Autumn in Korea 2017, K-Drama & Family Tour: New Sun Guesthouse, Gangnam, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namsan Tower, Ihwa Mural Village, Dongdaemun

Hello, hello I'm back!!! Just came home from our 10-day Indochina backpacking trip and it was all sorts of awesome. Would love to share with you details from our recent trip but I will save that for later because as promised, I will finish my Korea posts and work on Krabi, Thailand muna. I did a poll on IG stories and most of you voted for these 2 places for my succeeding travel posts. Your wish is my command po! So anyway, here's another installment from my 15-day Korea adventure. After 1 week of discovering Seoul on my own (which was life-changing by the way), my family finally arrived! Hurray! Here are photos and stories from our first night and first day together..

On my last day alone in the city, I decided not to make any plans (meaning: no K-drama tour hehe) because it was also the day I had to transfer from Hongdae to a new guesthouse in Myeongdong where me and my family will be staying for 5 days. To be honest, i was a bit worried because I had no idea how I'd be able to carry and haul my 27kg luggage bag across numerous train stations. The day before, I tried to trace my steps and looked for elevators in each station and I honestly thought I had it all figured out. I WAS WRONG huhu. There were 2 stations with no elevators so I had no choice but to drag carry my EXTREMELY heavy luggage bag up and down flights of stairs! I honestly don't know how I managed to do it. Nilabas ko na lahat ng reserved strength and energy ko. Haha! Thank God, super sturdy my American Tourister bag! I highly recommend this brand when travelling! At the last station while I was trying to haul my luggage up the stairs, I stopped in the middle because my arms felt numb. Suddenly, 2 kind Indian guys approached me and offered their help. Huhu ambait nila! So much goodness in the world. :)

Took a train from Hapjeong to Hoehyeon!

Take Exit 1 if you're staying at New Sun. From the exit, turn right at the corner and walk for 3-5 minutes to New Sun!


Out of all the other accommodations in Myeongdong, New Sun is one of the top-rated hnd highly favored by travelers. If you're looking for an affordable place to stay at in the heart of Myeongdong & Seoul, then this place is for you! I love how the guesthouse is located in the city but along a quiet street, so you'd surely be able to rest & sleep soundly. Its walking distance to Namsan Tower, Myeongdong Shopping Street, Embassy of Thailand, Mesa, Shinsegae Mall and Hoehyeon train station. It's a no-frills guesthouse (no elevator, so you need to carry your bags up the stairs) but top features include free Wi-Fi in all rooms, express check-in/check-out, Wi-Fi in public areas, valet parking & a car park.

Main lobby and reception area:)

No elevators. Just stairs!:)

Buti nalang the receptionist helped me carry my luggage. Waaah.

Thank God our room was only on the 2nd floor! I requested it because of my Mom. 

Our room!!!

I booked their 4-bed private dorm room!:) It was small but cozy! We had to store our bags underneath the bed so we'd have space to walk around.

Spacious bathroom! Towels were provided. Bring your own toiletries though. I didn't like the heavy glass door with no lock. Hehe. Loved the hot & cold shower.

As you can see, there's a small dresser, a TV and electric kettle!

There's also a small ref with free bottled water!

Would I stay here again? DEFINITELY! It's a nice hotel/hostel that gives great value for your money. I loved that there are a few convenience stores just a few steps away, a Subway store, nice food places & cafes nearby (my fave was POMATO!) and it's just a short walk to the subway. It's also walking distance to popular tourist spots like Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, Namsan Tower & Lee Min Ho's house in the K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea. Haha. Yun talaga nagpanalo. The kind guy manning the reception also helped us book a van going to the airport. Best part? We only paid P16,000 for 5 nights!!! So that's P3,200 per person for 5 nights na. WINNER.

What you'll see when you step out of the hotel (not sure if it's a hotel or hostel haha)

Restaurants nearby

You could even see Namsan Tower from there!

