Review: MySlim Yerba Mate Drink + Natural Fat Burner Capsules

I know what you're thinking. A few of my friends already asked me why I still need to drink MySlim. They said I have no need for it. Well, contrary to popular belief (awow haha) I do NEED this! Why? Scroll down below to find out why...

As I said, I have my reasons and I promise you they are both valid. Here goes...

1. I gained weight! Ever since I stopped smoking more than 2 months ago (due to a health scare aka silent killer pneumonia), I already gained 10 lbs. I actually like it! I just don't like the excess fats sa waist and my stomach. Huhu. Which brings me to reason #2...

2. Constipation! This has been my problem ever since the world began. I envy people (aka Nico haha) who practice effective "waste management". If you know what I mean. How could they do that? It puzzles me. I could go up to 3-5 days without pooping. IKR?!

How do you drink My Slim and what are the effects?

I suggest you drink a bottle of My Slim Yerba Mate drink a few hours before sleeping every other day. I drink only 2x a week. Only when I feel bloated and when I have an upcoming beach trip. I would not advise drinking it before going to work or going out of the house. You can! If you have no issues taking care of your "business" anywhere. Hihi. Because it WILL make you run to the toilet. In my case, 4-5 times. Haha. I have never felt so light after! You would immediately see how it flattens the tummy area. Siguro naman 'di ba after all that cleansing. Hehe. It is truly a gift for constipated people like me! Now, I feel healthier and less scared of acquiring a digestive tract disease. Best part? It does not change your energy level! You won't feel heavy or drained after.

 Selling points:

1. Tastes good! It's strawberry flavored. No after taste.
2. Sugar free (even my Mom who is borderline diabetic could drink this!
3. Nice packaging
4. Easy twist bottle cap
5. It has Palatinose, Carnipure and Finomate/EFLA920 (Yerba Mate Extract)-- ingredients which cleanses the body, boosts energy and safely burns fat.

Yerba Mate is P89, Capsules are P540 per bottle.

If you're not into excessive "waste management", another way to lose unwanted fats is through MySlim's dietary supplements in the form of capsules or Natural Fat Burner Complex Capsules! One should only take a capsule 2x a day after heavy meals. It will cleanse you but just minimal, probably 2x a day or just a few minutes or hour after taking them. This supplement has the ingredient Metaburn-- it speeds up metabolism so the energy in the food you eat do not get translated to fats, but to energy. Cool!

My pretty bikini top & bottom is from EIKA. :)

In conclusion, I would recommend this product because it is a super fast, safe & effective way to detox & cleanse your body while losing unwanted fats. Summer just got a whole lot sexier with MySlim! :)

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  1. Does it upset your stomach? I have tried several slimming drinks before and all they do was give me an upset stomach all the time at the most awkward times. Haha! hoping this product doesn't do same. Might actually give these a try!


    1. it does, a bit!:) but, no pain no gain hehehe

  2. I have tried the drink and capsule for just a day and I instantly saw the effect! Though I am sweating to the highest level!! Hahaha. Well it makes me feel more energetic and inspired bcause I know that every sweat it flows, I know I burn lots of calories rapidly! 😊

  3. Is it safe for teens

  4. Studies have looked at the weight loss of people who ate higher and lesser amounts of protein in their diet and most have found that the more protein people eat the more fat they tend to lose.is phenq safe

  5. After all, the more specific your goal is, the more chance you have of reaching it; so instead of thinking 'I need to burn fat', instead think, ' I need to suppress my appetite using an Appetite Suppressant', or 'I need to increase my energy expenditure using a Thermogenic'.45 kilo slimming product


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