Product Review: LUMEE Two Selfie Case with Front Facing Lights

Hello from the other side! Sorry if I've been MIA, just got back from Singapore where I watched the most epic concert ever--COLDPLAY! But will save my Singapore stories for later. For now, let me share with you a new product everyone's (including me) obsessing about! Tried and tested the new LUMEE Two selfie case with front facing lights and here's my honest opinion about it...

I was so excited when I got my Lumee package because 1. I love taking selfies and 2. I need more light in my life! I immediately replaced my old casing with this one and took it our for a spin. Safe to say I was not the only one who got obsessed with it, everyone who held it in their hands ended up taking gazillions of selfies. Haha. 

 I was sent this pretty Rose Gold iPhone 7 casing with front facing lights

Just press the round button at the back of the case and voila!

 Comes with a usb cord for charging :)

 I can now take selfies in the dark without flipping over my phone for flash

I love how stylish it looks! 

 It's also the life of the party! People immediately gets attracted to it. Just look at all the photos below taken by my family and friends during a family gathering haha!
 My Tita Con

 with my cousin Therese

 Nico and his bff Jules

 Catch and Paula

 Catch and Chuck

 Hello Biggie and MJ!

 Catch, Pat, Rox and Perry

Yo Andoy, Jake, RB and Aljohn!

 Heya Kakai!

Jules and Paula in 5ynco bar

LUMEE Two was developed by a professional photographer (whoever you are, thank you!). And here are the reasons why I love this super cool product...

1. LED lighting on the left and right sides of the case which results to soft & beautiful lighting for every occasion. Lakas maka flawless and makabagets!

2. Stylish design and nice colors!

3. Cushioned protective covers. It has this silicone look and feel. 

4. User friendly on/off dimmer switch

5. Soft TPU edges

6. Now 20% sleeker because of the slimmer design!

7. LED light is now 90% brighter compared to the old style.

8. Protects my phone from scratches and accidental fall. Perfect for clumsy girls! Like me. Haha.

9. Rechargeable battery & charging cord. 

10. Long lasting battery that works independently from your phone. Mine lasted for days! 

11. Lumee light is softer than your regular phone flash! Loveee. 

12. I also use it as a flashlight! No need to open my phone especially when urgently needed. 

My only comment is I can't seem to clean the silicone-ish case. It has now turned a little black and I can't remove it. Huhu. If anyone has a suggestion on how to clean it, please let me know! I'm desperate. Haha. Thanks in advance! :)

Would I recommend Lumee? YES! It's the perfect tool not just to take amazing selfies or photos but to protect your phone. For it's price (P2,690), it's worth it. :)

To read more about Lumee or to buy your own, click here!

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