Just a 7-10 minute walk to Shinsegae Mall

On my way to Myeongdong Shopping Street, I stopped at this ATM in front of Woori Bank to withdraw money. 

Convenient! I often withdraw money nalang instead of having my money exchanged

Hello Unnie!

Trying out Korean street food! It's a bit pricey in Myeongdong. This one is 2,000 won.

Lunch break

My favorite street food stall selling spicy fish cake and Tteokbokki! Bough 2 sticks of fish cakes for 2,000 won

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Center!

So many cute socks! Ito ata hinoard ko dun. Super cheap! 1,000 krw per pair!

passed by this cute tunnel on my way back to New Sun

My family's flight got delayed so I napped first and then I helped them settle when they arrived! Share ko lang, my Mom brought adobo (with rice ha) and biko which became my emergency food (for 5 days bilang d sha napapanis haha) whenever I get hungry. I love Moms!!! Hahaha! The next day...

Ready na sila to explore Seoul!!! We are all first-timers!

Photo muna before crossing the street with Namsan Tower in the background. Ako na ang photographer. Haha.

First Stop: MYEONGDONG!!!
Happy to be with the sis and bro!

Line shop!

May pinapatunayan hahaha


First order of business nila? Magpapalit ng money! Haha!

If you buy train tickets don't forget to get your refund upon exit!

Look for these refund machines

They all bought T-money card (hassle free) for 3,000 won

Saya din niya sa mga oppa haha

OOTD muna! Wearing Mossimo sweater, Ukay skirt, Topshop boots

Exit 11 if you're going to Shake Shack Gangnam!

Turista shots!

Walang hiya hiya haha

Huy Ate awat na haha

Self-timer hits at Gangnam Square!

D aware si ate sa gilid hehe

2nd Stop: Shake Shack for late lunch!!!
Pagbigyan si sisterette bet na bet nia to haha

Price list! Mejo over my budget but push for the experience haha

Aura sa loob

Our food! I think I paid 9,000 won for my meal

Bat d ko ako nagpakuha ng ganitong shot

3rd Stop: Siansadong Garosu-gil Road

This Gingko tree-lined street that runs from Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) to Hyeondae High School is a popular upscale street in Seoul. The street (also known as ‘artists' street’) has an eccentric flair thanks to its variety of charmingly decorated coffee shops, and designer stores. Garosu-gil is particularly popular in autumn when the golden Gingko leaves begin to fall. So beautiful! (source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr)

Mother and bro

So many cute shops!

There was a shoot going on. Ano kaya to?

Can I just live here? Love this city.

Stopped for some coffee & hot choco!

So dainty this coffee shop!


Hi unnie! Ganda mo! Life peg kita! haha

We walked to the other end of the road and took the subway going to Cheonggyecheon Stream. I forgot which station but its either City Hall or Euljiro 1.

Saw this on our way to the stream

Anong street ba to haha

4th Stop: Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon is an 11km long modern stream that runs through downtown Seoul. Created as part of an urban renewal project, Cheonggyecheon is a restoration of the stream that was once there before during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The stream was covered with an elevated highway after the Korean War (1950-1953), as part of the country's post-war economic development. Then in 2003, the elevated highway was removed to restore the stream to its present form today. The stream starts from Cheonggye Plaza, a popular cultural arts venue, and passes under a total of 22 bridges before flowing into the Hangang (River), with many attractions along its length. (source: http://english.visitseoul.net)

Finally! My Mom wanted to see the lanterns hehe

A few K-dramas were filmed here including My Golden Life, Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo, Chicago Typewriter & Five Children!

Philippines reprezent!

Okay din chumill here

It started to drizzle so we decided to go home na!

My favorite unnies all over the city! hehe

Pagoda sila

The next day, we decided to visit na the Namsan Tower and Ihwa Mural Village!
 But first, early lunch muna here at POMATO! This is Anagon's favorite!

