Siargao 2017, Day 1 & 2: Cebu Pacific's First Direct Flight, Patrick's On The Beach, Cloud 9

I honestly thought that my Korea trip last November would be my last travel last 2017. I was ready to rest my itchy feet & wandering soul and just eagerly wait for January to come (Asia trip! woots) when I suddenly got a message from Cebu Pacific asking me if I want to be part  of their very first direct flight from Manila to Siargao. A few days before I got the invite, Nico and I randomly talked about our plans to visit the island. We even agreed to book a flight early next year. Destiny na to! So I asked Nico to go with me since it was not a media trip and we've been talking about how much we wanted to go there together. It was both our first time! The MNL-Siargao maiden flight was December 17, a few days before Christmas and during one of the busiest time of the year. But after thinking about it for about 5 minutes, I said yes. Basta travel, YES! Haha. So without further ado, here are photos and stories from our quick 5-day adventure at one of the surfing capital of the Philippines, the tranquil and beautiful SIARGAO...

Since the trip was already near and we were on a budget, we just booked a MNL-Cebu-Siargao flight for Nico and then direct flight na Siargao-Manila (same sched as me) going home. We used our pooled GetGo points to book his flight and paid P6,607 for his ticket. Not bad! Prior to our departure, we had 2nd thoughts if we'd push through with the trip since there was a typhoon and we'll be on different flights going to Siargao. Nico is leaving a day early and we were worried that my flight might get cancelled and he might get stuck in Cebu. We tried re-booking but it was too expensive (P12,000+) huhu. But through it all, we were constantly updated by the Cebu Pacific team (thanks Anne!) re flight status and cancellation. After careful deliberation, we decided to just go for it since the typhoon was almost gone and flights were on-going. Best decision!!!

MNL-Siargao flights departs from NAIA Terminal 4! Almost every flight got cancelled that day, but not ours! Yipee.

Waiting for boarding

They called out the first person to check-in (directly and via web) for the MNL-Siargao maiden flight! Congrats girl! Sha pareho. Hehe.

Cebu Pacific now flies direct between Manila and Siargao 6x weekly, until October 27, 2018!!! Yipeee! Aside from Manila, Cebu Pacific also flies direct to Siargao from Cebu, 2x daily, with the lowest year-round fare. Travelers may also visit the island by taking a connecting flight from any of its six other hubs (Manila, Clark, Kalibo, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro) via Cebu to Siargao.

Now boarding! So excited!!!

CEB has also recently launched its newest service that caters to surfers and watersports aficionados—CEB Surfboard allows guests to pre-book their surfing equipment to reserve check-in space across Airbus jets or ATR aircraft of the carrier. This service can be added to flight bookings up to four hours before scheduled times of departure. So convenient!

Our plane!!! 

Only 2 seats per row. So compact! Hihi

To be honest, I was a bit nervous because it was a small, propeller plane and the weather was acting weird, but surprisingly the whole 2-hour flight was chill and smooth! I also slept halfway through. As always. Haha.

Leg room was just perfect for me! Space might be a little tight for tall or heavy people like the foreign guy sitting behind me. He kept pushing my seat with his knees. Huhu.

View after our smooth take off

The plane was small but comfy! There's only 1 lavatory and it's located at the back of the plane.

My delicious in-flight meal! Nomnom

View from my window. Clear skies! 

My view during descent. So beautiful!

Siargao <3 font="">

Touchdown Siargao! We were warmly welcomed by means of a water salute! It was my first time to experience this and ang cool pala. Water salute is an airport tradition to honor military veterans, foreign dignitaries or a new airline service.

 Waited for everyone to go down and then asked their FA to take my photo. Hehe!

 Photo with the crew! Thank you for keeping us safe and comfortable during the flight!

Nice to finally meet you, Siargao :)

 I was a bit lost when I got out because I had no idea how to get to General Luna but there were lots of vehicles and Kuyas waiting outside. I paid P300 for the 30-minute ride. 

 It was a nice scenic ride into town

 Motorbikes with side hooks for surfboards. I guess I'm finally in Gen. Luna!

Got off here, our home for 4 nights, Patrick's on the Beach!!!

Sign is not that visible so it might be a bit hard to locate at night because roads are not lighted. Got lost once. Hehe.

