My Super Finds at Landers Superstore

Got the chance to see & shop at Landers Superstore Balintawak and I had so much fun! It was the perfect way to chase the gloom away 'coz it was raining hard that day. Spent hours browsing through rows and rows of local, imported & exclusive goods. Wanna know which items caught my fancy? Read on..

What is LANDERS?

Landers is a membership grocery franchise that offers a new and blissful shopping experience for the entire family. They sell a mix of top-notch imported and local products. These include basic grocery items, electronics, apparel, health and beauty products, items for your home and much more! 

How much is the membership fee?

Premium membership fee is P800 & Business membership is P1,000. Extension cards cost P400 each. Premium could avail up to 1 extension while Business could get up to 4. They currently offer a 20% discount on memberships!!! For Premium, it's now just P640. For Business, P800. Extension fee is now down to P320. Bongga! 

How to apply for membership?

Just bring 2 valid IDs, fill up application form & pay the fee. You could use your card & shop right away!

How long is the membership valid?

Memberships are valid for 12 months and may be renewed. It will also be honored at all Landers stores. ;)

 My koreano po akong nakikita. Haha! joke. feeling kerker lang pala.

 Hello Deo! And Arnie (not seen hehe)

 After getting our cards, time to go inside and shop!!!

 Familiar shaaa! Haha. Hi Bea Benedicto!:)

Hello Kryz Uy!

Love how the store is well-lighted (maaliwalas in tagalog haha) and it's huge!

So tara, let's start shopping! And window shopping. Hehe.
 Luggages! I wasn't able to silip the price of the 2-piece travel set. Might have to go back for it!

 Sa mahilig magluto, this is for you! Seasonings galore!

Hot sauce corner!!!

Red Hot or Thai? Both!

 You could buy items in pieces or in bulk. :)

 Their fast-selling chicharon!

 Hot choco anyone? Love Swiss Miss!

 While on tour, they told me this is one of their best-sellers and that masarap daw so I bought a pack. MASARAP NGAAAA. Guys, promise. Finished it in one sitting. Sinful but worth it! I got the red one.

 It was a day before their Super Crazy Sale! Heard it was crazy talaga! Soaps for P1, dishwashing liquid for P20, chocolates for P20? Whatttt! Grabe.

 I just had to. Sorry. Bwahaha. They also sell meds!

 May busy

 Exclusive and best-selling wine ice cream! It's kind of pricey for P350 a tub but I heard it's super good!

They have local & imported beers 

 Lots of wine

 Fancy shmancy Moet

 Na cray-cray na. What to bring home db?!

 First on the list, SPAM! Na Spicy. Nom.

 Pickled cucumber! My fave!

 Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

 Pickled Mango! Okay mahilig ako sa pickled everything. But not pickled pickles. Ano daw?

 They even have beef jerky!

 All kinds of syrup. Kainspire tuloy mag pancakes & waffle. But hanggang inspiration lang coz tamad ako magluto.

 Yassss, Balsamic vinegar! Perfect with french bread & cheese. Yum.

 And BRAGGS! I literally swear by Apple Cider vinegar as a natural means of fighting sickness. Braggs is one of the best! All natural. :)


 Imported pure butter. Just had to take a photo coz I love the packaging. So vintage. Hihi.

 Spreads for yo bread

 Ana would love this!!! And all my vegan friends:)

 Nutella ella. Took home a bottle. Or two. Haha.

 Udon noodles! And other foreign looking noodles. Haha.

 Busy si inday

 Found my soulmates! Haha. Dito lang ako nakakita ng malaking Hello Panda & Pepero! 

 Randomly grabbed this Pastiyema from the delicacies shelf. Tried it sa bahay and OMGGGG so good!!! Nico is not fond of eating sweets but this one he super loved. 

 Fresh bread and rolls and cakes

 Different kinds of cured sausage, ham, salami etc.


 Wet section!

 They have local & imported fresh beef, pork, chicken, seafood, poultry

 Nico bought some shrimp for Tom Yum

  Naka super sale din sha guys! Buy 1, Take 1 kasama ako. Bwahaha.

 They have dry goods, wet goods, electronics, fresh produce, etc etc!

 Local & imported houseware items

 Uy, High Sierra backpack! 

 So many appliances

 Even furnitures!

Price list. Not bad!

 Television sets and other electronic items


 Washing machine

 Electric fan

 I want! I need!

 Gas stove

 Rice cooker

 Bags and other accessories! I saw hats & caps from Columbia.

 Bedsheet & bed covers

 Pillows and baby clothes!

 Office chairs! Been meaning to buy one since forever even if I don't have an office. Haha.


 Hangers galore! Kinda pricey but they're really good quality

 I see trash bins and camping/outdoor gears

 Pets section!

Food for your pets

 Super pretty these colorful ceramic knives! If only I cook.

 Pots & Pans


 I seriously considered buying this. But then it dawned on me that I live in an apartment nga pala. Haha! But I still want this portable shed! Waaah. 

All for sports

 One of their house brands, Bright Right!

 Lint roller for styling haha!

 Mosquito repellant OFF bucket


 Laundry detergent

 Best find! Febreze!!! Been searching all over for this. 

 Para sa ang hobby ay maglaba haha

 Kirkland olives on sale!

 They even have this trampoline! And I want the broom set. Haha.

Silky soft fleece blanket. So comfy like a dream!

Finally done shopping! Love that they have many counters.

Some of my buys. Hihi. The grocery list of someone who can't cook and live independently. Haha.

After shopping, quick dinner muna at Landers Central! 

New York style pizza, hotdog, fries, chicken. And that bread I'm holding is THE bomb. Sarap!

Doppio cafe inside Landers

Homemade gelato fix!

Salted caramel goodness. YUM.

Why shop at Landers?

1. They offer a wide selection of high-quality local & imported goods at affordable prices.
2. They sell items exclusive to Landers.
3. Great service!
4. Nice environment & atmosphere
5. Members only exclusive perks when you fill up your tank at Caltex Landers. 

Before I end this post, I just want to impart to you another great news-- Landers OTIS is now open!!! Our friends from Manila can now enjoy this exciting new franchise. Thank you Landers for such a wonderful shopping experience! I SHALL RETURN. Promise. The shed, chicharon, wine ice cream & more chocolate awaits. :) 

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