Siargao 2017, Day 3-5: Magpupungko Tidal Pools & Island Hopping

Here's part 2 of my unexpected Siargao getaway December of last year! As I said in my first post, I was invited by Cebu Pacific to experience their first ever direct flight from Manila to the beautiful island of Siargao. We spent our first 2 days exploring, immersing ourselves in local culture, reveling in the island's relaxed vibe and basking in the beauty of the whole place. Here are photos and stories during our last 3 days in Siargao...

On our 3rd day, we decided to go to the famous Magpupungko beach and tidal pools or rock pools! I've seen it only in photos and it's so beautiful! Reminded me of Angel's Billabong in Nusa Penida. Instead of getting a tour, we decided to just ride a motorbike going there. We were told that the best time to go there is between 11am to 2pm because that's when the pools form and it's low tide. We used waze for navigation. 

There was an incoming typhoon so it rained almost the whole day. But that didn't stop us from exploring! We wanted to make the most out of our short vacation.

Asinan Bridge

On the way, we passed by Asinan Bridge and saw this beautiful mangrove. It also stopped raining, so we stopped for a bit to take photos.

Breathtaking view

10 minutes away from the bridge, we saw this sign! Yey! We almost missed it so we had to turn around kaya the sign is on the right sa photo. 

But from the main road, turn right. 

We parked our motorbike and went inside

We had to register and pay P50 for the entrance fee

Facing the beach, Magpupungko rock pool is on the left side

Sun's out! Yehey! 

Magpupungko Beach is beautiful

 Buko for sale!

 There are restaurants in the island. We decided to eat first while waiting for the tide to subside.

 Food are a bit pricey, good thing there's a store selling P99 rice meals. Avail! Haha!

Waiting for 11am

Time to visit the rock pool!

 A nice lady advised us to take this trail where you'll see stairs instead of walking in the water because it's easier.

 The trail ends here! Welcome to Magpupungko Rock Pools!

It was only a few minutes past 11am when we got there and the rocks were still submerged in water, so we decided to wait until the pools form. Bad idea. Haha! Come 12pm, more people arrived and the place became too crowded. The water also never went down, the rocks never showed and the pools never formed. Malas much. I think it has something to do with the typhoon. Huhu. I was a bit disheartened to be honest. When I realized my photo dreams won't ever happen, we decided to just take quick shots, swim for a bit and leave 'coz the waves were getting bigger and the current getting stronger. Still fun though! The place was truly magnificent. :)

Aside from swimming, you could also cliff jump! Deepest pool is 18 feet. 

Super clear the water

Perfect sana yung spot ni Mommy for a photo but she stayed there for hours. Huhu. 

Every few minutes a strong current comes! As in I nearly crashed on a rock sa lakas. Buti there was a random kuya in front of me so I was able to hold on to him. Mejo dyahe bes. Haha! Si Nico din got swept away and the people in the photo above. So be careful guys!

Waiting for low tide haha

But it was not meant to be so keri na to! Haha.

 Swimsuit from I LOVE KOI

And then it rained again. Huhu

We were supposed to go to Sugba Lagoon after Magpupungko but we were warned by guides outside that we might get stopped & fined by policemen since we don't have helmets. Guys, always bring and wear a helmet. Again, wag kami tularan. I already asked Nico the day before if we have helmets but I forgot to bring it up again. :( We decided to just go back to General Luna since the ride from Magpupungko to Del Carmen would take an hour plus the boat ride going to the lagoon. I'm sure naman I will be seeing you again soon, Siargao! More reasons to go back. :)

You would see lots of this in Siargao! It's another cheap mode of transportation for tourists who want to explore the island. Click here for more info: https://www.binggoride.com/

We were more careful on our way back because it rained again and the road was slippery. Lakas maka Honda ad ni Nico. Haha.

Okay, so here's an important reminder & tip: Bring/withdraw enough cash that would last your whole stay! We learned the hard way. Haha! On our 3rd day, after Magpupungko, we realized we were running low on cash so we headed straight to the nearest bank which is DBP or Development Bank of the Philippines. It is the only bank and ATM machine in General Luna. But to our horror, it was non operational since there was no electricity in the whole island since 6am that day. The guard told us to go to Western Union or Palawan because they offer "swiping" but they were already closed. The guard then told us to try Ronaldo's Restaurant because they also offer "swiping". It's a service they offer tourists where you swipe your card in exchange for cash. We went home empty handed because as I said, there was a power outage (due to the typhoon) so machines and systems were all down. Buti we still had extra cash to last us the whole night. 

