My Flawless Review: Shape & Sculpt, Beauty Drip & Rejuvelite Age Defy Mask Facial

Last October, a few days before our Siquijor trip, I went to Flawless Cubao (located inside Farmers Mall) for some me time and some long overdue skin & body pampering. I can't remember the last time I had a facial or any body treatment (it has been forever since my last RF). Luckily, I was able to find some time to finally do it! After all, this year (and the years to come) is all about self-love, self-improvement and self-preservation. I am not getting any younger so I will say yes to anything (except maybe major operations but nothing is set in stone) that can help maintain my youth. So happy that FLAWLESS is here to help and guide me in this beauty journey. So anyway in a month, I tried their Revlite Facial, Shape & Sculpt procedure & Beauty Drip! Read on to know more about my experience...

I frequent the Flawless Farmers Mall Cubao branch located on the 3rd floor!

What is a Beauty Drip?

I've had Glutathione and Vitamin-C injected intravenously (but separately) before and while they work wonders, they can be time consuming, that's why I got excited when I learned about Flawless Beauty Drip! It's a
n IV drip cocktail of various antioxidants, including Glutathione AND Vitamin C. Talk about hitting 2 (and more) birds with one stone! :) Do you also know that all the medical procedures at Flawless are facilitated and performed only by doctors? It's for safety and for their clients to feel more at ease. I certainly did! 

Vials of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1 + B2

 Inserting the needle was quick and painless. Maybe it's because I've always had angry veins so it was easy for the doctor to just find one and pop it in. After the insertion, they observed closely if there was swelling so they could adjust it. Thankfully, there was none! Perfect ang pag insert ni Doc! ;)

 My favorite attendant April (who I learned is also a registered nurse) made sure the IV was dripping correctly. She also injected the rest of the healthy anti-oxidant concoction.

They made sure I was relaxed and comfortable the whole time.

Disclaimer: I did the drip a few weeks after we came back from Siquijor. I've been in and out of sickness the past weeks and I wasn't getting enough sleep (I looked and felt tired all the time) so I felt like I really needed it. I also had dark spots from continuous sun exposure (Siquijor and then La Union after) so I felt like my skin needed a quick pick-me-up. The whole procedure was just quick and I was out of there in less than 45 minutes! After the session, I immediately felt recharged, lighter and I noticed my skin was clearer and more radiant than it ever was for the past months. The drip was to directly inject nutrients and anti-oxidants into the body, boosting the immune system and helping remove harmful toxins quicker compared to capsules or tablets. Each session is priced at P7,000 but with all the health and beauty benefits you'll be getting, it's all worth it! You can do the drip 2x a month or whenever you feel like you need it. :)

Now, let's move on to the next treatment I tried, the Rejuvelite Age Defy Mask Facial!

Consent form for the facial

Guaranteed safe and hygienic!

Powered by LED technology, the Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial activates collagen production and boosts skin rejuvenation for total beauty. This treatment works by allowing the skin to absorb light energy to produce cellular fuel and increase activity of the body's natural healing and regeneration processes. 

Face was cleansed muna

Multivitamin serum was also applied

And then some cream

And then facial scrub

Scrub scrub to remove dirt and dead skin!

Removal of pimples and black/white heads. Ate April said wala mashado nakuha sakin. Yey.

Bye world 

Laser ata to hehe

And then clay mask pampabata

Mejo scary haha

Peeling of the mask

The Flawless Rejuvelite Mask Facial offers 7 different colors of visible light and infrared light to produce various benefits to the skin, such as firming lines, soothing skin, repairing damages, clearing acne and blemishes, reducing redness, and balancing complexion. 

Chose the anti-ageing one so red light! It combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for smoother and younger looking skin

These gorgeous effects depend on the wavelengths of light used, which is determined by color. Red and purple lights promote youthful beauty; red combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for a smoother, younger-looking skin, while purple increases cell regeneration and renewal. For damaged and irritated skin, cyan and yellow lights are useful for healing as cyan calms and soothes irritated skin and reduces swollen capillaries, and yellow alleviates redness and heals skin from inflammation, sunburn, windburn and other environmental damages.

Felt like a new person after! Haha

Nico also availed their normal facial which was less than P1,000 plus pimple injection

Feeling and looking young with Flawless!

Smoother and renewed skin! Their Rejuvelite Mask Facial is only P1,800! Worth it!

