Asia Trip 2015, Thailand: Vince Hotel + Day 1 in Bangkok

I am almost done with my Thailand posts! Woots. So, from Chiang Mai we boarded a 6pm coach bus going to BKK. It was a long, grueling 12-hour ride but it was bearable since I was asleep most of the time. We arrived in Bangkok at around 6am and then we headed straight to our home for 2 days, the beautiful VINCE HOTEL

Mango top, River Island shorts, Veloci watch, Keds sneakers

OOTD pa more!

We were so tired from our bus ride and we didn't have anywhere to go, so even if we knew that 2pm pa the check-in, we headed straight to our hotel na... 

VINCE Hotel is a fairly new hybrid, themed hotel in the heart of Bangkok. It's strategically located on a vibrant, dynamic street of Pratunam-- the shopping paradise of Bangkok. You don't have to worry about noise or anything, it's still located in a quiet neighborhood. :) Walked from here going to Platinum Mall and the street markets! You could also walk going to train station from here. Everything's accessible!

quiet neighboorhood

you could see Baiyoke Tower from here!



Love the interiors! 

That couch over there is where Nico and I stayed while waiting for 2pm. In the middle of napping, their staff woke me up and told me that we could check-in early! As in 10am early. Saved our lives! Thank you:)

Classic, vintage New York vibe which I super love!

The super nice, helpful and friendly front desk people. Sawasdee!:)

I just had to take a photo, she's so pretty!!! Natomboy na naman ako.

Nico asking for tips and directions:)

Even their elevator's so hip!

The whole place's so photogenic

2nd floor going to the public restroom. Reminds me so much of the TV series, Big Bang Theory! You know, with the elevator sandwiched between 2 stairs. Hihi.

Public restroom! Can I take home this mirror?

Dining area from the outside

Lenovo tabs which guests can use!

beautiful photos on the wall

they have this service which guests can avail!

Now, let's take look at our designated room!
hallway! love the bricks effect and the wooden room signages!

Hello, room!

Bed's so comfortable and pillows are soft too. 

Complementary water, tea and coffee!

Food directory, if you want to stay in:)

Cozy table, perfect for reading while drinking tea by the window. On the left is a huge dresser with a huge mirror. Love.

Love how the room was decorated using the cool tones of gray, white, beige, brown and maroon. Love the vibe!

Bathroom check!

Separate toilet and shower! Fresh towels! Check!

We loved our room so much. It's  a nice respite after a long day of exploring Bangkok under the scorching heat of the sun. It's spacious enough and it feels like home. :)  Now, let's now take a look at their dining /restaurant area!

It's huge and spacious!

Vending machines 

My thoughts exactly!

photos when we availed their free breakfast!

Buffet offers a mix of Western and Asian food! Yum.

they have homemade yogurt!

My breakfast! I do eat a lot. Hihi.

VINCE only offers 1 type of room, which is SUPERIOR. Let's take a look at the other rooms...

Twin beds

These modern yet charming and classic rooms comes with double or twin beds. The shower and toilet are separated. A/C power plugs are available in many corners of the room. Each room comes with full services and great amenities including plush bedding, flat screen TV, free cable TV, work space with a chair, safe box, hairdryer, bathrobes, electric kettle, free high speed Wi-Fi service.  Each room also has a window. So cozy.

Room #2 w/ Queen Size bed

Rooms are priced at 4,500 baht per night, but they currently have an online promo! Up to 50-60% off on room rates! From 4,500 baht, 1935 baht nalang. The earlier the booking, the higher the discount! They also have lower room rates if you book via Agoda. Avail na. Go! 

Book here:

Address: 26/2 Phetchaburi Yeak 2 Alley, Phetchaburi 11 Road, Phayathai, Rajathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: +66 2-2546480
Fax : +66 2-2546496

Classic with a twist, indeed!


Thank you Vince Hotel for being our home away from home for 2 days when I was in Bangkok! Best part of it all? The hotel and the whole experience looks and feels expensive, but it's actually very affordable! Luxury within arms reach. :) We fell asleep as soon as we got in our room and woke up late in the afternoon!

Bangkok Strong:)

We came just a week after the horrific bombing which shook the whole country, and the whole world. We still pushed through with our trip even if a lot of our friends already cancelled theirs. I thought, sayang naman... YOLO na! And I prayed hard too. When we got to Bangkok, all of our inhibitions disappeared. Normal. As if nothing happened. We were still a little cautious especially when going out at night, but everything's pretty chill. It was still the beautiful city I remembered, lots of smiles and full of life. :)

1st stop: PLATINUM Mall for our super late lunch!

Temptation everywhere! But since we have a budget, I only bought what I really needed-- a white hat and eye masks for sleeping! So proud of myself. Haha. Then, it was time to eat!

Foodcourt. So excited!

All stalls use this card. So you need to get one from the cashier and load it.

Bought Pad Thai from here...

And rice meal from here! 

The Pad Thai's sooo good

More stalls

Bought dessert from here! Crepe galore!

60-80 baht

Wish it was a little toasted though. The outside tasted like dough. Haha.


I don't know what this is but will try next time! Looks like longganisa though. Hehe.

Pratunam street market! 

More stalls pa near Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Bought elephant pants for me and for pasalubong! Cheaper here than in Chiang Mai and other stalls. 

bought this cute pom-pom shorts!

Tilapia for sale! Sarap naman pang pulutan!

Made us curious

Street food!

Wanted to eat here but it was a little expensive for Thai food and out of our budget. Hehe.

The resto is located on the left side of the main road, if you're heading to Palladium mall

Ayan sha sa left side o

We walked some more until we reached Palladium Mall!

Lots of stalls outside the mall! Was able to buy top & shorts coordinates for just P250! 

Across Palladium Mall is this eatery or carinderia like resto! 

There were lots of people eating, so we decided to try it out


We ordered fried fish, cucumber salad and Hainanese chicken rice! They don't have plain rice and I'm not a fan of Hainanese anything, but this tasted okay:)

Happy kid! Food was delicious! I think our bill was just 250 baht:)

Bought more spicy squid from 7-11!

Also bought Papaya :)

Cool car!

We retired early because we had lots to do and places to go the next day. Sharing with you which places and activities, on my next post! Gawin ko na now so we can move on to Myanmar. Exciting yun! Toodles!:)

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  1. loving these posts, gamitin ko as guide for my next trip :)

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  3. hi may I know how long does it take to walk to places like Pratunam market, Platinum mall and Siam shopping from Vince Hotel? :)

    1. Hi J! More or less 15 minutes!:) Enjoy!


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