My Honest To Goodness Opinion & Tips on Flirting

Hi guys!!! I am currently here in Krabi, Thailand (been here for 8 days now!) and been beach hopping every single day (except yesterday which was temple day). It's always a good idea to chill at the beach with a good book in one hand and a bottle of iced cold beer in the other noh? One thing I love about chilling at the beach are the army of cute guys (and hot girls!) just casually strolling around. Believe me, in Krabi there is no scarcity haha. Sorry, Nico. Everyone's also super approachable and friendly! If you're single and alone, I think this might be the perfect place to meet someone. Haha! So, how do you engage a potential soulmate (WAWWW) or friend nalang sige. Read on to know more...

Don't get me wrong, I am not an expert on this. I don't own any signature moves and I do not have mind-blowing techniques. I can only share with you my experiences (I think I may have a lot, age-wise harhar) and some stories in between. These may or may not be effective and true. Try at your own risk! Haha.

So what do you if you're at the beach (or anywhere in the world haha) and there's a cute guy (or girl) in front of you that you are really interested in? 

1. Make eye contact - this should be the first on your list. Just do 1-2 second glances. Don't stare! Haha. If that person keeps looking at you too, then take it as a signal that he/she might also be interested. 

2. Give them your best (and cutest) smile - this is to show that person that you are open for some small talk or conversation. It could also be a go signal to approach you. Then you could dive into #3!

3. Make conversation - this might not be for the faint of heart, but nothing a few sips of beer couldn't do right? You know, for more confidence! Hihi. I know I do it sometimes. Anyway, just ask him things you know he might be interested in-- a good book to read, his favorite author, his hobbies (in a subtle way so you'd know which topic to swerve to), the weather, food suggestions, etc. Just don't delve into personal things like his address and his parents 'coz you might come off as a creepy stalker. Also, don't forget to ask if he's there with someone. It's not nice to flirt with people who are in a relationship okay??? Good. Haha. Make the conversation light, fun and not all about you. 

4. Be confident and act cool - don't look so desperate or act too clingy. It raises a lot of red flags to many. Haha. Also, don't act too tough or you might come off as conceited or boastful. Personally, I get attracted to people who could carry conversations well without making the other party feel left out or bored to death. Dapat, sakto and swabe lang!  

5. Ask for their digits - For girls this might seem taboo, but cmon guys, this is the 21st century! Equal rights na mga kapatid haha. If guys can do it, we can to. If you want it, go for it! You can do it na pasimple-- make up an excuse or something! Haha. Or if no choice talaga, just go in for the kill. Derechahan na. Just do it in moderation. Like alcohol. Hehe. But I'm still hoping that guys would do it first!  

6.  Don't go all out - leave them wanting more! Make them feel like the few minutes or hours you've spent together is bitin. That they need to spend more time or days (or forever? haha) with you. Agree?

Boys and girls, if you need more tips on how to engage someone (wink wink), then watch the new San Mig Light view below starring Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco! I'm sure we all could relate to it. ;)

You could also apply the tips I shared when choosing your beer! Light, fun, cool, confident, sakto, swabe and in moderation-- parang SAN MIG LIGHT! :) Guaranteed, laging #mahabahabanginuman may it be with someone you just met, your friends , your other half or family. :)

Anything you want to add to the list? Share!!! We could discuss over a bottle or two? On me. Tara! :)

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