Asia Trip 2015, Thailand: Glur Hostel + Last Day in Bangkok

Hello, friends! You still there? Haha. So, this is my last Thailand post! I feel a little sad because this means I'm halfway done and we're nearing our trip's end. BUT! Still got a lot of exciting things to share, as well as tips for you guys! Myanmar na next! Exciting. So hope you stick around. :) 

On our last day in Bangkok, we checked out of Vince Hotel and spent our last night in Glur Bangkok Hostel. We didn't have any itinerary on our last day, so we just played it by ear. Here's how we spent our few remaining hours in Bangkok!

Thank you Vince Hotel for such a wonderful stay! It was sad leaving :(

The kind people of Vince Hotel hailed us a cab and also gave the driver instructions on how to go to Glur Hostel. It's actually very near Saphan Taksin train station! Mga 50 steps away. Ganun. I chose that hostel because it's near the airport. 

May grab din pala dito!

It's located in an alley just near the train station. Just look for this super cute cafe! 

Such a quaint place! Bloggers would love it, I'm sure. Kilala ko kayo guys. Haha.

Door leading to the rooms

The place was so charming and the staff were very nice and accommodating! We didn't know that there was a deposit of 1000 baht to be paid upon check-in, and we didn't have extra money na that time (we only had 800 baht which was our budget that day + cab going to airport), so we asked them if they could just hold our passports hostage instead. They agreed! Thank you! :)

After taking off our shoes, we were then escorted to our dorm room! 

No elevator. Had to drag my luggage up 3 floors, but that's okay!

They have laundry service and luggage packing area! So useful.

Borrowed a pair of slippers!

Nico checking out the information board

Kabilang angle

Free cereals, tea and coffee! 

Free water too. You could share your food but putting it in the ref or label it yours. 

There's a computer, guitars and magazines

Entertainment area

Lounge, watch TV, chat with other guests!


They have 8 showers! Enough for everyone:) They're clean too.

Bet ko the tiles! Chose my shower based on the tiles. Haha.

2nd floor dorm room


3rd floor dorm. Our room!

Tada! This is how it looks like from the inside:) Okay naman sha!


Here's my bed! It's big enough for 2 people. Booked it via AGODA for P500. Budget!:)

I have my own light, own mirror, socket, pillows, towels, key card, hanger and comforter!

I love how each bed has a curtain! It's like having my own room na din hihi.

We also have assigned lockers! My whole luggage bag fits inside;)

After settling in and resting for a bit, Nico and I went out again to do some more exploring. Glur's friendly and helpful staff gave us tips and directions! :)
Our busy street! There are stalls selling clothes, food, and that building across the hostel is a mall. 

Across the street is this Food Center!

Ate late lunch here:)

So much food..

So hard to choose..

Can't decide...

Finally decided to get Tom Yum (forever favorite), squid something and vegetables (kangkong haha). Our meal was just 200 baht!!! Everything's so flavorful and cooked perfectly. Kaya favorite ko talaga Thailand. 

After eating, we headed straight to the train station (Saphan Taksin) and boarded a boat going to ASIATIQUE:)
you won't get lost

It was raining, so had a reason to use this raincoat we bought from Landmark! Haha.


May emo

Chao Phraya River Cruise with buffet dinner! 

After a few minutes, we're here!!!

Para shang Eastwood na Tiendesitas

Saw this store inside! So pretty the shoes. I diiie.

Stalls selling clothes and souvenirs

How much kaya si Kuya?

I went around and I was able to buy a silk scarf as pasalubong for my Tita for 200 baht. That's it. Actually, I saw some scarves in the city na mas mura. There's really nothing special here. Honest lang. The items being sold here and the prices are for tourists talaga. If you want wide variety of merchandise at a cheap price, this place is not for you. Haha. It was not the place for me, too. Don't worry. Lol. Since we were there na din and I was craving for pizza, we ate in this Italian resto at the food court. 

 Crostini resto

Ordered margherita pizza and pesto pasta. It took all my disappointment away! The food were perfection.

Love locks! Oha meron din sila

Time to go back to our hostel!

Bye Asiatique! First and last na yan. Haha.

So convenient that our hostel is near Saphan Taksin station AND Sathorn pier!

Tambay muna sandali sa labas. Oi, bad yan! Haha. 

We slept early since we have an early morning flight to Myanmar the next day. So funny that I fell asleep in Nico's bed! Kasha pa isang tao. Haha. Anyway, we woke up at around 7am, checked out and took a cab going to the airport. :)

So... this ends my Thailand posts! Hope you enjoyed reading through them AND hope you learned a lot too. Hope I was able to help you plan your upcoming Cambodia or Thailand trips. If you need more info, just email me! 

Time to start another adventure! Are you ready to explore the "golden land" or the historical country, Myanmar? Can't wait to bring you there through my photos and stories! Coming up next. :) 

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