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If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I have no talent whatsoever in interior design. I always have a hard time keeping my place organized and seldom invite people over because it's a freakin' mess. I blame it on my job as a stylist (my clothes & shoes have taken over my 2 bedrooms!), but really, it's just my lack of vision & knowledge in this area. My cousin Rjae tries so hard to help & inspire me by sending endless Pinterest inspirations and links but due to lack of resources I just ignore them. Haha! Sorry, cuz. BUT, wait! There's a solution to my problem! Or maybe your problem, too. If you don't have time to fix your house or you want it to instantly look chic, just call (or contact) Moodboard Manila! What is it ba? Read on... 

MoodBoard Manila is a full-service space planning and design firm that specializes in creating beautiful and functional living, working and events spaces in a manner that is simple and without delay. They do the thinking and hard labor to make your space pretty & nice! Plus, they also sell pieces that will instantly make your place more stylish & unique. :)

MoodBoard Manila’s design principle can be summed up in two words—no rules. This means throwing away the belief that a space needs to adhere to one specific theme to look good. Minimalist but with quirky elements, traditional but still up-to-date, eccentric but very appealing—the brand meticulously identify and combine elements from different parts of the design spectrum to come up with one purposeful space that is as personal as its owner’s fashion sense.

“Designing spaces, whether it be a home or an office, is a topic that has become a bit too aspirational for most people,” shares Jovy Rabelas, MoodBoard’s founder and Chief Design Officer. “People try to avoid opening discussions about it because it is generally perceived as a very expensive, complex and laborious endeavor. MoodBoard is on a mission to change the people’s standpoint towards designing spaces not just by making the process simpler, but also by making it more accessible.” THIS IS SO TRUE! It's quite intimidating just thinking about the whole process. Agree?

More designs!

Some of their merchandise which you can buy online!


They even sent me a gift!
Super love this Laduree room spray :)

So guys, if your place need some loving, fixing or a serious makeover (ahem), contact them!!! You won't regret it. ;)

*To know more about them, you may visit moodboard.ph or follow @MoodboardManila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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