Ladies' Special Korea Tour, Day 4: Grevin Museum, MDB Nails, Sulwhasoo Spa, Lotte World Seoul Sky Tower

Here's the last installment from my Korea Ladies' Special fam tour with Cebu Pacific, JG Summit & Korea Tourism Organization! :) Our last day was spent getting pampered and learning more about the city. It was also the day where we had to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways. Major sepanx! More on that later. Here are photos and stories from the last day of our fun tour!

Our last day touring Seoul was packed! We had to literally run from one place to the next. It was packed but so much fun. We checked out of our hotel early in the morning and headed straight to our first stop: Grevin Museum

"France's famous beeswax museum, the Musee Grevin, opens its new 4th venue in Seoul, South Korea's capital, after its opening in Paris, Montreal and Prague. The first Asian subsidiary in Seoul is adding a slew of South Korean hallyu celebrities like Psy, G Dragon as well as figuare skating star Kim Yuna. Over 80 wax figures will be presented in different themed spaces, including historical figures such as King Sejong and General Yi Sun-sin." (source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr)

Admission / Participation Fees 
Adults (ages 19-64): 18,000 won
Children (ages 5-18) & Seniors (ages 65 or older): 15,000 won 

Discount Information 
15,000 won for university students upon presenting a student card
People with disabilities plus one companion: 50% discount (Welfare card must be presented on site) 
* Other discount information is available on the website.

Or you can purchase discounted Grevin Museum ticket from Trazy!:)

Upon entrance we were welcomed by Bruce Lee

...and Jackie Chan!

Recreate scenes and take photos with characters from The Godfather. I see Al Pacino!

Me and my new bestfriend, ET! Hihi.

Guests could also try out the different games inside the museum! Here's an area inspired by Ocean's 13! Hot daddies Brad Pitt and George Clooney. 

Seoul's historical figures!

This section is filled with the great people representing Korea including King Sejong, Admiral Sun Sin Yi, and Saimdang Shin. All costumes worn by these figures were created by the world-renowned Korean costume designer, Young-hee Lee. The size of the face and body as well as the costume and props were all ascertained through historical research and the solo by gayageum (zither) master, Byung Gi Hwang, is played as the theme music to convey the beauty of Korea and history.

King Se Jong, 4th king of the Joseon dynasty from 1397-1450 

Sin Saimdang, popular Korean artist, writer, poet & calligraphist.

Confucian scholars Yi Hwang & Yi I.

Artist, scientist, engineer, city planner, and philosopher Leonardo Da Vinci!

Science geniuses Steve Jobs & Albert Einstein!

The gang tried this interactive trivia game! May class picture pa after!:)

The lodis section! World Peace leaders Pope Francis, 1st Cardinal of Korea Soo Hwan Stephano Kim, Gandhi & Nelson Mandela.

One of my favorites, Mahatma Gandhi

And now we're inside a plane with Obama and other world leaders!

My Queen Mother. Waw. Haha.

Selfie with the prez


Selfie with the captain! Hehe. Leonardo DiCaprio from the film Catch Me If You Can.

Airplane landing simulator. So cool!

Super cute si Lolo and Lola. Relationship goalz!

Cute nila! Hihi

Mr. Trump's secretary haha

This section gives a chance to meet the world’s top-notch sports players from the gold medalist in figure skating Yuna Kim to the “Marine Boy” Tae Hwan Park, Korea’s first major leaguer Chan Ho Park, the football player that does down in history of Korean football, Ji Sung Park as well as Hiddink who led Korean national team to the semifinals during World Cup 2002, the “King of Basketball”, Michael Jordan, and the football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi!

You could even play ball with Michael Jordan

Charlie Chaplin playing golf. Why not. Hehe

Golf champ Tiger Woods

Oh La La Paris opened to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the museum’s opening. It presents the attractions of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre Hill, and the Seine River in trick art for visitors to have fun.

Ana climbing the Eiffel Tower! Hehe

On the same floor is this Discovery Atelier! This section gives guests a chance to experience the process of making wax figures digitally. Have yourself scanned three dimensionally and choose the hair and costume to design your own figure. Your own figure image you designed can be sent to your e-mail. They even showed how they made the G-Dragon figure! So cool.

Get inside this booth to have your photo taken and analyzed

sample wax body parts. mejo creepy but super cool. Haha.

Say hello to G-Dragon's head

Andy Warhol with his muse, Marilyn Monroe!

 Selfie with my girl Marilyn!

 With my soul & style sister, Audrey Hepburn!

 Selfie with Pablo Picasso

 The father of pop art, Andy Warhol

Inside Vincent Van Gogh's room

The beauty salon!

