Coldplay Singapore 2017: Hangout@Mt.Emily, Orchard Road, Chinatown

Sorry for the delay but here's the continuation of my Coldplay in Singapore 8-day adventure! On my 3rd day in Singapore, we packed our bags and transferred to our 2nd home-- Hangout@Mt.Emily. I've stayed here before and I loved it, so I was pretty excited to see and experience it again. Here are photos of our home for 3 days, as well as photos from our little excursions around Singapore. :)  

We took a train from Rocher station to Little India (just one stop, blue line) and then walked from Exit A up Mt. Emily Hill where the hotel is located. It's a 7-minute walk. The uphill walk could be a bit of a challenge if you have a big luggage bag (like Tracy hehe) because you will need to climb a flight of stairs going to the hotel. It also rained that day so it was a bit of a downer. We had to haul our bags up the stairs while trying not to get soaked. Hihi. The walk through the park will grow on you though. It's actually quite relaxing and it's a great form of exercise! :)

Mt. Emily Park

At the end of the park, you'd see the hotel!

Located on Emily Hill. :) This is also a hip destination at night! It's a nice bar with live music. 

 There's no other way but to walk through the park or take a cab/uber going to the main road. :)


It was raining that day

Lobby area


Printing, photocopying, faxing, checking in/out and obtaining more information can all be done at this 24/7 one stop help desk! I even had my Coldplay ticket printed out here for just $.50 sgd. So convenient! The staff are all very helpful and nice. :) The one who assisted us, I think her name is Ms. Faye, is a Filipina!:) You could store your luggage for free after check out, or leave it there for a few days for a small fee. 

Convenience stores could be quite far from the hotel, so this snack bar at the lobby is life! They sell them at reasonable prices. :)

Travel guides

On our first night, we slept inside the female dormitory. I've always wanted to try Mt. Emily's dorm room so I was quite excited! I have seen and experienced different dorm rooms but this one definitely belongs to my Top 3! It was spacious and not cramped. I love the hostel/hotel vibe with the comfy beds, dividers, etc. 

*Guests below 18 years can stay in private guest rooms, but not the dormitories; and should be accompanied by another guest of at least 18 years old.

Hello, Ana! We were placed in a 6-bed dorm room!

Sup y'all

My bed!

Each guest has their own bed, hanger, table, safe, cabinet, socket, lamp, towel :)

Stayed here with 2 other foreign backpackers!  :)

Restroom was just across our room

It was a bit small but it was clean!:) 

There was just 1 sink, shower and toilet

My favorite area inside the hotel is located on the 2nd floor, it's called VEG OUT! It's their common area, go-to place for entertainment and is open 24/7 to hotel guests. Let me tour you inside!

Lounge area where guests could interact, chill and watch movies or local channels!:)

Also on the 2nd floor is the Washout Self-Service Laundry where guests could wash their clothes using token-operated laundromats and iron. There are also telephones near the elevator on the 2nd, 4th and 6th floor! 

LOGOUT Cyber Corner 

Log in and surf up all you want! Their computers have fibre optic connection, and they also offer free wifi so you could surf in the comfort of your room or anywhere in the hotel. Stay connected always! :)

Our favorite corner! :)


Free water, coffee and tea all day! You could also whip up a quick meal using the microwave and hot and cold water dispenser.

Hangout also houses one of the best restos in Singapore, WILD ROCKET!

All hotel guests have free intercontinental breakfast here every morning

Nestled in the quiet enclave of Mt Emily Park, Wild Rocket is one of the few places in bustling Singapore, where you can dine in the tranquility of a restaurant on a hill. The space is modeled after a traditional Japanese teahouse complete with a rock garden path flanked by textured paper that welcomes one into three main areas: the main a-la-carte section; a long concrete counter for omakase patrons where Chef Willin regularly serves personally; and a recessed area reminiscent of the tokonoma, an alcove used for private dinning.

Love the interiors!

From the ceiling to the walls and onto the exterior fa├žade is an amazing wooden carapace made up of 15,000 meranti batons which is not only an art installation but acts also as a sunshade. I love it! It's so beautiful. 

Twin room!

The next day, we were transferred to a private room on the 6th floor. I am a cowgirl and I have no problems staying in dormitories or shared rooms, but sometimes a little privacy and having your own bathroom could be nice too. Hihi. Loved our new room for 2 nights! All rooms in Hangout@Mt.Emily has this chic, contemporary and vibrant design. There's an in-room electronic safe inside, complimentary water, comfortable beds, fluffy pillows, soft comforters. Aaaah, I miss.  :)

It's a twin room but they added an extra bed so we could all fit. Love it!

yey to our own bathroom! now I can poop in peace. Harhar.