 Resort's driveway and wooden gate


 Reception area

Love the privacy and the relaxed vibe of the whole place

Conveniently located in General Luna on Siargao Island, Patrick’s on the Beach is a lush tropical beach front resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers and a pristine white sand beach. 

The resort sells Mango Rum! Will try this next time!:)

Our Superior Beach Cottage! 

All cottages have an ocean view and their tour boats are parked up right on the beach ready to take you anytime to the surrounding islands and surf spots. So convenient! Truly what vacation dreams are made of. :)

We were given the Superior Beach Cottage near their restaurant and a few steps away from the beach. We have our own small porch, a queen sized bed, flatsceen TV, mini ref, private bathroom, hot & cold shower and airconditioner. 

how it looks like inside!

Private toilet & bath! It might be a bit hard to shower with the lights on if you're conscious like me because of the open screen. I got used to it though. Hehe.

There's a table and chair inside the cottage

Lounging at our veranda

All cottages are also available as none air-con – they will simply switch off the air-con and they will deduct P200 per night from your bill! Most cottages can accommodate comfortably 4 to 6 persons and some cottages up to 10 persons. 

Our neighbor's cottage! Veranda is bigger and there's a couch outside :)

Here are the other cottages you could rent and their corresponding rates:
Tropical Garden Cottage - P1,700

Deluxe Beach Front Cottage w/ porch overlooking the beach - P2,750

Executive Beach Front Cottage w/ large balcony overlooking the ocean - P3,950

Executive Beach Front 2 Cottage with Extra room with separate entrance and private bath - P5,950

Executive Beach Rear room P2,950

Beach Tree House 2 rooms - P4,500

Two bedroom cottage that could fit 6 people! It has a large balcony with 2 lounge beds overlooking the beach & nearby islands. Just like the other cottages and rooms, it has a private toilet & bath, hot & cold shower, TV, refrigerator & comfortable queen size bed, double bed & pullout bed.

Looks so cozy!

1 or 2-Room Family Accommodation – P2,500 (1-room fits 15 pax), P4,000 (2-room fits 30 pax)

Dorm bed - P550/person

There are 3 newly built large, bright, large rooms that can accommodate up to 20 persons. Each room has a private bathroom and hot/cold shower. Bed linen and towel is provided. 

Good news for budget travelers!!! 

Patrick On The Beach also offer hammock or tent accommodation! Enjoy the fresh, cool breeze from the ocean by renting a hammock for just P300. Their hammocks are situated under an open air cabana with roof. No linens or towels provided however you could always bring your own or rent. Just approach their front desk! :)

You could also bring your own TENT or rent. You could set-up camp on a beautiful garden with soft green lawn 40 meters from the beach inside the resort. All tent rentals comes with comfortable mattresses & pillow. Rental of bed sheets & towels are also available. 

Tents for Rent:
Large (sleeps up to 8 pax) -  P700 (for 2), P350 (per extra person)
Small (sleeps 2-3 persons) - P500 (for 2), P350 (per extra person)
Pillow, mattress, towel - P25 each piece per night

So many nice spots & corners inside the resort where one could just unwind, read a book or enjoy the scenery

 My favorite spot! The resort is near the dock and market. 

Patrick’s is protected by a huge reef that offers one of the most consistent surf breaks on the island. Breaking all year around, many guests choose to surf right out the front of the resort instead of battling the crowds down the road at the world famous Cloud 9. From Patrick’s beach, you also overlook breathtaking tropical islands (Guyam, Dako, Naked & Kasulian). 

  There are outdoor tables and benches where guests could get together to bond or relax

 wooden swing! 

  Beach front! White fine sand and crystal clear water. :)

 So tranquil

 Fur babies freely roaming around! Super cute!

 Had a nice time strolling around the resort. Perfect for nature lovers like me!:)

Cabanas and cottages where guests could chill or dine at

 They prepare fresh meals, just ask the reception:)

Patricks offers a sumptuous selection of local and international dishes from 15 different countries. Every meal you enjoy is an different experience by itself. There is not a large selection of restaurants on the island and without any doubt Patrick’s is one of the best. If you are vegetarian, celiac, or vegan,just let them know and they can prepare meals for you, just let them know prior to your arrival so they can stock up on the supplies you need.


 Tambay by the beach!

 The resort is very well-maintained!

After settling down and freshening up, first thing we did was look for someplace to eat dinner! We decided to just walk around to get a feel of the place.

