Birthday in Bali 2017: Villa Panacea, Motel Mexicola, Sea Circus & Seminyak

Hello, I'm alive!!! Haha! So here's the 3rd installment of my Bali posts. We spent our 3rd day in the city just chillin' and relaxing while exploring Kuta & Seminyak. No tours that day! We were able to take advantage of our pool in the villa, woke up late and it was nearly lunchtime when we decided to leave. Here are photos from that day starting with photos of our beautiful villa in Seminyak! :)

Our villa is located along Jalan Beji Ayu in Seminyak. It's such an amazing find because the place is fairly new, has a nice pool, 3 rooms, 2 huge couches and super affordable! Its located in a quiet neighborhood but still accessible and near the highway. :)

View of the villa from outside!

 Stairs leading to the pool and the main door

Love the pool!

 Dining area, kitchen, restroom, refrigerator, water dispenser, there are glasses and plates and utensils

Kitchen! You can just cook if you want to save money.

Shot from the kitchen

 My cousin slept on the couch during our whole stay! It's super comfyyyy

 Room #1 at the 1st floor. Nico and I stayed here! Sorry magulo hahaha. Mia, their caretaker, visited everyday to clean the villa. Thanks Mia for fixing our mess! Hihi 

 There's a safe inside the cabinet but we didn't know how to use it haha. Bed was comfy yet slightly damp.

Our bathroom was huge! Pwede na ring kwarto haha!

 We even have a tub! Which we were not able to use bilang hectic ang sched haha.

 Couch on the 2nd floor!

There are 2 more rooms (looks the same as our room) on the 2nd floor but I was not able to take photos na because my friends were changing inside. Haha! We spent the morning taking photos and lounging around before we finally decided to drag our asses off the couches and out the door. About time! Hahaha.  

 Morning dip! 

Kasilaw besh

Thank you ETE Style for my pretty swimsuit! 

 View from the 2nd floor!

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Our Grab car going to Kuta area!

First Stop: Warung Dedalu
May poser po haha! 

Ang arte arte ko po may sugat naman sa lips. Harhar

We were already famished when we left the villa, so we decided to eat lunch first before exploring the area. We were supposed to eat in Motel Mexicola but their food was quite pricey! We decided to walk some more and look for someplace cheaper. It turned out harder than I thought. Haha. Seminyak is known to be an upscale neighborhood so food and shopping could be more costly than normal. And then like an oasis in a vast desert, we found this warung!!!

Interiors. More sosyal than normal.

Menu! Thank you budget travel gods for the affordable meals and dishes they offer! Yeheees.

Address: No. 235 Jl. Raya Petitenget, Krobokan Keold, Kuta Utara

BJ pa more! Share pa sila. Sweet o. Hihi.

I ordered Fried Chicken Ayam (30,000rp) & Fried Noodles (25,000rp)! Saraaaap. 

Hello from Panix

2nd Stop: Sea Circus

You can just explore Seminyak and discover interesting places around the area by foot. That's what we did! We were just strolling when we randomly came across Sea Circus! Perfect din because it's actually in our places-to-visit-for-Instagram-photos list recommended by blogger friends. Haha! I was expecting a huge food park or a food place nestled inside a big area of land, so I got a little disappointed when I saw it. It's just a small restaurant/bar/cafe located on the side of a busy road which made taking photos outside extremely challenging!!! The photographer must stay on the other side of the road and then wait for a clearing (mostly just 3-4 seconds without traffic) just to get a nice shot. Haha! There was this Kuya pa (not sure if he's a guard or police but he's in civilian) who kept on stopping us. Don't me kuya! Minsan lang kami dito! Kaloka ka. Haha.

After 50+ attempts... finally!

Another shot before the mahaderong Kuya blocked this spot with a delivery van. Haha!

Panira lang yung electric wires noh?

It was so hot outside, so we decided to cool dow muna inside


Inavail na din namin their ice cream! It's 35,000rp for 1 scoop. 

Ete Style one-piece bikini used as top, From FB (Closet Raiders page) pants, SM Accessories bag, CLN sandals

Click here to visit: http://seacircus-bali.com 

3rd Stop: Motel Mexicola

Kyah kyah magkano

Let's go inside!

Love all the colors and how they designed the place!

Merch for sale!

 The whole place is super instagrammable!


 2nd floor!

So many tables!


We decided to chill and rest in Motel Mexicola for a while after walking around under the hot Bali sun. While the rest of the gang chatted and downed ice cold beer, Paula and I spent our time roaming inside and taking LOTS of artsy photos! Hihi. Achieve! 

Init bes!.

 Order with a slit. Haha

 OOTD pa more! Ang supportive ng jowa kong si Paula. Haha.

 So many cute areas and corners!

Photo taken outside

So much photo possibilities noh? Haha!

Cute also this area outside

If you want to check out their menu and have tables reserved, click here:

After almost 2 hours (of taking photos) inside, we left and headed straight to the beach for sunset! 
Store ko ata to. Haha!

From the main road, we went inside this huge parking lot where you'd be able to access the beach

 Water break

 Nico Atienza turista shot. I don't get it. Haha.

  Seminyak beach!

 Beaches in Bali are mostly for surfing so there are safety signs and reminders everywhere. 

 Paula bought a beach mat from a local vendor for 40,000rp

 Beaches in Kuta and Seminyak are not that spectacular compared to Boracay or Bohol or Cebu or Krabi. Waves are huge and water is slightly dangerous.   

 Lolo goals!

 The new lovers in Bali

 Wind was too strong FML

I think this is La Plancha! It's always crowded

After walking along the shore for almost 30 minutes, from Seminyak beach to Kuta, we ended up in D'Joglo Beach Bar-- again! Favorite place! Haha. We ordered drinks, the boys swam and the girls rested. I almost dozed off because their bean bags are so comfy! And then came another beautiful Bali sunset...

 Thanks Paula for my pics!

 Such magic. So thankful.

 Made the gang try Warung Murah. Favorite! This time I ordered shredded chicken, fried shrimp & eggplant! YUMMM.

After dinner, the group split up. Some went to Canggu to check out Deus Ex Machina's Tacos-N-Tattoos Tuesdays (free tattoo for a taco) event, while Nico, Patrick and I headed to the fancy Daluman Villa to spend more time with our friend Kim. Fun times! The Canggu gang all went home with new tattoos! They arrived late so they missed the promo. They shelled out almost P1,000 each for 2x2 tattoos, but for the experience I'd say it's all worth it! :) The Daluman Villa gang naman spent hours just catching up, laughing and reminiscing. When the clock struck 12, they surprised me and we welcomed my birthday! So much love. :)

Love you guys!

We wanted to stay longer and spend more time with each other but we all had scheduled tours early in the morning! Huhu sad. We all retired early so we'd have more time to rest and sleep for our Nusa Penida island tour the next day. Can't wait to share that day with you. Up next!!! :) Thanks for reading!  


Grab from villa to Seminyak area - 23,000/7 = 3,286
Lunch at Warung Dedalu - 30,000 + 12,500 (half kami Nico) + 15,000 (water) = 57,500
 Sea Circus gelato - 35,000
D'Joglo beach bar coke - 30,000
Warung Murah dinner - 55,000 (food and drinks)
Miscellaneous buys (water) - 30,000
Grab to Daluman Villa - 9,000
Grab from Daluman to Airbnb Villa - 11,000
TOTAL = 230,786 rp or P874

*Will make a new Bali budget / expense sheet after all my posts for the actual numbers!

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