruit flavor powder drink and get that youthful glow inside-out after 8 weeks of continued use, along with proper diet and exercise. Take 1 sachet per day anytime. Available in Watsons and Mercury drugstores near you!

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