Anyway, since we were soaking wet (and borderline sick) from the motorbike ride (amoy lumlom na kami guys haha), we decided to go back to the resort first to freshen up and rest for a bit. We then ate at Ronaldo's Resto Bar (just across Patrick's by the Beach) for dinner (serving took forever but food was good) and then searched for someplace to drink...

Another tip: Restaurants and bars close early in Siargao but there is a party until the wee hours everyday (different venue per day) that only locals know, so ask! :) That night, while looking for a bar we could have a drink in and make friends, we accidentally came across a sign and ended up partying in Octopus Bar for hours. Haha. 

Saw this small sign along the road while looking for a ganap that night. 

Locals selling Panini and sodas!

12am situation!

We were there early (mga 10pm) and when we entered the warehouse type hall/hut, there were only a handful of people-- mostly locals! To be honest, I got a bit scared because the crowd was mostly middle-age men who looked like they had a little too much to drink. I think we even crashed a fraternity party. Waaah! There were only 4 girls (I'm the only tourist) when we arrived versus the 30+ men on the dance floor. Haha. I was ready to go but Nico asked if we could have a drink and stay for a bit. I agreed. So we bought a bottle of ice cold Red Horse for P60, sat on the bench, observed and danced a little. After an hour, more people arrived (locals & tourists) and the place got packed quickly! So we bought another round of beer and I started to loosen up. Chatted with a few people and exchanged lots of smiles. It turned out to be a super fun night. 

Sick beats by DJ Prince

The next day (Day 4) was island hopping day!!!
Had lunch at Dawis again. Our favorite hehe.

Love this resto! So homey and cozy:) You could purchase Surfista Travels merchandise here, book a tour or a surf photography session! 

Ordered our favorite Grilled Fish (P110) and Vegetable Curry (P110)

Kuya Randy fetched na our motorbike so we had to ride a habal-habal back to the resort. It was fun! Only P20 each. :)

 While waiting for our boat & guide, we frolicked on the beach muna. 

Super friendly & adorable dogs everywhere!

  Ganda ng beach sa Patrick's on the Beach!

Nico the explorer

A few minutes before 1pm, from Patrick's, we walked along the shore going to the dock or port. 

may ungguy. cge na nga, cute na ungguy. haha.

Even the short walk from our resort to the port was so picturesque.

Tanning 101 lol

avail haha

This is where boats doing island tours dock. Actually pwede pala kami magpasundo in front of our resort but we only discovered that at the end of our trip. Haha.

We asked our boatman if we could buy water and snacks first before leaving.

 Nico bought fruits! Naks ang healthy haha.

Ready!!! It was low tide so we had to walk a few meters to be able to board our boat.

"Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag boatman nalang". Winner ng hugot ni kuya! Haha.

Our motorized boat!

my island boy :)


Swam my heart out! Fell in love with this island. One of the few places na nag DGAF ako sa skin color ko. Haha.

Super fine white sand and clear calm waters! 

Before the tour, we both agreed to allot the least amount of time on this island. We were told kasi that there are no trees or any shade and it could get really hot. 

But we ended up staying here the longest! Stayed for more than an hour. Dedma na if magkulay sea urchin (mostly me) kami. Had the best time swimming, laughing and having heart-to-heart conversations.

It is called Naked Island because as you can see, there are no trees, no plants (except for a few bushes), no cottages or any shade. Best way to cool off is IN the water. 

The tide was slowly rising again so we decided to leave and proceed to our next destination...


Unlike Naked Island, Daku is filled to the brim with tall coconut trees!:)

It's the biggest among the 3 islands (Naked & Guyam) maybe that's why it's called Daku-- visayan word for Big! :) It's known for its emerald/turquoise waters and bone-white sand.

Super favorite ko this highwwaist bikini set from I LOVE KOI!

There are cottages or open huts on the island for P200 (small) & P300 (big), but you can pitch your own tent for free. Nico and I looked for a nice shaded spot and then we set up our own mini picnic. Too bad it rained again so we had to pack up early! Huhu. 

 Buko King haha

Fruit salad haha

I could stay here all day :)

The island may be big but only a few people live there. There's a small store in the middle where you can buy drinks and snacks. You could even spend the night here! If you get hungry, you could buy food from locals or bring ingredients and ask the store to cook it for you for a fee (starts at P250). Aside from relaxing, eating & swimming there are other other fun activities you could do here like snorkeling, kayaking and surfing! The beach is also wide enough for activities such as beach volleyball and Frisbee. 

Perfect place to laze around

We left after an hour and headed to our last stop: GUYAM Island!