 MENU! Their food is cheaper than the average. Good find na to!

 Self-service station! Free side dishes, soup and water

I ordered the 3,500 won rice bowl served with sliced pork (bottom left) and hindi sha masarap haha! My mom and sister ordered their omurice with fried pork for 6,500 won and mas worth it pa sha. LOL.

 We walked from our hostel to Namsan Park! I just used Google Maps for directions.

5th Stop: GALLERY 487 (or Lee Min-Ho/Heo Joo Jae's house in Legend of The Blue Sea)
Can't believe I'm here!!! Waaah!!!

Umaura talaga ako sa harap! 

This is one part of Heo Joon-Jae’s (Lee Min-Ho) house in Seoul in SBS The Legend of the Blue Sea. While he was away in Spain, his partners in crime, Jo Nam-Doo (Lee Hee-Joon) and Tae-Oh (Shin Won-Ho) moved in and in episode 4 Se-Hwa (Gianna Jun) joins them. This is actually only just one part of the Joon-Jae’s house. The exterior and scenes around the entrance door of Joon-Jae’s house were filmed here. (source: https://koreandramaland.com)

Feeling Heo Joon-Jae tong si Joot Pyo. haha!

 Still from the drama!

Jun Ji-Hyun aka Shim Cheong in the drama, outside the house/gallery!

The walkway in front of the main door was being renovated when we visited


Stairs leading to the main street na d namin na-avail coz d kami aware. Haha! I used Google Maps and took the long way. Kapagod bes. Lol.

Goodbye house! 

Photo from the drama!

How to get here:
Adress: 48-7 Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Geolocation: 37.557115, 126.984089 
Commute: Myeong-dong Station [명동역], Exit 3

 From the house, we walked towards the Namsan cable car platform going to the tower!

 We came from the road sa left side. Walk straight ahead until you see stairs on your right...

But first, photo muna with my jowas. Haha.

 Go up the stairs to get to the Namsan cable car ticketing booth and platform!

 This is the cable car building!

 You could see the tower from below

Ticketing booth!

Roundtrip ticket is 8,500 won! There's a one-way ticket option because you can actually hike going to the park and tower. It could take hours, so roundtrip nalang kami.

You could also buy love locks which you could leave at the tower before riding the cable car! Mejo mahalia lang. Just bring your own!!!

 View from the platform. I can still see Gallery 487 from above. Asa bottom right. Haha!

Hinahanap kita sa bahay mo, andito ka lang pala! haha

Time to go up the tower!

View from the top!:) Gandaaaa. That's the trail you could take if you want to walk.

Coffee break muna!

It was freezing!!!

 Kaya kape-kape muna sila

 Love locks everywhere


Namsan Seoul Tower was built in 1969 as Korea's first integrated transmission tower beaming television and radio broadcasts across the capital. Since opening to the public in 1980, it has become a much-loved Seoul landmark. The tower's main attractions include multi-colored digital art projected onto the tower at night, a digital observatory, a roof terrace, the HanCook restaurant, the n.Grill restaurant, and the Haneul (Sky) Restroom. Namsan Seoul Tower's mountain surroundings on Namsan Mountain have made it a popular place to unwind for locals and tourists alike.

Love locked with this beautiful city. Gandaaa.

With the mudra

Tres marias! Thank to my bling bulagger bro for our pic! 

 The famous Heart Chairs that is said to bring loved ones together.

Seoul has a number of viewing platforms where visitors can enjoy the cityscape or gaze out onto the Hangang (River) but the tower's Digital Observatory is unique, offering an astonishing 360 degree panorama over the city, and 32 LCD screens recounting the 600-year history of Seoul. That is why the observatory is so popular and such a source of pride. We didn't go up na though! 

 Silip pa more

Thanks again to my bro for this pic! naka chamba na naman!

such a nice view of the city from the roof terrace!

