Krabi, Thailand 2017: Booking + Arrival via Malaysia

Starting another travel post, now na!!! Woohoo. I did a poll last time which of my past travels you'd like to see next on the blog and most of you answered-- KRABI, Thailand! So here it is, finally!!! Uumpisahan ko na after 1 year. Haha. So much happened after our trip, so I wasn't able to blog about it. I get a few inquiries in my DM every now and then about that trip last year, so I decided to write about it na. :) 

Anyway! The trip was a spontaneous one. Nico has always wanted to go to Maya Bay and Ko Phi Phi islands (ultimate beach boy eh) where his favorite movie "The Beach" was filmed, so when Air Asia had an online big points sale which included Krabi, we quickly grabbed the opportunity! More about our booking and our trip below...

We booked our Kuala Lumpur to Krabi, Thailand tickets, September of 2016. I used my Air Asia big points and we only paid 295.84 MYR or P3940 for 2 roundtrip tickets plus two 20 kg check-in baggage. That's just roughly P1,970 each!!! We booked our Manila to KL and KL to Manila tickets a few months after so they were a bit pricey na. Here's a breakdown of our airfares including check-in baggage!

Manila to Kuala Lumpur (via Air Asia) = P7,018 / 2 = P3,509
Kuala Lumpur to Krabi (roundtrip via Air Asia, paid with my points) = P3940 / 2 = P1,970
KL to Manila (paid with my GetGo points so it was cheaper) - P2,297.34 / 2 = P1,148.67
TOTAL = P6,627.67

Our trip was from February 22 to March 5 because we decided to do a sidetrip to Malacca, Malaysia. Will also blog about it! I super loved the place. Anyway, moving on...

 Only brought this small World Traveller luggage for our 11-day trip!!! Thanks Primer fam for this!

 Neck pillow is life when travelling!!! Also got this from World Traveller

 Ready for boarding!

 We arrived in Malaysia a day early and met up with Nico's brother and his girlfriend the next day. We flew to Krabi together!

 Back in Malaysia!

 My oppa for Oppo. Hehe.

 First order of business? Exchange money!!!

 That day's rate. We only exchanged a few pesos, just enough to survive the night. Hehe.

Airport outfit that day with my World Traveller luggage!

 Booked a Grab car going to our home for the night, YOUNIQUE Hostel!

 We booked a room at Younique Hostel because it's near the airport and their rates are affordable!

 It's a cute boutique hostel that is just 12km away or a 10-minute drive from KLIA1 and KLIA2


 Our room!!!

We booked this Superior Double Room  via Agoda for just P1,283 with breakfast for two!

 Love the bed! So cozy!

 Clean bathroom! No toiletries though! Body wash lang for everything. Hehe.

 Full length mirror-- check!

Love the interiors!


After settling in and freshening up, we headed out to look for someplace to eat dinner

 Saw this small plane while exploring the area! Photo-op muna sha

 Not much going on in this area hehe. Puro locals.

 Another hotel in the area

 Saw this local resto while walking

 Ordered satay, fried spring rolls and pancit! Okay naman.

The next day, we left early for the airport to catch our flight to Krabi...
We booked Younique Hostel's airport service for only RM5 or P66 each

Back in the airport!

 Ate lunch muna at KFC! 

 Love Malaysia's airport! So huge and modern

 Finally off to KRABI!

 Can I just say, Air Asia's in-flight meals looked so delish!!! 

 Ermergerd Nasi Lemak for RM15 or P199 yasss

 After 1 1/2 hours, we finally landed in Krabi International Airport! Malaysia and Thailand has a 1 hour time difference. 

 Airport was pretty small parang Terminal 2 hehe

 First order of business? Exchange a small amount of money for food and transpo to the city! 

 Remember: Airport rates are not that good, so just exchange a small amount.

 There's a bus from the airport to Nopparat Thara Beach in Ao Nang just in case you're wondering how to get to town.

 But we booked a van for just 500 baht or P800! This service was offered by Naga Peak Resort-- our home for the night!

 This is NAGA PEAK RESORT in Nong Thale! Nico booked a room here via Booking.com for just 1,000 baht or P1,600. We stayed here for one night and then we transferred to Nong Thale Mountain View resort which was just a few steps away. 


 We rented a motorbike for 100 baht or P160 and looked for someplace to eat dinner! Saw this local food place along the way and decided to eat there.

 So cheap! 

 I love how most of the food places in Krabi offer Halal food because majority of the locals are muslims. 

Gio & Harth's order

 Nico and I shared this rice meal and tom yum soup! So good! Had to order Thai Milk Tea to counter the spiciness of their food. Hehe. I think we only paid 120 baht or P194 for these. 

 There's a money exchange just a few steps away that offered nice rates so inavail na din namin.

 Stopped by Family Mart to grab some snacks, water and a few beers!

 Happy sila eh hehe

The Krabi gang enjoying the rest of the night outside our rooms!

This ends Part 1 of my Krabi posts! I wanted to include Day 2 but there are so many photos kaya sa Part 2 nalang! Mabilis na to coz I already edited half of our photos. Hihi. Anyway, thanks for reading!:)

BUDGET (Airfare, Accommodations, Others in PHP)
Airfare - 6,627.67
Airport Tax - 1,620 
Accommodation (Younique Hostel, Malaysia, 1 night) -  1,283 / 2 = 641.50
Accommodation (Naga Peak, Krabi, 1 night) - 1,600 / 2 = 800
Accommodation (Nong Thale, Krabi, 3 nights) -  9,451.46 / 4 = 2,362.87
Accommodation (Ao Nang Easy Room, 4 nights) - 4,290 / 2 = 2,145
TOTAL = P14,197.04

Budget for Malaysia & Krabi Day 1 in PHP
NAIA Airport snacks - 200
Grab to Younique hostel - 120
Dinner - 150
Snacks - 100
Airport service to KLIA - 66
KFC Lunch at airport - 140
Airport service to Krabi resort - 200
Motorbike rental - 160/2 = 80
Dinner at local resto - 200 /2 = 100
Family mart snacks = 100
TOTAL = P1, 256!!!

*budget depends on shopping habits and food preferences

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