The experience of beauty salon, reproduced on the theme of an actress’s power room, begins when the visitor sits at the dressing table which is equipped with the two-way mirror and camera, and guide screen. Choose a model among the celebrities of Grévin Museum and take a picture by following the guideline, then you will find your image edited with the celebrity’s face.

This space was set up on the theme of an actress’s powder room and you will find wax figures of So Young Koh, the representative actress of Korea,Audrey Hepburn, the heroine in the movie, ‘Roman Holiday’,  and Paris Hilton, one of the fashion icons of Hollywood.

With Paris Hilton

This is the space for the world’s renowned fashion designers and fashionistas and it exhibits the wax figures of Andre Kim who represented Korea as a fashion designer, Tae Hee Kim, the representative fashionista and actress of Korea, Naomi Campbell, the world’s top model, and Princess Diana who showed her unique sense of fashion. Especially, this area also exhibits the dresses that the designer Andre Kim personally designed and produced along with the figures to add specialness to this fashionable space.

Met Meryl Streep & Tom Cruise in the Hall of Fame!

Hello G-Dragon! Rain not in photo.

 Selfie with G-Dragon! sweeeg!

Psy, Jae Seok Yu and world class pianist Lang Lang!

Legends Madonna and Mick Jagger

Oppa Lee Min Ho's hand print! Waaah

Music icons Luciano Pavarotti & Sumi Jo

Getting some tips from the legend, John Lennon!

Tita Meryl

Tito Tom

Mother superior Angelina Jolie

Lolo Mick hehe

My girl Park Shin Hye!!! 

In deep conversation with my love, Lee Min Ho. Haay.

Our love from the star, Kim Soo Hyun!

Class picture!

Address : Grévin Museum, 23, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiry : +82.2.777.4700
Mail : info@grevinkorea.com
City Hall Station on Line 1, Exit 5, and walk for 5 minutes
Euljiro 1-ga Station on Line 2, Exit 1-1, and walk for 1 minute

2nd Stop: Dookki Tteokbokki Buffet

Create your own tteokbokki. So good! 

 My favorite corner! I ate so much fish cakes. haha.

 Photo from Nikki Tiu

Photo from Anagon

Address: 20, Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu | 9F, Hyundai City Outlet, Seoul 04563, South Korea
Tel: +82-2-2283-2906

3rd Stop: Dashing Diva & MBD Nails Korea

After lunch, we headed straight to Gangnam District for our nail pampering sessions! While we were inside the bus, we were asked what kind of nail service we want-- basic gel, french nails or gel with pearls. I went for the basic gel! Those who chose the more artsy nail services were assigned to Dashing Diva, while those who chose basic gel were led to another nail salon, MDB (Maison De Beaute).  

We had to walk for around 10 minutes to reach MDB from Dashing Diva.

Aside from nail services, they also offer lash extensions, waxing, etc!

Min from KTO accompanied us! Thank you Min!

Different nail art! So pretty!

Unlike other nail salons, they use premium gel polish, Leafgel & Calgel, so your nails will surely last for weeks! I could vouch for that! Mine lasted for more than a month and it never broke or peeled off.

Leafgel Premium colors

Calgel polish

We were politely asked to take our seats as they prepared their nail tools. 

It's a massage chair by the way! So freakin' awesome.  I kept  dozing off. Haha! Their staff had to wake me up every few minutes because nails needed to be cured one by one under a UV lamp. It was so relaxing.

I was told that the service we had (regular gel polish) costs 70,000 won or roughly P3,200! That's almost 3x the amount we pay for here in Manila! BUT, based on my experience, it was truly worth it! Why? How is it different from our services here? One, their tools & machinery. They used some machines I've never seen here. For example, their cuticle remover. Here it's mostly manual db? There, they use this machine (which looks like something your dentist would have haha) that removes your cuticles and cleans your nails quickly without any pain, wounds or hassle. I even fell asleep while she was doing it! Two, the products used were topnotch. As I said earlier, they only use premium gel polish and mine stayed pretty for more than a month! No scratches, no chipping off, no tearing. It's pretty amazing. Lastly, the staff's expertise and training. All those who did our nails are professionals and it only took them less than an hour to finish everything! They have super light hands and they did their job accurately. I love it!

The cuticle remover machine! Ang amazing nito!

Finished product!

Chose nude or khaki nails and gold sparkles for my middle finger. Haha. 

Address: Banpo Building B1, Apgujeong-Ro 306 Gangnam-gu Seoul
Contact: +82 2-3448-0231

To book a session or for inquiries, contact:

Min saying her goodbyes. Thank you Min it was super nice bonding with you!

