Coco Beach Island Resort: Island Paradise in Puerto Galera + How To Buy Discounted Rooms!

I've been busy with a lot of things lately--blogging, styling, all those rakets in between while trying to redecorate our apartment, pay my bills and also fix my life LOL-- I am going into overdrive. I think it also has something to do with this weird lingering feeling I'm having ever since I turned 30-something (mid-life crisis sucks, will make a separate post about this). You know that phrase "So little time, so much to do"? ME RIGHT NOW. Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking mostly about life, time, the future, and it's driving me nuts. One thing that helps me keep my sanity whenever I'm feeling suffocated is leaving the city and going on a quick getaway. Change of scenery could really be a good thing 'coz it helps keep things into perspective, it helps me breathe again. And two weeks ago, we did just that when we escaped to Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera. We left the city for 4 days, slightly disconnected from the world (walang signal dun guys and it was actually quite nice) doing nothing and just making the most out of everything in the midst of a storm. Read on for more stories and photos...

Our little haven in this island paradise

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I last set foot in Puerto Galera! Well, to be honest, it's never on our top 10 places-to-go-to list whenever we're planning for some R&R. I've always thought of the place as too crowded and touristy for my liking. But our sudden trip a few weeks ago changed all that! Will explain more below but just like our getaway 4 years ago, we also booked our recent trip through my favorite site, DEAL GROCER. And wow, didn't realize that I've been using this deal website for years now! 

Bought this Coco Beach Resort 3 days/2 nights Hanunuo Deluxe (fan) room for 2 with breakfast voucher for only P4,500! What a steal!

So how does it work? Basically, you just purchase any deal you want (staycation, vacation, buffet, salon & spa services, etc.) on Deal Grocer, pay for it and then you'll receive an email confirmation with link to download voucher. But take note, that ALL reservations must be made directly with merchant. In our case, I purchased the room deal, got the voucher through email with merchant's details (email & phone number). The next day I emailed & texted Coco Beach directly to reserve our room. Got our booking confirmation that same day! :)

Booking confirmation was sent immediately after payment. I purchased this room deal a week before our preferred date. :) Merchant's details are always included in the voucher so you could contact them easily. :)

It's my favorite (actually, it's the only site I use for discounted deals) because of their unique, nicely curated deals and their exclusive, limited-time offers from only the best merchants. More than the deals and discounts, what they really offer is EXPERIENCE. From luxurious getaways, staycations, food adventures, beauty treatments, workouts and so much more, everything is carefully handpicked and extensively researched! And that's what makes them the best. :) 

For our own convenience, we brought a car and drove from our apartment in Cubao all the way to Batangas Port. It was a nice sunny day that day, but there were countless typhoon warnings 2 days prior to our departure. We decided to go for it anyway. It's just that, I already re-booked this trip (coz of a biglaang shoot) and I didn't want to adjust & re-organize my schedule again. YOLO! Haha.

Sup guyz

Batangas Port! Woots!

After 2 hours, we finally made it!!! I really thought until 4pm lang the last trip ng boats from Batangas to Puerto Galera (Muelle). Good thing the last trip to Muelle port is 5:30pm. We got there at around 4pm so we waited for almost 2 hours. I wish we got there early because boats charge double na after 6pm. For our boat trip from Muelle to Coco Beach, we paid double (from 250 to 500 real quick). 

This is the huge parking lot where you could leave your car overnight or for a few days (like us haha). It's safe, don't worry! There are guards and attendants manning the area 24 hours a day. :)

Bye Sasha! We paid P440 lang for 4 days. :)

On the other side are different buses! I saw one with an ALIMALL- CUBAO signage. 


Public Bus: JAM, Ceres, DLTB, Batangas Star
(Board the bus going to Batangas Pier. Or you can just ask the people sa bus station.)
Travel Time: 2-3 hours depending on traffic
Fare: P170-200 per person


Ferry: Golden Raptor / RDI Genesis 
Travel Time: 1 to 1.5 hours
Fare: P310-330 per person

Here's the updated ferry schedules!

Upon arrival in Batangas Pier, walk towards Terminal 3 (if you're not familiar just ask the guards there) and find the ferry ticket booths going to Puerto Galera. Since it was already past 4pm, we got the 5:20 pm tickets (Fastcraft RDI Genesis) to Muelle Port. We paid P300 for a one-way ticket. It's P240 for students/Senior Citizens and P180 for children up to 7 years old.