 Lots of small shops along the road

 One of the many surfboard rental shops we saw

 Island movie theater! Super cool nito

Standard tour rates! But we were able to find book a cheaper tour through Kuya Randy! Contact him: 0908-725-59-09

 So many nice shops! 

We ended up eating at Cashey's Place-- a food place serving grilled food along the road. We didn't really enjoy our food much because they used the same sauce for all the food we ordered. Their grilled squid, barbecue and chicken all tasted the same. Pero walang d masarap sa gutom! Haha. After eating, we bought some essentials from the convenience store near our accommodation and just spent the rest of our evening watching Netflix. 

Kuya Randy's motorbike

The next day, we rented a motorcycle for just P350 per day from Kuya Randy, a guide we met on the street. :) We decided to spend the whole day just chilling and exploring the island. 

 Kulay surfer kahit hindi nagsusurf hehe

 Happy kid si kuya niyo bilang favorite nia magdrive ng motor. Haha. Kuya Randy didn't provide helmets nga lang! Guys, always wear a helmet okay? #wagkamitularan

Saw this nice, cozy restaurant called DAWIS on our way to Cloud 9. Decided to stop for a bit and have lunch there. 

 Clingy new friend hehe

Grilled fish w/ rice - P110, Grilled porkchop w/ rice - P110, Egg & tomato salad - P95 :) 

It easily became one of our favorite restaurants in the island. They serve delicious food at affordable prices! 

After eating, we headed straight to the famous surfing spot Cloud 9 to people watch and observe how pros surf. If you've watched the movie Siargao, it's one of the highlights and one of the main locations in the film. :)

from the main road, turn right when you see a small road or alley lined with surf shops:)

Eto na sha, the famous board walk!  

You will come across friendly local surfers/surf instructors who will offer their services. Their normal rate is P400-500 per hour.

 Surf spots according to level of expertise

One of the well-known surfing waves on Siargao and the Philippines, with a reputation for thick, hollow tubes is "Cloud 9". This right-breaking reef wave is the site of the annual Siargao Cup, a domestic and international surfing competition sponsored by the provincial government of Surigao del Norte. (source: wikipedia)

 Layo ng tingin bes?

 3-floor cottage where locals and tourists hang. Perfect place to watch expert surfers catch waves & do their magic! 

This area is for professional or skilled surfers only. It was so inspiring to watch local kids and adults riding waves and having the time of their lives.

Kung may Papa Echo, meron din Papa Echos. HAHA

The wave was discovered by traveling surfers in the late 1980s. It was named by American photographer John Seaton Callahan after a chocolate bar of the same name (aha! sabi ko na nga ba may connect sa chocolate bar na Cloud 9 hehe) and was featured in the United States-based Surfer magazine in March 1993. This surf trip to Siargao Island was named by Surfer as one of the "Ten Best Surf Trips of All Time" in 1995. Cloud 9 also has a reputation for being a relatively cheap destination for surfers with many accommodations, restaurants and bars to choose from. 

 Hello SMART fam!

 Typical afternoon in Siargao. :) 

 Sobrang galing these kids

 We spent 2 hours here just chillin', taking photos, chatting with locals and watching people surf:)

 "You paddle up again, go back to the lineup, get your wave, you ride again. Ride and ride. You crash again. You never stop. You take on that wave, you pop up and you keep riding. You keep living." Diego, Siargao the Movie

 Nice swell

 Wave after wave

 "Imagine if buhay natin may reset button. Just press Reset. Then one epic wipeout lang, gone. Burado lahat." - Siargao the Movie (sakit bes haha)

Also fell in love with the island kids! They're so chill and sweet and can effortlessly ride mean waves! :)

 Went all the way up sa 3rd floor to take photos of the bridge. :)

Boardwalk from the 3rd floor:) Beautiful.

