5 Cities in the US that Have a Small Town Feel

If you're in the US and you're thinking of moving or relocating, here are some places you might want to consider! A large number of Americans are considering picking up and moving to greener pastures, and something high on many peoples’ list is an area that feels like the perfect mix between a city and a small town. Thankfully, this isn't impossible to find! These are five awesome cities that feel like small towns while offering every piece of fun you could want out of city living. Read on to know more...

Royal Oak, Michigan

If you want to live in an artsy area just outside of one of the largest cities in the country: it’s time to move to Royal Oak. Although it’s a suburb of Detroit, this smaller and quieter town has a peaceful feeling within it, with countless unique businesses and restaurants that are unlike anything else you’ll find in the world. Although it can be expensive to live here, especially when compared to the rest of Detroit, it’s worth it for the indie dreamlike feeling you’ll find here.

Burlington, Vermont

If you want to move somewhere a little quieter, with a population of just under fifty thousand people and the best of all seasons: it's time to move to Burlington, Vermont. This awesome city has countless museums, art galleries, and shops while sitting just off the shore of Lake Champlain. The perfect mix of big city and small town, you'll be amazed by the low price of Burlington houses for sale and incredible locals who will be glad to have you here.

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West Des Moines, Iowa

Although Des Moines itself is a smaller city, West Des Moines blurs the lines between city and small-town living. Endless space for growth and relaxation ensures that anyone can be comfortable living here, while a culture of community and work-life balance ensures you’ll never have to deal with burnout from the office. Although winters can get rough, it’s worth it to live here.

Bozeman, Montana

This is one of the largest cities in Montana, yet Bozeman boasts a population of just under fifty thousand people within city limits. The quiet calm of this area lends itself to a comfortable and slower-paced life, while the incredible mountains and views ensure that you'll never be bored just driving through town and looking at the area. Home prices are rising here, but it's worth it to live in this winter paradise.

Albany, Georgia

Although Albany is a little more of a city than other towns on this list, it shouldn't be overlooked! In the southwestern portion of Georgia, this smaller town has the perfect mix of beautiful green surroundings and fun entertainment. Albany is a music-centered city that has a large focus on enjoying musical entertainment and putting on a show as much as possible. You’ll never be bored living here, and slipping away to quieter living isn’t hard to do in Albany!


So whether you want to enjoy the quiet peace of the smaller towns or the lively fun of a city: you don't have to give up one to have the other. Consider moving to some of these fantastic cities and get the best of both worlds!

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