They provided towels, tissue, hair & body shampoo, hand soap, hairdryer.

View from our window

One of my favorite places in the hotel is the LOOKOUT TERRACE-- a beautiful rooftop garden on the 7th floor. It's the perfect spot to just chill at, read a book, drink a cold beer, chat with friends or make new friends, reflect on life (wow deep haha), bask in the sun or cool down in their standing shower pool. At night, enjoy the Singapore skyline and engage in some star-gazing with fellow nomads. :)

There are lounge chairs:)

Standing shower pool

Thank you Hangout@Mt.Emily for being our home away from home for 3 nights! It is known to be a no-frills hotel but it has it's own charm that makes people keep come again and again. I cannot wait to be back! :) Link of the hotel at the end of this post. :)

Check their room rates here!

Here are more photos from my 3rd day in Singapore!


So from Little India, we took a train going to Orchard. The train station is connected to lots of mall including Ion! We decided to eat lunch first before exploring the area. We headed straight to their food court called Food Opera. :)

I immediately looked for my favorite stall! It's the one that sells Indonesian dishes. Soooo good! I ordered their 2 meats + 1 veggie meal for $9. Still a little pricey compared to hawkers. I really missed this! I ordered my favorites -- spicy okra, caramelized dried fish & honey chicken (not sure of the name haha). I finished everything. Haha! 

Ana ordered this spicy tofu from HotStar. Yum!

When we got outside, it was raining so we didn't really get to explore the whole area. We decided to just walk around and stop at random places. Haha.

2nd Stop: 268 Orchard

While walking, we came across this building that looks more like an art gallery than a space which houses hip, local clothing brands and shops. It was so cool! We decided to stay here for a bit to take outfit photos. Hihi.

Such a cool store!

Sorry kala ko CR to but it's a shop din pala! hehe

OOTD muna!

Landmark top, Unarosa shorts, Straightforward sneakers


So inside the Orchard Gateway Mall at the 3rd and 4th floor, there's a public library. Can you believe it??? It looks like a bookstore outside but it's actually a library with thousands of books and magazines people could borrow. Library@orchard was first opened by Lee Yock Suan, Minister for Information and the Arts, on October 21, 1999. It was closed on November 30, 2007 and reopened on October 23 2014, by Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information.

Rows upon rows of magazines. Gaaah.

Thousands and thousands of books! I could stay here all day.

The place is so quiet. It's so easy to get lost in the moment especially when you're reading your favorite book!

My travel essentials: SKYROAM portable wifi & Jumpu powerbank

Always connected with Skyroam! Used it for 5 days when I was there. :)

Hello, Oppa! They also have lots of K-pop magazines! Waaah

My ultimate oppa. :)

We were meeting with Bunc Hostel's PR guy, Makoto, in Chinatown for dinner and a quick event, so we just killed time inside the library. After almost 2 hours, we left and boarded a train going to Chinatown. 

OMG chinese burger!!! I miss!

People's Park 

Inside People's Park is this food court or hawker where locals eat. Everytime I'm in Singapore and in Chintown, I eat here. Food is so legit and so cheap! There are lots of stalls selling different kinds of food. 

Makoto recommended this stall! Tracy and I shared nalang and we bought meal #2 for $6 and then I added taiwanese pechay in oyster sauce (hinulaan ko lang haha) for $4. :)

Ana bought a $2.50 meal composed of rice, egg & toge from this stall!

Drinks stall! My favorite is their Waterchestnut drink for $1.50. :)

Our dinner! So delicious!

5th Stop: LAU PA SAT

After our meet-up with Makoto, we headed to Lau Pa Sat to grab a few drinks with friends. :) We needed it after a long day. Napower kami guys. Haha. It was the best way to cap off our night. :)

Candid shot of Chynna pero ang ganda pa din niya, unfair! Unfair din this $5 mug ng beer. Mahaaal.

Super laughtrip and so much kwento that night. Thanks Kean, Chynna and Monx!

We said our goodbyes before 12am so we won't miss the train. We all felt hungry afterwards, so decided to stop at the nearest (but still not near enough haha) 7-11 on our way back to the hotel. It's actually out of the way but dedma na bilang tomjones na haha. We bonded pa over midnight snack and tea before finally calling it a night. :) Such a fun day! The next day was Coldplay day so watch out for my next post!!! :) Thanks for reading. :)


Old Chang Kee snack - $5
Lunch - $12
Dinner - $7
Beer - $5
7-11 snacks - $10
TOTAL = $39 or P1,380 

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