 Saw this written inside the cottage. I'm a huge fan of Kai-Kai! He's one of the best surfers in the Philippines (or the world) and he's only 7 years old! He's also in the movie, yung son ng kuya ni Echo/Diego. :)

Boardwalk from the 2nd floor:)


There are several other quality waves on Siargao and nearby islands, but Cloud 9 has received more publicity than any other surf spot in the Philippines. While it is not the only wave in the Tuason Point and General Luna areas easily accessible via the long pier from the shoreline and without the need for a boat, it is easily the most popular, leading to overcrowding and the nickname of "Crowd 9" among surfers. I recently saw a video of mountains of trash being left behind by tourists in Cloud 9 and other areas in the island. GUYS, the locals value their home so much and they do everything to preserve the island, so I hope as tourists we also do our share. I already know that tourists will flock Siargao especially after the movie, I hope we all assume responsibility and be respectful towards this place and the people who call it their home. :)

Wearing I Love Koi swimwear, Coco Cabana pants, Havaianas slippers

If you're not into surfing like us (Nico can't hardcore swim anymore because of his vertigo and I haven't tried surfing ever but will do na on my next Siargao trip), there are still many things you can do on the island! Siargao is not only known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, it also boasts amazing sandbars, a rockpool (no need to go to Bali na! Haha), beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, friendly locals, delicious food. Truly an experience you would never forget in this lifetime. 

 Sorbetes break!

After watching pros surf, we decided to stay a little bit longer and explore more. 

From the boardwalk entrance, just turn right and you'll see this quiet spot near Cafe Loka. We decided to mellow out here for a bit-- nap, swim and read. Great way to spend the afternoon. :)

View from our spot

Shore neighbor hehe

Nico enjoying his afternoon dip haha

self-timer din

The signs says it all

If you walk some more, you'll see this crowded spot. It's where beginners can surf or learn how to surf!

Looks familiar? This is the same spot where Erich was taught how to surf in the movie Siargao.

Super amazed ako sa kids who surf hehe

Friendly island dogs! 

We left Cloud 9 past 5pm to find the perfect sunset spot. We drove around but failed to find one, so we decided to just go back to our resort and watch the sunset from there. But on our way back, we came across this beautiful fenced area along the road...

After getting a go signal from some ates (I think they're friends with the caretaker), we went in to take photos.

Highwaist 2-piece swimwear from I LOVE KOI SWIM.

Island life vibe! We went further inside until we reached the beach.... 

Such a nice spot!!! It's hidden and inside a private compound so kami lang tao!:)

There was a typhoon a few days before and another typhoon coming kaya mejo wild. 

Stopped by KERMIT Resort & Restaurant to try their famous pizza as recommended by my good friend, Tin Iglesias!:) Miss you girly!

If you love Italian food or food in general, you would love Kermit. All their dishes are made from scratch and they only use the freshest, high quality ingredients imported from Italy mixed with local fresh ingredients from the local market and local organic farm. For beverages, they do not use powdered juice drinks and food taste enhancers. Only the best and freshest!


Frozen mojito for only P170 (buy 1 take 1)

We made it in time for Happy Hour! It's from 4pm to 7pm daily & 4pm until closing time on Fridays. Buy 1 Take 1 on all cocktails & reduced prices for beer, wine and bar snacks. We had no idea where the restaurant is located, thank God for Waze! When in doubt, WAZE. :) 

 Napoletana or brick oven pizza! It's P260 (basic tomato sauce + mozzarella cheese) and then just pay extra for toppings. We added brie cheese, salami & fresh basil! :) We paid P360. A little pricey but worth it naman! :)

After dinner, we stopped by a convenience store to buy snacks and beer and spent the rest of the night watching Netflix again. We slept early because we had to wake up early the next day to be able to visit the Mapupungko rock pool. Will post about that next!:) Thanks for reading! :)

BUDGET in PHP:  Day 1 & 2
Airfare - 6,607
Transportation from airport to General Luna - 300
Dinner - 250
Miscellanous Day 1 (water, beer, snacks, toiletries) - 250
Motorbike rental - 350/2 = 175
Lunch at Dawis - 150
Dinner at Kermit - 270
Miscellanous Day 2 (beer, snacks, toiletries) - 250
TOTAL = P8,252

Motorbike rental - P350/2 = 175
Gas for motorbike = 50
Lunch at Magpupungko beach = 100
Dinner at Ronaldo's Inn & Restaurant = 200
Beach party (beer) = 60 x 2 = 120
Lunch at Dawis = 130
Island hopping = 1200
Guyam entrance fee = 10
Dinner at Aventino's Pizzeria = 200
Miscellenous convenience store runs & snacks = 500
Takeout lunch from Ronaldo's = 120
Service from General Luna to airport = 300
TOTAL = 3,105

FINAL TOTAL (more or less)= P11,357 

*accommodation excluded in total price
*total may vary depending on your spending habits & preferences

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