4th Stop: Sulwhasoo Spa

After having our nails done, we rushed to Sulwhasoo Spa for our spa treatments! I was immediately overwhelmed with delight and amazement as soon as I saw the spa's facade. It was literally golden. The inside was equally fancy with each floor beautifully & meticulously designed.  Gold metal rods all over the place and their products neatly arranged and presented like they are in a museum. Customers are encouraged to inquire and try out their products. Which we availed, of course. Haha.

Raiza trying out one of their famous creams

Sul means snow, Wha means flower & Soo means phenomenal. Sulwhasoo presents holistic beauty of the body and mind, as well as inner and outer beauty. The brand was founded by Suh Sung-whan who introduced the ABC Ginseng Cream in 1966. This was the beginning of the Sulwhasoo legacy, now it has become Korea's most recognized global beauty brand. Sulwhasoo’s holistic beauty, embodying Asian wisdom, has continued to spread beauty through generations and space for more than 50 years.

Their lovely staff patiently explained and presented to us all of their products

More products on the 2nd floor! They also have a VIP room for their VIP customers.

Aside from skincare, they also have makeup

They have a number of skincare products so seeing all of them could be a bit overwhelming. But don't panic! They have trained staff who are always ready to help you with your specific needs. It's one of their strengths. 

VIP room

Meeting or presentation room

Before our spa treatments, we were led to this small room, had tea and were asked to fill up their Customer Counseling Card. It has questions about our current health condition, skin diagnosis, lifestyle & environment and daily skincare rituals. They actually care about your specific health and skin needs. We have different rituals, lifestyles and issues, and they know that. They used different products for each of us based on our answers. And that's what makes Sulwhasoo special and different from other spas-- their personalized service and world class products developed from years of research! 

My form!

Its specialty is in the use of traditional Korean herbs and techniques to rejuvenate the skin.

My own massage room!

I then changed into this plush robe

The lady assigned to me brought in this hot ginseng foot bath and was told to soak my feet in it. It was a bit hot but after a few minutes my feet adjusted. Hehe.

Before the service, we spent time on the rooftop for some photo-op. Hehe

Okay now about the service, it was glorious as I expected! The whole treatment costs 150,000 price or P7,000 but I'd say the whole experience was worth it. Excellent service, products and treatments. It's a once in a lifetime experience I'd highly recommend to ladies and gents who wants to treat themselves and relax.

Thank you Sulwhasoo for this amazing experience!

Address: 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Contact number: +82-2-318-6121

5th Stop: Nature Kitchen at Jamsil Homeplus

We had dinner at Nature Kitchen, a Korean Buffet restaurant that lets you experience 60 kinds of Korean traditional menu and the Korean culture at one place! Loved the food, ambiance and service!:) Was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of my food. Huhu.

6th stop: Lotte World Seoul Sky Tower

Seoul Sky is located on floors 117-123 of Lotte World Tower, the nation's tallest and the world's fifth tallest building. The observatory offers a panoramic view of the entire capital city, beautiful both day and night. In addition to the outstanding view, visitors can enjoy a small snack or coffee from the dessert cafe while sitting in the lounge or on the sky terrace. 

Photo from Ana! To get to Seoul Sky, you will have to take the Sky Shuttle, a double-deck elevator that reaches a speed of 600m per minute. Mejo nagpop ears ko! 

This glass floor is not for the faint of heart!

The observation deck has two story-high glass windows for an uninterrupted view. The Sky Deck, located at 478m, hold the Guinness World Record as the highest glass-floored observatory in the world. On days when visibility is limited, visitors can still enjoy a clear sky through the Sky Theater. The 120th floor holds the Sky Terrace, open to the elements.

Admission Fee is 27,000 for adults & 24,000 for children

Beautiful Seoul. :)

29 Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
서울특별시 송파구 신천동 29.

Basking in the beauty of this beautiful city on top of the tower was the perfect way to end our 3-day Ladies' Special fam tour. Saying goodbye to everyone was bittersweet. In the short time we were together we already formed a bond that is beyond work and made memories we'd all cherish for a lifetime. Thank you Korea Tourism Organization or KTO, Cebu Pacific, Stratworks & JG Summit for putting together this wonderful tour and experience! Special thanks to Ms. Len of JG Summit, Ila of Cebu Pacific, Ailene of Statworks, Min of Korea Tourism Organization and Alice our tour guide. Love you all! :)

Intro to my solo posts: After our Seoul Sky Tower tour the group headed straight to the airport while some of us stayed behind. I did a solo tour while waiting for my family to arrive, while Raiza and Anna stayed for the Charis event. My solo posts are next!!! During my time alone in Seoul, I decided to discover and explore some K-drama locations which I am very excited to share with you guys. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! :)

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