Coldplay Singapore 2017: Arrival & Bunc Hostel

I am gonna work on my Singapore posts in between other posts because I can't wait to share with you the new and exciting things I experienced during my 8-day stay in this beautiful country. To be honest, it was a spur of the moment thing. I had no plans of flying to Singapore but a fortunate stroke of serendipity came my way. I think the music gods may have heard my pleas and saw my desperation because I was suddenly able to buy a ticket for the COLDPLAY concert in SG! What happened was, I've been scouring the net for a concert ticket anywhere in Asia for MONTHS. I will do anything and go anywhere even if I had to watch solo just to see my favorite band and be part of my dream concert. Then one day, Anagon asked me if I'm still looking for a ticket since a friend of her sister couldn't make it and is selling hers for almost the same cost. Walang ng isip isip, I said yes agad!!! I cried tears of joy, guys. Huhu. 

So fast forward to March 28, the day of my departure to Singapore. I was ecstatic because I was on my way to watch my favorite band AND I will be touring around one of my favorite countries-- again! Last time I was there was 2015 with my whole family. My Dad was still fit for travel then, so it was pretty special. Ana and Tracy flew ahead of me (Tracy on the 23rd and Ana on the 26th) so we just met up when I got there. Here are stories and photos from my 1st & 2nd day in Singapore starting with my outfit photos!  

 UNAROSA top & skirt

Straightforward.ph white sneakers
 (so comfy! perfect for travelling!)

 My reliable World Traveller luggage! Was able to pack 8 days worth of outfits and essentials inside for almost 10kg only!

 Wrangler travel bag & Something Personal by Nica personalized passport holder!

 Used my GetGo points to buy my ticket and just paid P6,000 even if I booked a week before my flight. Hihi.

 Also brought my favorite JUMPU powerbanks! Love that it has attached cords for iPhone and android. 

 Now boarding!

 Was surprised when I stepped inside the plane! It was HUGE! Up to seat number 60+. Pang US. Hehe.

 After 3 1/2 hours, finally in SINGAPORE!

 I love Changi Airport

First agenda? Get my luggage and find an ATM machine!

Withdrew $200sgd which is equivalent to more or less P7,000

Withdrew money using my BPI card! Take note that you have to request card activation for international withdrawals. You have the option to activate it only for a few days or forever. I chose forever. Haha. But make it a habit to check your account online after every transaction to make sure no hocus pocus happens. There's a charge of P150 - P200 per withdrawal. I opted for atm withdrawal than Forex because rates are better. I also needed money for food and commute.

 Upon exiting, saw this food stall and chose to eat super late dinner here.

 $4sgd laksa for dinner!

So a few days before leaving Manila, I was emailing with Jeslyn of BUNC Hostel and she gave me instructions on how to go to the hostel from the airport. I had 3 options: train, cab or shuttle. I arrived after midnight so the train was a no-go (they only operate til 12am) and I didn't want to ride a taxi/Uber/Grab because it was too expensive. I decided to try out the 24-hour shuttle service. The concierge was pretty easy to find because it's near the exit and there's a huge sign. You wouldn't miss it. 

 You could book through this machine 

 Sample! Use any of the payment methods on the screen.

 Since I wanted to pay in cash, I just bought my ticket from the concierge. :)

 Only paid $9 for a shuttle service from the airport to my hostel!

 Shuttle arrived a few minutes after 2:00 am! :)

The driver dropped me at the corner of the street where BUNC is located :)

There were still a lot of guests making tambay downstairs at this time. Everyone was friendly. 

Long dining table where people eat and work

 Free maps and brochures for tourists!

Compared to other hostels, BUNC has an elevator. :)


 Restroom! You need a keycard to get inside

I forgot to take a photo of our restroom but this is how it looks like! (photo from BUNC website)

I love how well-maintained and clean their bathrooms are. I left a few toiletries on the counter (just what I do in other hostels so I won't have to keep bringing it) but the next day they were gone! I think the cleaning lady or gent thought it was trash and threw it away. Huhu. Tracy said it might be because they really keep the bathrooms clean. 

 Goodmorning from BUNC Hostel!

Their staff are very helpful and friendly:)

Love the interiors!

If you have no idea where to go in Singapore, then check out their walls for guides!

Vintage Singapore things displayed in jars

Common area and dining:)

Cute paintings! Hi Ana!

Vending machines inside

Board games and books for guests' perusal

From our room (which I'm gonna show you later on), there's a staircase leading to the Common Area at the 2nd floor. 

There's a mini garden, laundry area, movie area, tambay area and cooking area!


No clothes, no prob! Labadami, Labango!

There's a microwave, water dispenser, stove where guests could cook.

Hello from the rooftop

This area is used for socials and movie screenings! So cool.

Now, check out our room!

They reserved a 6-bed dormitory just for the 3 of us! Thanks to our friends from Bunc!:)

A bed costs $44 sgd a night. :)

Sorry for our mess! Haha!

Verdict: Super comfy bed and pillows! I love that they provide 2 pillows each bed. Made me sleep more soundly! There are sockets provided and also a counter where you can place your things. They also have lockers where you can store your bags and valuables underneath each bed. Do note that if you have a big luggage or a huge bag, it won't fit. I also wish the aisle is wider so there is more space to move in. But overall, it's a nice place to choose as your home base in SG! They are located in Little India, a 7-minute walk to and from Rochor train station. I saw a lot of Halal certified cheap restaurants around. There are no convenience stores near the hostel so don't forget to buy whatever it is you need on your way home! :)

TIP: Bring your own towel if you don't want to pay $2 for rental. There's also a $20 deposit for key cards, so don't forget to have your money exchanged upon arrival. You don't have to exchange all your money right away. Just a few bucks for commute, food and the deposit. :)

Thank you BUNC Hostel for hosting us for 2 nights! Special thanks to Jeslyn for making all of this happen and to Makoto for touring us around the property. We are truly grateful and we can't wait to be back! :) 

P.S. They are providing a special discount for you, my readers!!! :) You can get a 10% discount if you book directly with them. Just use my promo code "AI10" and email it to info@bunchostel.com to book your stay. This code is valid before November 2017. 

For news, updates or to book a bed/room, follow BUNC!


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