LUMOS RAY Smart Projector Review: My Own Home Theater!

From the start of the pandemic up until now, I spend more time at home than outside. I only go out when it's necessary or whenever my work requires me to. So with this new set-up. I constantly find ways to keep myself entertained at home. And when I'm not sleeping, I usually just read a book or watch my favorite TV series & BTS videos. So excited to have discovered a way to upgrade my viewing experience at home! Read on to know more...

My own home theater!

I haven't gone to a movie theater in 3 years. Wow. And I think I'm not yet ready to take the risk yet, so setting up my own home theater will do for now! Got a LUMOS RAY Smart Projector for this personal project and it was everything I expected and more...

What is LUMOS and how is it different from other projectors?

There are probably hundreds of projectors being sold online, but if you want a realistic & complete home cinema experience with a nice image output & good built-in sound system at an affordable price, then invest in one that offers all these and more-- like the LUMOS RAY Projector! 

The set comes with the projector, remote (AAA battery required), power cable, audio cable & HDMI cable, user manual

Singapore & Malaysia's #1 Home Cinema Brand LUMOS is an all-in-one lightweight, compact & portable projector that offers affordable solutions to cinema lovers like me. It possesses all the essential specs you need at an amazing price of P8,999 for the LUMOS RAY (regular version, external input needed) & P11,999 for the LUMOS RAY Smart version (all built-in, no external connections needed) with a 1-year local warranty! The one I have is the LUMOS RAY Smart, so I'm going to specifically focus on that one. :)

Had to use my shelf organizer and stacked boxes to elevate it and for better projection


*Massive Screen with Little Space. This powerful projector can project up to 150 inches (that is almost your entire wall), giving you exactly the same feeling of being in the cinema. It can go from 30 inches to 150 inches, customizable depending on the size of your wall. With a short-throw capability, you can easily get a 50-inch screen with only a 1.5m distance needed. Made lighter and more portable, you are also able to use this wherever and anywhere you want.

*720p HD clear resolution - With 720p Native Resolution (HD) and supporting 1080p (Blu-ray FHD), you are able to see every single detail. Extremely clear & sharp!

*Bright 3,000 Lumens - At 3,000 lumens, LUMOS RAY is at the top tier level of such projectors, giving it a vibrant and richer graphic & color quality. High Brightness makes the colors more vivid in darkness (not grainy or washed out). 

*Inbuilt Netflix, YouTube, Android 9.0 Operating System, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - This is a huge win since traditional projectors usually don't have these installed. The LUMOS RAY doesn't need an external device like a laptop to display content. Literally, just plug & play -- so convenient!

*Wireless Mirror Casting - Works for Android phones or iPhones! Simply open the inbuilt Air Screen app & connect via Wi-Fi to mirror your smartphone. You can use it to play mobile games, use Spotify, or even Zoom calls over a huge screen while lying in bed. 

*Premium & Elegant Look – Minimalistic & sleek look adds a touch of modernity to your room. In other words, aesthetic! :D

*Dolby Audio Surround Sound- Good cinematic surround sound that is powerful enough by itself. This projector has 2 inbuilt Dolby Audio Speakers, making the sound ultra-rich with strong bass. Also, you can use it alone as a speaker! So cool. 

*HDMI, USB and AV Ports for Consoles, Karaoke, Laptop and more - Compatible with tons of devices - connect it to your set-top box to display local channels, or laptop/PlayStation/Nintendo to play games and watch movies.

You can easily download other apps from the Play Store! I downloaded Google Chrome so I can open other websites hehe

Adjust the focus through this dial

There are still so many amazing things to rave about, but for me, personally, I love that it's portable (with a leather handle so you can bring it anywhere and everywhere) and the massive screen of up to 150 inches. Compared to our 50" screen television, this is definitely WAY better and good for viewing with friends & family. Compared to other projectors, the resolution is also amazing, as well as the sound. Definitely a good value for your money! 

So if you've been eyeing this projector and you're looking for a sign, then this is it. Go, buy it! :)

The LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector is now available for purchase directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at www.lumosprojector.ph/ray

*The company currently only ships locally in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore where they have received thousands of satisfied 5-star real reviews across their websites.

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