Our last stop is this tiny, beautiful tear-drop shaped island 20 minutes away from General Luna. We could actually see the island from our resort! Like Naked & Daku Island, it also has emerald clear water, fine cream sand, open cottages and tall coconut trees. But unlike the 2, the island is surrounded by reefs and beautiful rock/stone formations that form tiny pools when it's low tide. 

Rocks cover half of the island. So beautiful!

We swam for half an hour before finally deciding to head back because the waves were getting stronger na. The ride back was a little bumpy, buti nalang it was only a few minutes away. 

Happy sha

Kuya dropped us off in front of our resort. Yey!

Bye kuya! Thanks!

Took a quick dip muna before heading inside our cottage to shower

Our last day in this lovely resort. Sepanx agad!

That night we ate dinner at Aventino's-- a famous pizza place in General Luna. I wasn't able to take photos because we were famished and we finished our order in just 15 minutes. Kaloka. Haha. I think we only paid P400+ for 1 large pizza and 1 medium sized thick crust pizza. So good and super affordable! :) We decided not to go out that night so we could sleep early since we had to check-out na the next day. 

On the morning of our departure, we were awakened by the sound of heavy rain and an impending storm warning. We honestly thought that we'd get stuck in Siargao until after Christmas. It was a nice & tempting idea, but I really needed to fly back because I had an important meeting the next day. Anne of Cebu Pacific was kind enough to consistently update us and she even tentatively re-booked our flight for the next day just in case it gets cancelled. Thank you Anne!

Our flight was at 3:45pm, so we just ordered food for takeout from Ronaldo's and ate it inside our van service going to the airport. Lots of flights had already been cancelled that day but we decided to just push through and try our luck. Anyway, we already had a Plan B in mind just in case. Locals also told us that the weather will worsen in the coming days so it was best to fly out na that day. When we got to the airport, we found out that the plane from Manila was already in-transit. YASSSS. They opened the check-in counter and started to process boarding passes. Other airlines already cancelled all their flights. I fervently prayed for a better weather (so we could fly out) and a turbulence-free flight back home.

Our flight got delayed but better late than never! At 5pm, we were finally called out for boarding! Woohoo! A few minutes before, they announced the cancellation of their Siargao-Cebu flight leaving a lot of travelers stranded. But better safe than sorry guys. I think it's because of the location of the eye of the storm. Not affected naman ata the route to Manila maybe that's why ours didn't get cancelled.   

Goodbye, Siargao! 

Mejo kabado but happy to be flying back home!

I will be back. :)

Again, the ride was surprisingly smooth! Parang walang bagyo. Swear. I was able to sleep soundly and Nico did not have a panic attack. Haha. Anyway, we got home safe and sound. Thank you Cebu Pacific for a wonderful and safe trip. :)

Above all chaos. What a beautiful sunset. :)

So this ends my Siargao posts!!! I hope my stories and photos inspire/d you to visit this marvelous tropical paradise. Remember, Cebu Pacific now flies direct between Manila and Siargao 6x weekly, until October 27, 2018!!! Aside from Manila, Cebu Pacific also flies direct to Siargao from Cebu, 2x daily, with the lowest year-round fare. Travelers may also visit the island by taking a connecting flight from any of its six other hubs (Manila, Clark, Kalibo, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro) via Cebu to Siargao. What are you waiting for? Book na!:) 

Book a flight to Siargao by clicking link below!

*Thank you Cebu Pacific & Patricks on the Beach for taking care of us!:)

BUDGET in PHP:  Day 1 & 2 

Airfare (based on Nico's booking)- 6,607
Transportation from airport to General Luna - 300
Dinner - 250
Miscellanous Day 1 (water, beer, snacks, toiletries) - 250
Motorbike rental - 350/2 = 175
Lunch at Dawis - 150
Dinner at Kermit - 270
Miscellanous Day 2 (beer, snacks, toiletries) - 250
TOTAL = P8,252

Day 3, 4, 5 estimated cost 
Motorbike rental - P350/2 = 175
Gas for motorbike = 50
Lunch at Magpupungko beach = 100
Dinner at Ronaldo's Inn & Restaurant = 200
Beach party (beer) = 60 x 2 = 120
Lunch at Dawis = 130
Island hopping = 1200
Guyam entrance fee = 10
Dinner at Aventino's Pizzeria = 200
Miscellenous convenience store runs & snacks = 500
Takeout lunch from Ronaldo's = 120
Service from General Luna to airport = 300
TOTAL = 3,105

FINAL TOTAL (more or less)= P11,357 

*accommodation excluded in total price
*total may vary depending on your spending habits & preferences

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