We also had to pay P30 Terminal Fee

Entrance to departure area

Departure area

Boarded the ferry at around 5:00 pm

The ferry is airconditioned and comfortable

Our assigned seats!

Sunset! I was expecting a bumpy, nausea inducing ride but surprisingly I slept through it. Didn't feel dizzy or seasick at all! 

Finally landed in Muelle Port! Had to pay a P50 environmental fee upon exit.

Boat Rates!!! As you can see, boats to Coco Beach is priced at P250. But since we got there past 6pm, we had to pay double (they have a night rate). It's okay though, basta safe!

Since there were already storm warnings and the people there started getting ready, most of the boats stopped operating na. Buti nalang Kuya agreed to drop us off. Whew.

The boat ride was just 20 minutes (10 minutes to Fridays beach resort where we transferred to a smaller boat, and then another 10 minutes going to Coco Beach) but it was a bit scary! I couldn't see anything (no lights din inside the boat para daw walang tumalon na fish waah) so I prayed so hard for protection and for us to reach our destination sooner. Thank you Kuya bangkeros for the safe ride! :) Drop-off is near the resort's main restaurant-- Carabao Restaurant.

 Reception area beside main resto

We headed straight to the reception area for check-in. We were given welcome drinks! Check-in was a breeze. You need not print your Deal Grocer voucher (sent before the day of your arrival) anymore. Just show your voucher sent via email and you're all set! They also informed us that the main pool was under construction (as stated in our booking confirmation) so to compensate they gave us P500 free food voucher per day! Yipee!  

Carabao restaurant serves Filipino food!

For our first meal on the island, we ordered tilapia (2 pcs pala sha!) and sizzling squid. I think we paid more or less P700 for our meal. Quite pricey but it was what I'd expect din sa high-end resort. 

After dinner, we were escorted to our home for 2 nights, their HANUNUO Deluxe Fan Room! It was a bit of a walk from the restaurant and although quite secluded, it's conveniently located at the "ground" level (their other rooms/cottages/suites are located on top of the hill and mejo nakakapagod sha haha) so it was just perfect. There are 2 rooms per cottage but there were only a few guests (6 groups to be exact) checked-in that time (because of the storm), so we had it all ourselves. I love how all of their rooms has this authentic Filipino, native vibe. Their interiors are made of natural materials like wood and bamboo and decorated with native artifacts for that tropical feel. 

Love our room! Originally priced at P3,825 per night but got it at a discounted rate of P2,225 sa Deal Grocer! What a steal.

Bathroom was clean and they provided a few toiletries like soap, insect repellent and shampoo. 

 Towels were provided and safety box was located inside the bathroom.

 I always bring my own toiletries whenever I can and these shampoo and conditioner bars from BEACHBORN are winners! I love how compact they are, easy to bring AND they're 100% biodegradable and vegan-friendly!

Room is spacious! We have our own sala inside and I'm obsessed with this huge Capiz hanging night lamp. So pretty.

One of the things I love about the resort is their exclusive and original concept of Filipino family hospitality. Meaning, aside from their well-trained hotel/resort staff, a "Service Family" is assigned to you and lives somewhere close to your cottage. These families provide you basic services (prepare your bed, change your towels) but beyond that, you become a part of them the moment you become their guest. They don’t have any formal training — they are nice, simple families extending the innate Filipino hospitality. So cool db?!

This detachable mosquito net was assembled by our assigned family (forgot Kuya's name huhu). Bed was super comfy. Slept soundly!

Woke up early the next day to do some exploring and to check out which of their 101 activities we can avail... 
walkway leading to our private cottage!

Coco Beach Island Resort is a sprawling 10-hectare beach resort with facilities made from all-natural materials. Definitely an idyllic place to recharge frayed nerves because of the resort's relaxing and cozy ambiance, each guest is also welcomed warmly by their well-trained staff (Filipino hospitality at its finest!) who makes you feel like family.

Saw this bag inside our room. Love that they provide beach bags like this. So cute and convenient!

Coco Beach is located at Behiya, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro where the crystal clear water of the sea is full of life and the hills are brimming with coconut palms swaying with the fresh breeze. Today, this private resort has over four restaurants, 95 rooms, tennis court, hanging bridge, sports facilities, 2 swimming pools and a spa.

Activity desk! 

When you purchase the deal through Deal Grocer, you get 15% off rental of Kayak, Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat, Water Ski and Day Dive with the Coco Divers (the resort's in-house 5-star PADI Dive Center). You could also enroll in their Dive Courses and get 10% discount! Plus, you also get 30% discount when you go beach hopping with 6 (or more) of your family/friends and a 10% off on buffet and set meals. Amazing deals noh?:)

Sand, sea, mountains. Perfect!