Next procedure I tried was SHAPE & SCULPT!
It was done in one of their private rooms

Shape & Sculpt is a 3-step non-invasive slimming procedure that uses Ultrasound Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Interference Frequency to blast localized fats and help trim and tone the muscles. I was supposed to try their MesoLipo but I was told that bruises might appear after (it involves more than 10 injections sa stomach) so they advised against it since I was going on a beach trip 2 days after. So ito nalang! Will try MesoLipo some other time. :)

Photo muna before the procedure! Ready na!

Anyway, my favorite Flawless attendant Ate April kept asking me why I wanted to do it since I look thin na daw haha. Well, I just wanted a firmer and more toned stomach for our beach trip. In reality, I may look thin but my stomach has always been one of my problem areas. As you know, I am not a fan of working out and I'm already used to sitting down while eating or right after. Guys, may bilbil ako okay and I always feel bloated. I also blame it on my constipation. Plus, I'm starting to see cellulites in some areas of my body like my stomach and thighs (I hate it so much ermergerd). According to my research, this procedure is the most effective in cellulite reduction and removal. So there! That's what's up. Hehe. Okay, moving on... 

Before the whole procedure, Ate April took my measurements and photo of my stomach muna. Para may before and after.

Ayan db mukha lang maliit but look at the fats! Di lang halata sa pic hehe

She marked different levels or areas on my stomach/abs (na wala haha) and then measured it for comparison after

Measure measure with my favorite attendant Ate April!

Tools and equipments used by Flawless for the Shape & Sculpt Procedure. From L-R: Interference Frequency, RF plate, Ultra Cavitation.

Ultra cavitation machine controls!

So I was asked to lie down, remove all metal objects I was wearing and just relax. Ate April then poured Ultrasound Transmission Gel on my stomach and then she prepared na the machine for our first treatment: ULTRASOUND CAVITATION! This 15-minute procedure uses low-frequency sound waves to burst or liquefy fat cells which is then released into the bloodstream and then flushed out through the lymphatic system. 

Ultrasound gel on my stomach and Ate April operating the machine

She then massaged my stomach using that tool connected to the machine for 15 minutes. 

You can ask the attendant to adjust the level of frequency based on your pain tolerance. 

Verdict: It was a bit painful for me, even if I have a high tolerance for pain. I think it's because I've always had thin skin (my tattoo artists could attest to it since lagi sila hirap sakin coz manipis daw my skin hehe) so mejo sensitive ako? Or maybe it's the massage? The pressure was intense! Haha. You can always tell the attendant naman to tone it down or lower the frequency of the machine but I tried to endure it for maximum effect. Anyway, Ate also said some clients experience a painful ringing in the ear during the procedure but I didn't experience this naman. 

The huge RF plate!

The next step was the Radio Frequency procedure! I have tried RF many times before but this was one was different because they used a big plate which she just left on my stomach for 15 minutes. RF uses heat to break down body fats and releases it to the body which flushes it out. But aside from fat reduction, it also heats the skin's deep layers inducing new collagen and cells which then results to tighter, firmer and younger looking skin. I've always loved RF because I immediately see the result after.  

No complaints! I don't know why but I can't endure the maximum level (100%) of the machine frequency. Maybe because it was my first time. Baka on my 2nd time I can bear it na.

Interferal Frequency machine!

The 3rd and last step is the 10-minute Interferal/Interferential Frequency procedure! This one was a bit familiar because we have a smaller version of this at home which my brother uses for his back pain. Hehe. Anyway, this was also bearable but it was a bit surprising and ticklish! I shrieked a few times when the vibration changes. This treatment uses low frequency electrical stimulation to shape the body.

The whole procedure including the preparations lasted for more than an hour (coz more chika kami ni Ate April hehe). I immediately felt and saw positive results right after the whole thing! Naging tighter and firmer my stomach. Para akong nag exercise! Haha. Rate starts at P5,000. Worth it na din if you want immediate results!!! :)

We measured my stomach area again and I was suprised by the result! I couldn't believe it. Effective pala talaga sha!

I immediately lost a few inches (8-9 inches to be exact) on my waist and hips right after our session, and it was only my first time! Imagine if I do this regularly. Do take note that it's only a quick fix and maintenance still requires a healthy diet and exercise. Before doing it, it's best to go for a consultation first. Just go to any Flawless branch. It's free anyway. 

Thank you FLAWLESS for always taking care of me! Thank you for being my partner for self-improvement. Can't wait to visit again next year! :)

To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit www.flawless.com.ph
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