Two Main Things You Can Do in Palm Springs: Celebrity Hunting & Golfing!

I am not getting any younger, obviously, so I do have a list of places I want to see and experience ASAP. One of them is spending a week or two at the home of palm trees and Coachella--Palm Spring, California! With its old-school glitz and glamour still being a major draw for the rich and famous, Palm Springs has deservedly maintained its position as one of the best holiday destinations in California.  In this article, I am also going to show you a glimpse of what you can do in and around Palm Springs. Read on to know more...

Since the 1920's it has grown as a resort city boasting some of the biggest hotel chains in the world while also catering to the regular holiday maker. Each year you can find beautiful palm springs vacation homes rentals all across the city. Some are set in stunning desert backgrounds and others are in the city center. Accompanying this are over 100 golf courses, outdoor recreational facilities and all the shopping and dining experiences you could ask for! Here are just some of the stunning Palm Springs homes for rent which I'd love to stay at...

This along with a host of other reasons is why 20000 people call this place home and a far greater number make it a holiday destination at least once in their life. You can chase celebrities, learn about those who once lived here, discover the beautiful desert or simply relax by the pool. The choice is up to you. Here are the other things you can do in Palm Springs...

Search for your favourite celebrities:

There are quite a few locations connected to past and present celebrities in and around Palm Springs. For those still with us, hotels such as The Parker are popular for celebrity hunters to hang around and catch a glimpse of their favourite celeb. You will find the area in and around the hotel most busy during the Palm Springs international film festival.

The Parker

If you prefer to take things a little easier and give those celebrities the privacy they are looking for, then maybe a visit to the graveside of Frank Sinatra or the honeymoon home of Elvis Presley are more your style. Frank Sinatra's final resting place is in Cathedral city and is one of the most visited celebrity gravesites in the world. 

You can stroll around the grounds and pay your respects, there is also several other celebrities laid to rest here although you will have to research these yourself. Although slightly morbid it is quite normal in Palm Springs. There is even one fan who sends flowers twice a week, although they remain anonymous.

Then there is the honeymoon home of Elvis and Priscilla. You can take a tour of the home with a look-a-like who gives great details on the life of the king and especially his time on the estate during his honeymoon. They may also be able to point you in the direction of some other Elvis Presley sites which are scattered across the city.

Visit the San Andreas fault line:

One of the world’s most incredible natural occurrences and which is not usually visible to the normal eye is the shifting of the tectonic plates. The San Andreas fault is one of the only places in the world where this can physically be seen. Of course, you won't see any movement with the naked eye, but you can see the split. 

An incredible show of the power of the Earth. You can reach sections of the fault by car if you decide to go yourself. I would recommend going on a tour as they will have a store of information that you will not know yourself. There are plenty of operators in Palm Springs and they can show you areas not normally open to the public, tell your how the plates move and how they have affected the geography of California.

If you enjoy this tour, then maybe you can go on another trip as there are plenty of parks and canyons around Palm Springs worthy of a visit.

Get outdoors:

Following on from mentioning the canyons, seeing them with a tour is great but exploring them while taking part in some more adventurous activities is by far the best way to explore. 

Some of the most popular activities include rock climbing, abseiling and canyoning. Unless you are very experienced I would go with a tour. The heat and the unknown terrain are not suitable for an amateur. We have all seen 127 hours so please don't repeat that.
Other activities include mountain biking, off-roading among a host of others. The barrenness of the desert really does provide an adult's playground of things that you can do. While doing this you can also see the beautiful landscape and scenery which has made Palm Springs so famous. 

If you would prefer to stay in the city though and be a little more relaxed, then that is taken care of for you as well and you can still enjoy the outdoors. There are over 60 parks in the city that are great for a stroll, many are pet-friendly, but you will have to investigate this yourself.

Then there are the resort pools and the over 100 golf courses. Many of these courses have been played by top golfers from around the world. With so many though, you can be sure all levels are catered for. So, get a group together and spend the day playing a game. Almost all the resorts are family friendly, so you won't have to worry about the kid's when you are teeing off.

Omni Ranchos Hotel

A resort city surrounded by some of the most stunning beauty in California, Palm Springs is one place that should be added to any trip to California. Try to combine some of these activities and you will have the perfect getaway. For more US weekend trips, check out Great Value Vacations! Don't forget to have fun! :)

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