Coron, Palawan Day 3 & 4: Island hopping & Culion Tour

Here's the 2nd installment of my Coron, Palawan trip last December! As I mentioned in my first post, Days 1 & 2 were spent in town visiting different sights, accommodations & souvenir shops. On the 3rd day, we were finally allowed to board a boat and do some island hopping! And then on the 4th day, we were finally given a go signal to visit Culion & transfer to Sunlight Ecotourism Resort, which I can easily describe as paradise on earth. Read on to know more...

Kayangan Lake, you're such a beauty. :)

On our 3rd day, we were finally given a go signal by the coast guard to do island hopping!  I have never seen Kayangan Lake, so I was so excited. We had a media briefing/presentation in the morning where we learned more about Coron and also met more people...

Map of the Calamianes Archipelago! So useful coz I'm a bit confused with my geography haha! So to summarize, Calamianes has 4 major islands -- Busuanga, Coron Island, Culion & Linapacan

Another explanation I needed coz I got a bit confused by the division of the towns

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After the short program, we were given some time to prepare for our tour! After which, we met by the pool area and then walked to the dock where we boarded a bangka...

Sunlight Guest Hotel has their own boat dock! 

Hello from the Coron gang! :)

Responsible tourist tayey before swimming

Thank you Kuya Melo for this shot! Labyu!


Dubbed to be the cleanest lake in Asia, Kayangan Lake is located in Coron & Calamian Islands. This raw beauty is a crystal-clear freshwater lake with magnificent underwater rock formations, limestone cliffs, caves and islets. Along the way to the lake, you can rest and take some time gazing over the breathtaking Coron Bay! Entrance fee is P300.

I've only seen this place in photos, so I was quite excited to experience it myself!  Make sure you have some energy because it requires a bit of trekking. Mejo hiningal ako sizt d ako prepared haha!

Photo-op muna sa nakapark na boat. Thanks Kuya Melo for the pic!

Entrance! You have to climb more or less 200 steps to get to the lake

Kaya pa ba Kuya Melo and Sir Albert? Hehe! Nagpapahinga din ako coz kahingal!

Beautiful view of Coron Bay!

After a 10-minute trek, finally reached the lake! Ganda!

Crystal clear water! Thanks roomie Ruth for the photo!

Had to take a refreshing dip coz it was so hot hehe! Thanks Kuya Ferds for the pic!

On our way to our next stop


Located on the north shore of Coron island, this famous dive site enclosed by limestone cliffs is famous for its deep, crystal clear water that also gives you an extraordinary experience because of the changes in temperate and salinity -- known as thermocline and halocline. I swear it's like being transported to a different world. Avatar feels! Hehe. Entrance fee is P200 and guide fee is P500.

Entrance to the wooden walkway/platform going to the lake.  Careful with your things coz if it falls you might not be able to retrieve it. 

The bottom of the lake is soft, pillowy sand making it feel like you're walking on the moon. The wooden platform could be a bit crowded if you go there late, so better visit early in the morning. 

The water is so refreshing and I just spent my time floating while staring at the limestone cliffs and sky! So peaceful.


Just a 10-minute boat ride from Kayangan Lake, this magical spot offers both a relaxing and thrilling experience, not to mention a majestic view! Enclosed inside towering limestone cliffs, you have to swim underwater through a hole to get inside. Your head could stay above water when it's low tide. It might not be advisable and a bit dangerous if you're claustrophobic or easily panics. But, don't worry! There's now a wooden staircase above the rocks giving visitors another option to enter. Once inside, one thing I noticed is the changing water temperature. Water could be ice cold one minute and then super warm the next! Just being there gave me a sense of peace. :)

Lagoon entrance! You can swim through the hole below or take the stairs above. (ctto: Popsugar)

This is the only photo I have because I left my phone in the boat hehe

Day well-spent! On our way back to our hotel.

That night, we packed our things in preparation for our transfer to Culion Island and then our check-in at Sunlight Ecotourism Resort the next day! Finally! :)

Our morning ride going to Culion!

Photo muna before matulog hehe

Bye Sunlight Hotel!

Culion, the 2nd largest island in the Calamian archipelago, is just a 1-hour boat ride from Coron town. It may not be as famous or developed as its neighbors Coron or Busuanga, but this place is equally rich in history, culture, beautiful sights and friendly faces. 
If you're going to Coron, I highly recommend visiting this place! You can include this in your Coron tour or you can DIY, just go to the harbor and ride the public boat. Just make sure to check the departure time and schedule!  :)

Our tour bus!


Did you know that Culion was once known as the "Island of No Return" & "Island of the Living Dead"? This is because it was once one of the world's biggest leper colonies in the 1900s. People who were sick with the once incurable disease were brought here to isolate them from society. It also became the world's foremost research center for Hansen's Disease. It was only in 2006 when the town was finally declared leprosy-free by the World Health Organization. 

Located inside the town hospital and sanitarium, the museum showcases the town's history with a valuable collection of records documenting the history of the colony. It also serves as a memorial or way of remembering the patients and brave health workers. 

Boats used to bring patients to the island

Original registry of leprosy patients

Boat used to transport patients from Cebu

Sample of a leprosy ward with 3D model of a patient

Research for a cure was done here! 

The oil produced by the Chaulmoogra Fruit was used to create medicine. It has calming, fever-reducing & skin healing properties. 

Photos of treatment

Looking at instruments used to make medicines

Jar used as a ballot box during elections!

Culion Paper Money

On the 2nd floor is the Culion Today exhibit

Medicines used to treat leprosy

More research tools & equipment

Old dental chair!

After the museum tour, we went outside & walked toward the church. On the way, we passed by Loyola College...

Opened in 1936, Loyola College of Culion (formerly named St. Ignatius Academy) is a private, Catholic school opened by Jesuit missionary priests for children of leper patients. 


Built in 1933, the church is located inside a former Spanish fort built in the 1800s. The church is made of beautiful natural coral rocks/stones and stands on top of a hill overlooking the sea and town. 

Watch tower against moro invaders


Major General and former Governor-General Leonard Wood was instrumental in the treatment of leprosy and medicine research. In 1021-1922, he increased the special treatment fund so that the town could hire more staff, expand and broaden the scope of their technical work, and focus on treatment and research. 

Public toilets

Historic stairs where the town people/colony usually meet and hold meetings!

After the tour, we visited the house of Hon. Mayor Virginia de Vera to say hi and chat for a bit, and then we headed back to the port for another boat ride going to our home for the night -- Sunlight Eco Tourism Resort. But will save that post for later! I decided to make a separate blog post for that because this is already long and I have so many photos. Hehe.

Working on Part 3 now so I can finally move on to Boracay! Watch out for my future posts! Thanks in advance again for reading. :)

*Thank you again Sir Albert Gadia of Tourism Promotions Board, Pau & Gilmore of Mimaropa DOT, Kuya Melo of Out of Town Blog & Sunlight Air & Hotel for having us and taking care of us!

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