The Ultimate Secret on How to Party Like a Star

I've been working non-stop since I graduated from college. As in a few weeks after graduation, I already started working for Bank of the Philippine Islands and then fast forward to now, I do several jobs as a freelance fashion stylist, blogger, events organizer and sometimes PR consultant. My life has been this one big hustle!!! And while I do love & appreciate quiet moments sometimes (you know, Netflix & Chill?) to de-stress, there are nights when I just feel like dressing up, strutting in heels, putting on makeup, drinking with friends while listening to my favorite songs and dancing the night away. I am a Tita and Reveler (I just googled this term now haha) all rolled into one. If you follow me on Instagram you'd know what I'm talking about. I just love social gatherings and wasting the night with my cousins and friends. More about this below...

Last year, one of the best local clubs in Manila invited me to be one of their influencers/promoters. My cousins were more excited than I am! Haha! We love parties (please don't judge us, it runs in the blood haha) and nothing excites us more than the word VIP and free booze. Haha. When I'm not in Manila, especially when I'm traveling, I search for the best party place in the city or area I'm in! But of course, this depends if the people I'm with are game. Hehe. I used to rely on Google or Tripadvisor when scouting for places. But not anymore!!! 

Partying with blogger friends at House Manila!

 Inside a party bus limo!

Always having the best time with friends!

Cheers, ladies!


Anyway, here's the fun part-- all thanks to this new app I discovered called CLUBBABLE, searching for VIP events, parties and clubs has now become so much easier! By using the app, you can actually see the accurate rating of clubs by people who were able to get inside and experience it. Unlike the ratings you see on Tripadvisor and Google, where most of the ratings come from people who were not able to get inside. 


Basically, Clubbable is an app that connects you and gets you in the best VIP nightclubs in London, Dubai, Singapore and other cities. Sadly, Manila is not yet on the list but I talked to the app creator and he's considering it. Cool! If you're heading to London or the cities below, download this app to get access to the best exclusive parties in town and get connected with other party people! It's not just an app, it's also a luxury nightlife network where you can chat with your friends, meet new friends, share photos of your fun outings and see who else are going to the same party you're eyeing. It's super cool guys. I tried downloading the app to see how it works...

You could find it in the app store!

The app is not only for clubgoers, but also for promoters! This app conveniently connects the two. 

Here's the list of places or cities covered by the app!

So for example, you are in LONDON, just click on your preferred date and you'd see a list of VIP clubs you could go to.

You would easily see what's the hottest exclusive events in your chosen city!

Okay guys, when I say VIP nightclubs, I mean it. The clubs listed in the app are so exclusive that sometimes even if you're already on the guestlist, it might still be hard for you get in! You must have very famous friends or be friends with the owner to be able to easily slip inside. These clubs are highly frequented by celebrities such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles, Emma Watson, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Keira Knightley and even his Royal Highness Prince Harry! 

And one of their favorite places to frequent is the beautiful and mysterious, cabaret & burlesque nightclub in London Soho THE BOX! Housed inside a restored old theater that exudes a very classy 1920s vibe, the place is known for their wildly entertaining risque performances. Make sure to bring wads of cash for drinks because the show lasts for 2 hours. Taking pictures are strictly prohibited once you're inside but reviews I've read online makes me want to visit someday!!! 

Interiors. So nice!!!

I have no idea how the person who posted this got this shot but it looks awesome!

Go to Upcoming Events and choose your preferred date

This page will appear after you've clicked on REQUEST GUESTLIST. You could add friends or other guests could join the event you created. 

If you're looking to party then try booking a table at this exotic new nightclub in London called the JUNGLE! This latest addition to London's vibrant club scene, offers a wide range of amazing drinks, delicious nibbles, artistically unique acrobat performances with beautiful & exotic interiors that takes you right into the wild! This hot new novelty club plays commercial R&B, House & Club Classics music. So dance to your wild heart's content! You strictly need to be on the guest list to get in. That's why this app is so convenient! :)


Clubbable started in London, but they also partnered with popular VIP nightclubs in Dubai, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cannes, Chicago, Geneva, Helsinki, Ibiza, Vegas, Los Angeles, Madrid, Marbella, Miami, Milan, Monoco, Moscow, New York, Paris, St Tropez, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. If you're in these cities and you're in the mood for a luxurious nightout, then go download the app and use it to apply for guest list or to book a table! I am definitely going to use this on August to look for the best exclusive nightclubs and parties in Singapore when I fly there for my early birthday celebration with Nico. So excited! :)

Hmm..where to celebrate my birthday on August? 

So to my fellow party peeps, what are you waiting for? Download CLUBBABLE now for that once in a lifetime nightlife experience you won't ever forget! No need to message and beg your friends to get you in or put you in the guest list, the app will find your own promoter who'd take care of you!  You may need to shell out some extra cash for some VIP treatment, but for the convenience & impeccable service, it's totally worth it. ;) I hope they include Manila ASAP because you know how Pinoys loves to party! Would you try this app? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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