Got My Hair Colored by Vivere Salon + Promo

I've been coloring my hair since forever. I don't know why, but I find my super black hair boring. Sorry na. Maybe one day I'll learn to appreciate it. But for now, I'm okay with colored hair! Choosing a hair color could be quite a challenge, especially for morenas like me. I don't really veer away from reds. It's my tried and tested shade. I have tried ash blonde and another color that is more yellowish brown (basta yun! haha), but I always comes back to red. Two weeks ago, I had my hair colored again at VIVERE Salon and I loved the result! 

I had my hair colored before at Vivere, Megamall. I loved the outcome but it was not the exact color I wanted. My new color from Vivere, Trinoma however, is perfect! Here are photos...

It's located near the cinemas

Went there late on a Sunday. Wala mashadong tao yey!


 My hair. It's not even na!

 Option #1: 7-77 (color is light brown)

 Option #2: L-88 (color is reddish brown)

 My hairstylist that day, Sir Joel!

 After hair was washed

 My hair was divided into sections and then the color was applied.

 Roots were first before moving to the ends

 Waiting for the color to settle and work its magic

 Jeff checking if he got everything covered

 It's so orangeyyyy. But don't panic! That's normal. Hehe.

 After 20+ minutes of waiting, time to wash the dye off!

 TADA!!! Love my new hair! Color is RED COPPER. Just ask for Jeff if you want the same color!:)

He also trimmed my bangs! Yey!

 When struck by sunlight. Loveeee. 

Good news!!! They have an ongoing promo!
Get 10% discount on hair color and highlights services plus a FREE treatment until June 16! 

So, go na to Vivere if you want a hair makeover or if you want to up your hair game! If you're going to Trinoma, look for Joel. You won't be disappointed!:) Have a great hair day, guys!

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  1. Looks good on you!!! :)

  2. I want to get my.hair.ash gray kaya ba nila yun and.How much magpakulay sa kanila?

    Thanks ^^


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