Product Review: Snow Crystal White Tomato w/ Natural Sunscreen

A lot of people have questioned my love for glutathione telling me I have no need for it because I already have an amazing, natural tan which a lot of people would kill for, and wishing for anything otherwise would be a sin. Guys, it is not in my plan to be as white as Snow White. Promise. Cross my heart. I use glutathione or whitening products to even out my skin tone, make it more luminous & radiant AND the best part? Its health benefits!  Did you know that it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants?  If you’re an “occasional” (keep telling yourself that Pax! Haha) drinker like me, glutathione could help protect and repair the liver! And with all the skin whitening and food supplements being sold and marketed, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself countless times, “Which one really delivers and which one to buy?!” Now here’s something that might top your list: SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO with Natural Sunscreen (wow!!!) from well-known company Vida Nutriscience! Why? Read on to know more!

What is Snow Crystal White Tomato?

It is the newest skin whitening product from Vida Nutriscience, makers of Snowcaps, which is a combination of PhytoflORAL (800mg), L-Glutathione (500mg) and Bioperine. It comes in tablet form and soap form.

How does it differ from other skin whitening products?
What makes SNOW different from other skin whitening products is that it does not just contain glutathione, it also contains 800mg of Colorless Carotenoids (PhytoflORAL) derived from a unique breed of organic white tomatoes that effectively whitens skin and reduce the signs of ageing. It is clinically proven to increase the skin’s UV rays defense, plus it whitens and evens out skin tone. The 500mg of Kohjin L-Glutathione--one of the most powerful antioxidants-- helps remove free radicals and repair skin for a healthy glow from within. I love that it doesn’t just whiten, but it also acts as a natural sunscreen and keeps one looking young and fresh!

 Now, let’s focus more on Snow Crystal White Tomato’s ingredients. Let me break it down for you so you’d understand more why everyone is raving about this product...

1.       Colorless Carotenoids or Phytofloral  (800mg)

It is said to be one of nature’s most effective whitening ingredients and comes from natural freeze-dried tomato powder from specially selected non-GMO white tomato species.  It is scientifically proven to provide the body with a natural protective shield against UV rays. Aside from acting as a natural sunscreen, it also prevents abnormal pigmentation or dark spots all over the body. They also act as antioxidants, blocking & deactivating free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties & immune system benefits making the body ready and healthier to fight off diseases.  

 2.       Kohjin L-Glutathione (500mg)

Glutathione is a chain of amino acids called tri-peptide that our liver naturally produces. It plays an important role in sustaining human life and maintaining healthy metabolic functions. But as we age and our lifestyle changes, a number of risk factors leads to an unhealthy drop in our body’s glutathione levels. Factors such as pollution, smoking cigarettes, alcohol consumption, stress, heavy exercise, sun exposure and many more, decreases the production of glutathione in our body. As this drop, our immune system becomes weaker and our overall health also declines.

Now, this is where supplements come in! Due to its antioxidant properties, drinking food or glutathione supplements can increase glutathione levels in the body and reverse its negative effects. These pills or tablets could help strengthen the immune system, support the body’s detoxification process and improves overall skin health.

3.       Bioperine  (Powdered Black Pepper Extract- Pipernigrum L)

Piperine, also known by its trademarked name, BioPerine, is an extract derived from black pepper, Piper Nigrum L, and long pepper, Piper longum L. Piperine is what gives peppers their spicy taste. This extract is marketed as a nutritional supplement and has been found to increase the absorption of a variety of nutrients. This ingredient acts as "bio-enhancer" or "Nutrient Absorption Enhancer" for increased body absorption of our 2 main ingredients (PhytoflORAL and L-Glutathione). Of course, if our body is able to absorb these nutrients faster, we'll get faster and better results as well. Yay!

There are other brands that provide PhytoflORAL or Colorless Carotenoids but they are either expensive (I heard they retail for almost P6,000 to P7,000!) or they only contain Carotenoids and no glutathione. With Snow Crystal White Tomato, you hit 3 birds in one stone for just a fraction of the price! For only P2,985 you get L-Glutathione, Phytofloral and Bioperene. So much benefits in one tablet! It does not get any better or more sulit than that. :)

If you can’t get enough of SNOW Tomato, you could also use the soap version!
I love that it’s crystal clear and the texture is so smooth. It also smells nice! Plus, it does not melt easily. P299 / bar.


So, why choose Snow Crystal White Tomato?

1.       Compared to other brands which only contains one of the 3 ingredients above, Snow White Crystal Tomato contains all three for better and faster results! It is the 1st brand to combine both PhytoflORAL and Kohjin L-Glutathione in 1 tablet.

2.       It has L-Glutathione which whitens skin, evens out skin tone, keeps the liver healthy and boosts the immune system. 

3.       It has Carotenoid / Phytofloral which acts as an invisible shield from the UV rays,  antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and also boosts immune system.

4.       It has Bioperine which makes the body absorb nutrients faster making it 2x as effective. 

5.       More affordable than other brands for just P2,985 for 30 capsules/tablets.

6.       Easy to drink and does not get stuck on my throat.

7.       No aftertaste!

8.       You only need to drink it 1x a day

So guys, don’t miss out on this amazing product! It’s really perfect for girls like me who don’t have time to slather on sunscreen before leaving the house. And you all know how important sunscreen is! Now, I won’t have to worry because I can just pop 1 pill a day and I’d be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. My own natural sunscreen! I am currently on my 3rd tablet and I already feel healthier all over. Will update you once I finish off the whole bottle! :)

This product will be available in all leading drugstores nationwide starting July 2017. Mark your calendars! 


  1. For me, i have a baby. Then nag breastfeed ku. Is it suitable for me to use that product?

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  5. Any such products shouldn't be consumed by pregnant or breast feeding mothers !!

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