Coldplay Singapore 2017: 5FootWay.inn Hostel, Chinatown, Everton Park & Haji Lane

Here's the continuation of my Coldplay in Singapore blog series! I am holding off on my Coldplay concert post for a bit because it involves more time and more feelings. Haha! So for now, I will share with you other parts of my 8-day trip. From Little India, we transferred to Chinatown (my fave!) and stayed at 5footway.inn Project Ann Siang hostel for 2 nights. :) Here are photos of the hostel and the places we went to that day!

We took a train from Little India and got off at Chinatown station. We then walked from Exit A all the way to the end of Pagoda street where the Sri Mariamman Temple is located.  The hostel is located across the street, about 50 meters if you walk to the right. You wouldn't miss it. :)

5footway.inn Project Ann Siang

We saw this iPad outside the door and because we're obedient like that, we tried calling the number they provided so we could check-in :)

 We kept trying and failing until Tracy decided to ask their other hostel (one block away) how we could go inside. It was so embarrassing because the door was not locked! As in it was open. Hahaha. I don't know why we never tried pushing it. LOL.

Wall art by the stairs which shows Singapore's heritage

Hostel was on the 3rd floor of the building 

Okay guys, here's the thing. If you're the type who packs unbelievable amount of clothes or cannot travel with just a small luggage or backpack, then don't stay in hostels. Actually you can BUT make sure there's an elevator (just like BUNC!). But if you're as fit as a horse and don't mind climbing and carrying things up and down flights of stairs, then go. Tracy had a struggle with her huge luggage bag so we had to ask for the hostel staff to help her. But remember, this is not a hotel and they are really not required to help you. So a huge thank you to the girl who's manning the reception that day for taking the time to assist us! Such a sweetheart. :)

 Hostel door

5footway.inn is a chain of boutique hostels all over Singapore. All of them designed with the modern traveler in mind: clean, cosy beds with individual lights; electrical outlets for power-hungry gadgets; privacy curtains for a sense of personal space; air-conditioning to get through the warm Singapore weather; complimentary broadband WIFI throughout the premises and complimentary breakfast. Their concept is simple: accessibility, style, good taste and top-rate facilities don't have to cost a fortune. At 5footway.inn, small is spacious and budget is boutique. I love this!

Located a stone throw away from the culturally rich yet happening Ann Siang neighbourhood and next to Chinatown, Project Ann Siang is a stylish boutique hostel that comes with free access to WiFi throughout the property and offers both fully air-conditioned dormitories and privates rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Redefining the meaning of “hostel”, Project Ann Siang is made of customized, comfortable beds in a modern oriental setting. All of the beds come with private lockers, electrical sockets and reading lights. They also offer free water, coffee, tea and milo to guests. I love the interiors and the over-all feel of the hostel! 

 Reception area

5footwayinn receptions operate 24/7 throughout the year. Therefore, be rest assured that guests will be able to proceed with the check-in procedure as members of the hostel crew will be around to offer any assistance needed. HOWEVER, an exception would be the reception service at Project Ann Siang where we stayedTheir reception only operates from 9am to 9pm. For check-ins outside this timing, guests would have to go to Project Chinatown 2 to proceed with check-in. It's not that far though! Just a block away. 

 They have 2 desktop computers which guests could use

 Lounge area by the entrance. So artsy!

We got there before lunch so we decided to leave our stuff for a few hours, eat, explore Chinatown for a bit and then go back when it's time for check-in. There was so much to do around the area! We returned at around 3pm to check-in so we could continue with our exploration that day. 

I got my own room key for $20 deposit. Don't worry they'll return your money after you surrender your key. Just don't lose it! I actually like availing this deposit thing because it's another way of saving or setting aside money during a trip. Plus, it's a hassle to share keys especially if you have different plans db?:)

 We were given the Private Triple Sharing Room! We had to climb another flight of stairs to get to our room. It was okay though. 

 Our small but cozy room!

The room was pretty small but just perfect for the 3 of us. We had a hard time with our things though because we only had that little space (see picture above) for our things making it a bit hard to move around. The bed was glorious (not itchy at all which is kind of a big deal to me!) and the pillows soft, so one will surely get a lovely sleep. 

Our private bathroom with hot and cold shower! They provided towels, bath & body wash & tissue rolls. 

 This is the double bed good for 2 people

It's a loft type room so there was another bed (single bed) when you climb the super steep ladder on the left. It might be a bit of a challenge if you're the type of person who pee frequently. Hihi. :)

 View from our window!

 There were only 2 sockets (not sure if Ana has her own) so we just used a multi-port usb charger so we could charge all our gadgets. :)

 On the same floor is this terrace overlooking the best of Chinatown where guests could eat, chill at, do their laundry while enjoying the magnificent view of Chinatown.