Situated on top of the N Plaza, the Roof Terrace is a spacious wooden viewing deck whose exotic atmosphere makes it very popular with lovers. A recent attraction for courting couples is "Locks of Love," thousands of padlocks attached to the fence by romantic Seoulites symbolizing their undying affection.

 Sitting on the same bench where my favorite K-drama "My Love From The Star" was filmed!!! Ayan o katabi ko si Do Min-Joon!

Shempre, a lot of my favorite K-drama scenes were filmed here!!! 
 This is how the terrace looks like. so nice!

 Scene from my favorite drama, Oh My Ghost!!!

  Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) brings Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) here as a surprise one episode 12 of Oh My Ghostess/Oh My Ghost 

While he’s on a happy date, she doesn’t feel well, because it’s not her who wanted to go here, but the ghost that has possessed her and that Sun-Woo fell for.

Heo Joon-Jae (Lee Min-ho) waits here during the first snow fall for Sim Cheong (Jun Ji-Hyun) in episode 5 & 6 of The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016). 

Goo Jun-pyo (Lee Min-Ho) tells Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun) comes here on a snowy day in episode 4 of Boys Over Flowers (2009). They get locked up in the Namsan Tower cable car and spends the night there.

From the tower we took the cable car back to the platform and then an elevator to the main street. May elevator pala guys!!!

 View from the elevator

 Asa main street na kami! No need to walk far!

 We decided to go back to the hotel muna to drop off my brother who felt a bit sick

How To Get There:
Address: 105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yongsan-dong 2-ga, YTN Seoul Tower) 

*Itaewon Station (subway line 6) exit 4, take bus No. 03
*Chungmuro Station (subway line 3, 4) exit 2, take bus No. 02 or 05 
*Dongguk Univ. Station (subway line 3) exit 2, take bus No. 02 

If by Cable Car:

*Myeondong Station, Exit 3. Walk for 10-15 minutes following the street of Pacific Hotel. You can also use Google Maps or Maps.me for eays navigation.

6th stop: Marronnier Park
From Myeongdong, we took a train to Hyewha Station and took Exit 2

Marronnier Park was given its name due to the marronnier trees, or horse chestnut trees, growing within the area. A location where Seoul National University's College of Liberal Arts & Science and School of Law once stood, it is now a park dedicated to culture and art open to the public. In addition to a variety of outdoor performances that take place throughout the area, exhibitions and cultural centers create a romantic atmosphere unique to the park.

Arko Art Center

From the park we followed the directions on Google Maps until we reached Ihwa Mural Village!

But first, ice cream and churros break. Hehe.

So many artsy spots in this area!

Ang cute ng puno noh?


It's a pretty long walk to the village. But worth it!

So many cute buildings and walls!

so many cute wall art!

I went inside this alley and went up the stairs to discover more spots and to get to Do Bong Soon's house in the K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

My sis and mom were both tired na so I decided to explore the area alone. They waited for me nalang. :)

Saw this cute cafe on my way up!

So many cute cafes!

When I reached the top of the stairs, I saw this blue house with red windows. Turned left when I took this shot, so the house was just infront of me. :) Entered a small alley beside the house and then...

...it's Do Bong Soon's house in the drama na pala!!! Waaah! 

Self-timer hits buti may poste sa tapat haha

Here are stills from the drama!!!
 Do Bong Soon and Min Hyuk at the exact spot where I stood! Waaah! 

  The house was still white in the drama

Do Bong Soon and her mom in front of their house

It was also featured in the K-drama DOCTORS with Park Shin Hye as the main actress!

Blue na sha dito hehe

This is where Ahn Min Hyuk parked his car when he dropped off Do Bong Soon

A few steps away is this alley where more K-dramas were filmed! Including my favorite, GOBLIN. Love this balloon art effect sa wall!

Poster of K-dramas filmed here!!!

Climbed up the stairs and took this photo. Looks familiar???

