Hotel Review: B Hotel Alabang & Bellevue Manila

In this super fast paced world, it's okay to take a break once in a while. Sometimes, taking a breather does not require a few hours flight or a few hours drive. Anyone could do some R&R within the metro! Two weeks ago, Nico and I spent our weekend in B Hotel, a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Alabang. We were also given access to their "mother", grander & bigger hotel, Bellevue. I already reviewed their Q.C. branch which was their newest venture and I had nothing but praises for it, so I expected nothing less from their 2 other hotels. The ones in Alabang are more business-y, classy & classic. It was such an awesome experience and MORE. I didn't want to leave. Haha. Here are photos!

As usual, it was a busy Saturday. I had to do pullouts first, attend an event and return clothes before heading to B Hotel Alabang. I think it was already 8pm when we got there. Just in time for dinner! Hehe.

They were done eating when we arrived but they asked us to order whatever we want from the menu. There were a lot of leftovers pa so we just ate those and ordered lechon kawali for the Kare-Kare. Sooo gooood!!! Grabeee. We also ordered cakes for dessert and their blueberry cheesecake is the BOMB. Not too sweet and the texture is perfect. Yum.

We were given an hour to check-in, freshen up and get ready for our night out in Bellevue. Also took some photos of our room!

Standard King is P3,500 a night with breakfast, P3,000 without. 

Fully equipped with what you may need for a relaxing and convenient stay, the rooms at B Hotel can relieve your stresses as you retreat for the day. Aside from the quality accommodation, what I love most is their exemplary service. Staff are nice, friendly and always there to assist. 

 I love it when hotels go beyond their way to make you feel like royalty. Love the swan towel arrangement and red rose! 

 I also love personalized service! Look, they even printed and framed a photo of me. Huhu.

Enjoying the view:)

 They were playing their campaign which I styled!!! Kamiss!

 Toilet & Glass shower!

 Toiletries! I love that it's Green Tea everything. And that there's a conditioner! Woots.


 Busy sha manuod hehe. All rooms have LED / Cable / Satellite TVs.

Inside the closet is a robe, hangers & laundry bags

 There's also a safe, hair dryer & free bedroom slippers!

 Mini-Bar! Free water, tea & coffee. Yey.

 Drinks for sale;)

 They even left me fruits & cookies. So sweet:)

Half past ten, we assembled downstairs and there was already a van waiting for us that would take us to Bellevue Hotel. It was spacious and parang bago pa! Hehe. B Hotel has a car service between the 2 hotels. :)

 Our service

Bellevue's hotel lobby at night

 On our way up to VUE Bar

Vue Bar is located at the 22nd floor of Bellevue Manila. It is a nice & spacious bar that offers a wide array of drinks with a nice view of Alabang! I love it. They also have billiard & beer pong tables for rent. Shempre inavail namin. Haha.

 There was a band playing when we got there. Had fun monitoring watching groovy Titas of Manila/Alabang work the dance floor. Life peg. 

 Cityscape. Photo taken using Huawei P9's night mode! My first time to use it.

 Couples night! Nicole & Niko, Arnie & Deo, Pax & Nico. Eh d wow. Haha.

Price list

Cheers, guys! Being the tita that I am, more more Pale Pilsen lang ako. Haha.

We also ordered snacks! Potato Wedges, French Fries & Margarita pizza. Yum.

 Kuya preppin' the beer pong table!

 You could rent this for P500! 

 Beer pong ng soshal. Hehe.

I've never played this game before but I did not want to be KJ, so gora. I played against Nicole. The other team won but it was a super close fight! I ended up shooting most of our balls and getting Nic a little drunk. Sorry, babe! Haha. I was able to shoot my ball 5 times straight! Even I got surprised. Lol. May future pala ako dito. 
 In the zone. Haha

 Inom Arnie go haha

We were leading for a time. Haha.

 What a fun night! 

 Obviously. Haha.

I don't usually drink a lot during staycations but this was an exception. Haha! Super saya. I enjoyed the place's nice ambiance, the delicious food & drinks, our beer pong game & our endless conversations. :) Perfect talaga for bonding with family and friends. :) Would love to go back here soon!

Woke up late the next day feeling super refreshed and well-rested. Haven't slept that well for months.  I felt like a brand new person. Haha. Their bed is so comfy and cozy! It was always hard to stand up and leave. Their bed is life. 

 Ready to face a new day!

It was already 1pm when we got out of bed, so we quickly showered, dressed up, then headed straight to B Hotel's Prime Cafe to eat lunch...

 This is their main dining area & in-house resto:)

 Nico ordered Beef Salpicao & I ordered their peppered steak w/ shrimp. Forgot the exact name but it's delicious!

After eating, took OOTD photos outside...
 Across is CCF:)


 Surroundings. Wish there was a convenience store nearby.

 There's a Chinabank ATM just outside the hotel!

 And BPI a few steps away:)

Divisoria dress, H&M shoes

 Obsessed with my shoes hehe

 Hotel lobby

 Reception area

 Pastry corner! There's also a play pen for guests with kids. :)

Special Offer! Room rates with Movie Bundle:)

They're selling their famous ensaymada! 

 Elevator area

We were shuttled again to Bellevue where we took photos of/at their beautiful pool area!:)
 Beautiful lobby and their grand staircase

Posh interiors

Reception area

If you want to checkout their room rates & other facilities, click here:

Meanwhile at the pool area...

 Such a nice place to spend your morning or afternoon just doing laps, relaxing, reading a book, taking a nap while soaking up the sun. 

 They have comfortable couches...

 ...and sun beds. Very resort feels!

 Feeling safe & secured with a few of their staff monitoring the floor and attending to our needs.

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful weekend.

  Elevator selfie

  Back to our room!


Room service for dinner :) Hainanese chicken for Nico & Burger for me. Finished everything!

Nico fell asleep as soon as the sheets touched his back, while I took advantage of the peace & quiet by working on blog backlogs. Slept late and woke up before check-out the next day. Leaving was bittersweet. Never felt more relaxed, comfortable in my life and in touch with myself than I did that weekend. Thank you B Hotel for looking after us from start to finish. Couldn't wait to be back soon!:)

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  1. This is such a gorgeous place! :) I would love to check this out whenever I'm in Manila :) Nice review :)

    Rica | www.sassycebuannachic.com

  2. LOVE THIS LOVE U MORE MORE MORE SOON <3 Tawang tawa ako sa "eh d wow" HAHAHA

  3. Alan Rothwell11/02/2016 8:49 PM

    Looks nice, will give it a try when in the Philippines.


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