Lovely view! Can you see the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum? 

Can you see that tiny street between the 2 buildings? That's TEMPLE Street or Chinatown Food Street! 

And on your right is the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple

I highly recommend this hostel especially if you want to do immersion. It is located in one of the busiest areas in Singapore that's rich in local heritage and culture. Everything is within arm's reach-- food, sights, shopping, local transportation. I will definitely stay here again next time!

 Love the wall behind their reception counter made of Peranakan tiles! 

 Thank you 5FootWay.inn for being our home for 2 nights!

If you want to book a room, click here!

*Do note that hostels adopt a dynamic pricing system, and rates change according to seasons and peaks. Click “Book Now” to get the latest rates for your desired dates.

Here are more photos from that day!
From the hostel we crossed the street to look for someplace to eat

Temple Street!

OMG I missed this! Chinatown Food Street!

And and I decided not to eat there because food is quite expensive! Mas okay sha for sharing. :)

so much food to choose from! quite pricey though

Shop and dine! This is one of my favorite shopping places in Singapore. Best place to shop for souvenirs!

On our way to the train station, passed by the Chinatown Heritage Center! It's a newly opened museum along Pagoda Street. 

Pagoda Street! So vibrant and lively. :)

Across Temple Street is Ann Siang Hill!

My first time in this area and I love it! the street is lined with cute buildings and establishments!  

It's just behind 5Footway.inn!

We waited at the bus stop near the hostel and rode a bus going to EVERTON PARK!

I love how Singapore encourage their citizens to exercise through these mini gyms all over the metro! Shempre we tried it out hehe.

Complete with instructions hehe

We walked a little more and then finally, EVERTON PARK!

Saw this during one of my research and fell in love with the many wall art!

Ana and I at the local barber shop! Hihi.

the place is full of pretty and colorful buildings and corners!

OOTD! Wearing UNAROSA top & pants, Straightforward Clothing sneakers

Hello rest muna tayo 

Now with my bff Ana!

And my bff from St. Scho & UST, Cecille!

Heritage house along Spottiswoode Park road!

The area is such a hip neighborhood full of heritage houses & buildings and artsy cafes. This one is from the 1900s!

Noodles anyone?

Blending in hehe

Hump day!

Saw this KITH Cafe along the road and decided to chill for a bit!

Delicious cakes & watermelon shake!:)

After Everton, the 3 of us parted ways. Cecille and I headed straight to Bugis to meet up with one of our HS friends, Chic-C! Ana naman headed to Orchard for her alone time. :) I super missed Popeyes so we all agreed to eat dinner there. Hehe.

While waiting, we checked out Editor's Market! Loved the clothes but a bit pricey for me. 

My HS friends Cecille and Chic-C while placing our orders inside Popeyes. Haha!

After dinner, we decided to go for a drink at Haji Lane! We walked from Bugis going there. Along the way, they took me to this Gotham like art deco style building named Parkview Square. It also known as the Batman Building. So nice!!! I was told that they sometimes have an aerial performer inside the building. so cool. 

A few meters walk from Parkview is Haji Lane!

Haji Lane is a shopping street and fashion haven located in the heart of Singapore's Arab quarter. Here you would find an interesting mix of narrow shop-houses, independent boutiques, artsy cafes, cool bars and hip restaurants. It's one of the most popular spots for photos or OOTDs due to its beautiful wall art!

We finally settled at this small bar that serves beer in buckets. We spent the night singing to early 2000 songs thanks to their amazing performer!  

Mejo mahal ang beer talaga the Singapore! we paid $35sgd or roughly P900 for 6 pcs of beer. Waw haha.

Had so much fun bonding with these girls! Miss you already! :) Trivia: We were all in the cheering squad in high school! 

Rode the bus going home since trains only operate 'til 12am. Hehe. It was fun! It was pretty easy too with their super organized system. :)

Got off directly on the other end of Temple Street. Super near our hostel! Love it.

So this ends my 4th Singapore post, my 5th day in the country. Two more posts to go and I'm done! Posting about the Coldplay concert next and our last 2 days in Singapore with a review on the fancy hotel we stayed in! Thanks for reading! :)


Lunch at a hawker in Chinatown - $7
reload of EZ Card - $10 (wasn't able to include in my last post)
Bus to Everton - through EZ card
Kith Cafe - free! Thanks Cecille for the libre!
Popeyes dinner - $10
Haji lane Beer - $10
TOTAL = $37 or P1,322 

Thank you again 5footwayinnfor being our home for 2 nights! You may follow their accounts here:

Link to all my travel posts:

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