Fifth Rack Store Opens in White Plains

If you live in the North (yass) and love shopping, I have good news for you!!! Fifth Rack Lifestyle & Concept Store just recently opened their 2nd branch in White Plains, Quezon City and you will love it. I got the chance to visit the store 2 weeks ago, and while it might be smaller than other concept stores, their brands and products naman were carefully curated. Napashop din talaga ako! So many cute finds at affordable prices. Perfect for shoppingeras on a budget (like me!) and for those looking for unique gifts. Here are photos and stories from my visit!

Fifth Rack, established by fashion enthusiast Miel Villamor, is a fashion and lifestyle outlet that offers customers the best finds from up-and-coming fashion brands, giving them to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found in malls or other retail stores. Located at 141 Katipunan Ave, White Plains, Quezon City, the store has been the go-to location for fashionistas in the South (and now North!) for fashion items from rising local brands and designers.

You would immediately see it on the right side of the road if you're coming from Katipunan or Boni Serrano

Everything is organized and labelled

“I’d like Fifth Rack to be a one-stop shop for all sorts of unique apparel for men and women, but also items for kids, home items, and beauty products,” says Villamor. “We want to establish the image that we have something for everyone, from young professionals, to teens, to even moms and titas.”

Its unique concept lies in putting together and different fashion brands all under one roof. This means that customers can get a taste of different designers and brands without having to hop from shop to shop. Not only does this arrangement benefit shoppers looking for something unique, but also the brands themselves by providing them space to showcase their products.

I've known Miel for years! She's a talented stylist and she really loves fashion:) Congrats babe!!!

“One of the main goals of the store is to help start-up brands grow whether it is though sales, awareness or opportunity,” she says. “We aim to help these brands gain more awareness by having them showcase their products at the store so they can reach a bigger market." 

It's beside the coffee shop, Cup Fiction! So you could relax and have coffee after or before shopping:)

Miel describes the store as a sort of training ground for start-up brands and designers to get their first taste of having a shop. A whole slot at Fifth Rack costs P8,000.00 a month. Meanwhile, a half slot costs P4,500.00 per month. Not bad!!! She said it's a good way for brands and designers to get their brand out there and get to know their market’s taste without the hassle of trying to set up their own shop. For the amount of money they’ll be paying, they can have their own signage and spot at the store.

Here some interesting items I found inside the store!
 Super cute heart shaped rainbow bath bomb from Soapranos!

 Cute mugs and other stuff from Tale Label

 I will go back for these unicorn necklaces and lockets!! P180 each!

 Bought 1 bottle of this and paubos ko na! So good!!! Only P180! Perfect pang gift!

They also have Tablea! Will buy this next time.:)

 Cute phone cases, rings and planners!


 Journals and accessories

 Skin Need for your skin's needs!


 Lingerie from Sexy Secrets, room sprays and perfume and also Beachborn merchandise!

 Some wallets, luggage tags, purses and organizers from Anma and Grandee

 I'm obsessed with room sprays and aromatherapy everything kaya I love this Lui Home Fragrance shelf!

 RTW clothes by designer Asurio Pinafico

 masks and accessories for parties

 Baby clothes and accessories

 Adorable socks from Mumble MNL

 Also saw Korean skincare samples being sold! Mura!

 P40 lang yung Innisfree!

 Buy 2 for P2500 perfumes!

 More clothes and accs

 OMG so cute the character socks! Also got a Mantra laceup shoes!

 Armed 550 bracelets 

 branded bags from Mary & Co.

Cute bags from Mica & Co

 Cute sandals!

 Scratch Maps, Convertible shopping bag and planners that are perfect for travelers!


 Urbanwear brand MDSN! Love!

 Merchandise from NU Skin

More clothes, bags, socks, etc!

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I am planning to go back next week to buy more gifts for Christmas! I will buy more organic yema and tablea. If you're still completing your holiday list, go here na! Happy shopping and happy holidays! :)

For more infos & updates, follow Fifth Rack:
Instagram: @fifth_rack 
Email: inquiry.merchantrack@gmail.com

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