 I was standing at the exact same spot as Eun Tak and her ghost friends in the K-drama, GOBLIN!

Uy may sumisilip sa kanila...

 ..it's Kim Shin or the Goblin himself!! Waaah!

This is Cafe Gaeppul!!! If you go to the front, you'd see why it's so familiar too...

 A scene from the K-drama "Because This Is My First Life"!!! 


Climbed down this stairs and met with my sis and mom again

So cute this cafe!

Do Bong Soon's house address- 14 Naksanseonggwakseo 1-gil (I just used google maps to locate them)
Balloon art by stairs - 28 Naksanseonggwakseo 1-gil
Commute: Hyehwa Station, Line 2, Exit 4

From Ihwa Mural Village, we walked all the way to Dongdaemun Design Plaza! We just followed Google Maps. Hehe. Mejo mahabang lakaran but it was okay because it was cold so we did not tire easily. :)

DOOTA Duty Free Building in Dongdaemun

 Turista pic

 Bagong jowa haha

 LINE Friends Cony the brown bear

 Across the street from DOOTA Mall is the DDP or Dongdaemun Design Plaza!

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) has a meaning of Dream, Design, and Play. It holds various exhibitions, fashion shows, forums, conferences, and other domestic and international events. Registration for touring the architecture is available on-site and other event schedules and kid program information are available on the website.

 Love this place! So chill and artsy

 My favorite stairs in DDP hehe

Finally got to see the DDP LED Rose Garden!!! 


 The exhibition is located next to the Yigansumun Exhibition Hall 

My Mom got tired na so from DDP we took a train back to our AirBnb in Hoehyeon!

This ends Day 1 and 2 with the fam! Next is our fun but super cold tour in Nami Island. Thanks again for reading!!!

BUDGET (Airfare, Accommodations, Others in PHP)
Airfare - 5,700
Airport Tax - 1,620 (mine was c/o KTO but will include for total)
Accommodation (family, 5 nights) -  3,825
Accommodation (solo, 7 nights) - 3,780
Portable WiFi - 2.050
TOTAL = P16,975

Budget for Solo Travel Day 1& 2 (KRW/Won)
T-Money load - 10,000
Convenience store purchases - 10,000
KFC dinner - 7,000
Socks - 4,400
Black coat (same as my brown one haha)- 30,000
TOTAL = 61,400 won or P2,941

Budget for Solo Travel Day 3 (KRW/Won)
Lunch at Hungry Tiger - 6,000
Coffee at Coffee Prince - 8,000
Street food at Myeongdong - 7,000
Convenience Store buys - 6,000
TOTAL = 27,000 or P1296

Budget for Solo Travel Day 4 & 5 (KRW/Won)
Lunch at Vietnamese Restaurant - 4,000
Coffee at Dobong Walnut - 3,000
Card re-load - 5,000
Dinner - 6,500
Clothes shopping at Tomato Library - 17,000
Lunch at Popeyes - 8,000
Flower Garden Cafe admission - 3,000
Olive Garden PeriPera lip tint - 6,500  
TOTAL = 53000 krw to P2,600

Budget for Solo Travel Day 6 & 7 (KRW/Won)
Lunch at noodle shop - 6,500
Train card reload - 3,000
Dondaemun dinner - 8,000
Omurice lunch - 6,000
Waffle and hot choco snack - 5,500
Miscellaneous like water - 5,000
TOTAL = 34,000 krw or P1,650

Budget for Solo Travel Day 8 & Family Day 1 & 2
Streetfood as dinner - 10,000
Shake shack lunch - 9,000
Hot choco - 3,500
Convenience store dinner - 6,000
Brunch at Pomato - 3,500
Roundtrip Namsan cable car - 8,500
Ice cream & churros - 3,000
Convenience store dinner - 4,000
TOTAL = 47,500 krw or P2,319

*budget depends on shopping habits and food preferences

Other sources:

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