Had the beach all to ourselves for 2 days!!! Water was crystal clear, sand was white and fine. Huge rocks could be a problem though when you're swimming. Bring and wear aqua shoes if you can!

Morning walk to the main resto

Bar area

First order of business? BREAKFAST! 

As stated in my Deal Grocer voucher, breakfast could be set or buffet depending on occupancy. In our case, it was set but it was still more than enough for me! :)

After breakfast, we decided to avail of the resort's free boat! We left at around 9:00 am with 3 other guests.

       Banca tariff and different tour rates

Before getting on the boat, we were asked to write down our names on their log book for safety. They partner with local boatmen for their tours. We didn't bring our wallets or any money because we were told it was free and we didn't ask any questions re inclusions. To cut the long story short, in the end it wasn't and we ended up paying P1,200 for the tour.

Happy kid sha eh

From Coco Beach we were dropped off here at Coral Garden, just a 2-minute boat ride from the resort.

We were then asked by Kuya to transfer to this smaller boat. It's important to ALWAYS ask if it's still part of the free boat tour. In our case we assumed it was, so we got surprised when we were told it wasn't

This was the file the resort sent me via email. It says "Free Boat" but it's best to clarify and ask its inclusions to avoid confusion.

This is Kuya Boatman. He was actually quite alright, if not for the shotgun tour payment disclosure in the middle of the sea. Haha.

We actually had no idea where we're going or how the tour will go. From Coral Garden, he took us to this beautiful spot (just a minute away) to take photos! I love it!

This area in Puerto Galera is a marine sanctuary and seeing all the different species of beautiful fish, corals, clams, etc. was such a visual feast!!! I asked Kuya countless times to just stop and chill for a few minutes because we wanted to enjoy the stunning underwater spectacle (para sulit naman bayad!) but he kept ignoring us. In the end, I just gave up and asked him to pull me inside the boat. Yaw q na. Haha. 

Kuya also took us to another area where we could see giant clams with pearls inside. I didn't want to miss the underwater spectacle, so down I went. It was so beautiful! I wish Kuya didn't throw the bread crumbs over my head though after which a million fish looked like they're going to attack me. Had a mini heart attack! Haha. Since Kuya had no chill, Nico and I decided to just feed them from the boat. Seeing and interacting with all the different kinds of fishes was such an awesome experience. 

After the tour, we boarded this boat again and it took us to another drop off area near the resort

We enjoyed the 10-minute scenic walk. Mejo may minor rock climbing involved pala ha. 

There are lots of secret spots where you could relax and swim. Do take note that this area disappears pag high tide. :)

And we're back!!!

Photo-op muna sa cliff along the way. So serene!

We got back at around lunch time, but since we were still full, we decided to just take a dip in the pool. I mentioned that the main pool was closed but the resort has another one called the "SILENT POOL" located on top of the hill. It's quite a walk (and climb) so dapat may energy kayo if you want to swim here. I read in other blogs that this pool is less crowded maybe because of its location. It might be a bit of a walk but it's all worth it! 

Main pool was under construction

Lovely scenery on our way up

Just follow the signs! 

More tranquil suite rooms on top

FOUND IT!!! This is the resort's Secret Pool. So nice!

 There's a mini-bar and lounge chairs

Kuya turned on the jacuzzi for us! This is where Nico and I spent almost 2 hours just talking and enjoying the nice water massage. Hihi.  

We stayed here until it started to rain again, that's when we decided to go back to our cottage to freshen up.  

 It was such a nice place to laze around that I didn't even apply make-up and also no skin care for the duration of our stay. It was quite liberating, to be honest. 

Back to our humble abode!

 I asked Kuya to set-up the duyan. No signal in this area, but no social media no problem! We just spent the rest of the afternoon just lying down, reading a book while listening to the sound of the waves and OPM songs. 

My favorite tambay spot! We haven't eaten lunch yet but we were too lazy to go to the restaurant, so we decided to just eat our baon (pancit canton and bread haha). Do take note that hot water is not free. 

Come 6pm, we were woken up by loud knocks at the door. The wind was already strong that time so we were asked to transfer to a safer room.  We hesitated at first 'coz we've grown fond of our cottage, but for safety shempre go. Good thing we were transferred because we loved our new accommodation! 

Tada! They transferred us to their HERITAGE room priced at P10,600 a night. Super upgrade! Winner!

This spacious 57 sqm. loft-type room showcase a mix of heritage and modernity. The room features 3 queen-size beds, airconditioning, hot & cold shower, flat screen television and could accommodate 6 people. Perfect for vacationers spending quality time with a bigger group of family and/or friends. 

   Mini living room

First bed

 Separate toilet & bath

 Free toiletries



 2nd bed on the 2nd floor

 3rd bed on the 2nd floor

After settling in our new room and watching a few (okay, all 10 episodes of Season 2) episodes of Atypical on Netflix, we finally headed out for dinner!

 Sisig and Pinakbet for dinner! Nom! We paid P650 for the whole meal including 2 rice and a bottle of Coke.

We were supposed to check out on our 3rd day but all boat schedules got cancelled because of the typhoon. In short, we got stranded. But I guess we somewhat expected that 'coz we already made plans to transfer somewhere cheaper, just in case. But then, Nico came bearing good news--- Coco Beach offered all of their guests to stay for free!!! Thank you, Coco Beach for taking care of us and looking after our safety. :) 

 Beautiful paintings are also sold in the resort

Spent our extra day in the island enjoying the deserted beach. It was windy but it did not rain, well not until late afternoon. So we were still able to swim. 

Swimsuit from Pearlypop Swimwear!

 All smiles my island boy. :)

 Aura pa more

 Yehes o baket may problema? Haha

 In his element. He's the reason why natotolerate ko na magbabad sa beach.

 The waves were too chaotic so we just stayed and swam by the shore while chatting about everything.

Found this cute spot that reminded me of the movie Castaway. :)

Wearing an UNAROSA knit top which I used as a coverup :)

 Proud sha sa ginawa niang cruise ship dawCan you see it? Haha.

By 2pm, I got hungry na coz I still haven't eaten anything (skipped breakfast hehe) so we decided to eat at Coco Beach's Italian resto, Trattoria Sotto Le Stelle!

We ordered this 8-inch Margherita pizza for P300. It's quite pricey but delizioso! Nakulangan lang ako coz usually dapat may buo buong tomatoes db? 

We also checked out this store inside the resort

If you have money to spare, avail their spa services. You get 15% discount if you purchase the deal on Deal Grocer!

As for us, more more explore lang until we got tired and then we took an afternoon nap. Hehe.

Ate soy garlic chicken and bulalo (weird combi ba? haha) for dinner!

Since zero signal inside our loft, we just spent the rest of the night watching some of my downloaded movies (no internet required) on Netflix. Woke up a few minutes before 12pm the next day, so I wasn't even able to take a bath (shhh, secret lang) we just checked out in a rush! Haha. Nico immediately booked a boat going back to Muelle Port. And then from there, we immediately boarded the ferry going back to Batangas Pier. It all happened very quickly, no waiting na.

Yachts for rent!

Finally made it to Muelle!

Bye Kuya bancero! We paid P250 for the boat ride from Coco Beach to Muelle.

And then for the ferry from Muelle to Batangas, we paid P300 each. 

After 4 days, hello again Sasha (the caroo). Brought this cute yellow backpack from CLIQQSHOP on our trip! 

Overall, it was quite a trip to remember! And after 4 days of solitude, we were finally back in the fast lane-- but recharged and filled with optimism for the days to come. I think it is really essential for all you busy bees out there to take a step back once in a while and get the rest that you deserve. It's for the best, I promise! I can't wait to go on more trips (have another one this month and I cannot wait) with loved ones. For the best deals, check out the links below! Have an amazing rest of the week! :)

P.S. The deal I mentioned in the post is currently not available, but there are lots of other awesome deals featured on Deal Grocer! So hard to choose which one to buy! :) 

BUDGET BREAKDOWN: (PHP for 2 people)
Deal Grocer booking - 4,500
Ferry to Muelle - 300 x 2 = 600
Boat from Muelle to Coco Beach  - 500 (with night diff)
Terminal Fee going to Puerto- 30 x 2 = 60
Environmental Fee - 50 x 2 = 100
Banca tariff for snorkeling - 1,200
Food expenses for 4 days- 2,800 (discounted coz of pool situation)
Boat from Coco to Muelle - 250
Ferry Muelle to Batangas Port - 300 x2 = 600
Terminal Fee to Batangas = 30 x 2 = 60
Miscellaneous (snacks, grocery, gas) = 2,000
TOTAL = P12,670 / 2 pax (or P6,335 each)

*Prices change and Deal Grocer offers are for a limited-time only

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