Asia Trip 2015, Myanmar: Day 1 in Bagan!

As I've said in my previous post, we built our whole trip around our #1 destination of choice, one of the world's greatest archeological sites, Bagan!  Honestly, compared to the other countries I've visited or haven't visited, Myanmar intimidates/intimidated me the most. I think it's because I can only count in one hand the number of people I know who have been there. I've never been to Hanoi or Japan or Korea or China, but I see a lot of photos naman on FB and read a lot of blog posts about them, so it makes one familiar. But, Myanmar? Not so much. None really. And that piqued my curiosity & interest more. I want to be part of the few who has experienced its splendor and charm, before the world comes rushing through its untouristed and unchartered doors. Anyway, Bagan is the most touristy among all the other places in Myanmar, but even with this "title", the place still feels as raw as it can be. Stories and photos below!:)

Our mini bus going to Bagan! They picked us up from our hotel.

For 9,000 kyats each. Not bad!

We chose OK Express because they offer free hotel pickup. It's more convenient and hassle-free because you don't need to go to Mandalay highway bus station anymore, which is 10 kms away from downtown pa. You may choose the departure time: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM or 5:30 PM. We chose 10 am para ready na for check-in agad when we get there, since 5 hours the trip. They don't have a website or any social media site, so ask your hotel nalang to book for you!

Free water and cold wipes:)

view outside

wear comfy clothes! I made sure na that I'm wearing proper clothes. With my sleeves and legs covered!

The mini bus occasionally stops to pick up and drop off other passengers. Locals get on it too. So, don't be surprised. :) We also stopped once for toilet break and to stretch our legs a little. We were not able to sleep because mejo beast mode magdrive si Kuya, so more more silip outside the window, sightseeing and soundtrip nalang kami. After 5 hours...

...we're finally in Bagan!!!

Umabot dito si Julia Barretto! Hi Dani!:)

local barbershop

OK dropped us off at their Bagan station and as soon as we got off the bus, we were greeted na by our service going to our hotel! 
Our service provided by OK. It's free! We gave Kuya tip nalang:)

excited na sha!

Me trying to figure out how to properly sit on this thing

Hello Kuya! 

On our way to our hotel

Better shot of our "service"

Our home for 3 nights, Oasis Hotel!

I booked this hotel via Agoda, as usual. Out of all the hotels we booked (including sponsored ones) for this trip, this has got to be the most expensive. You know me! Budget kung budget db? But, I really had a hard time looking for cheap hostels or hotels in Bagan. After hours and hours of research, comparing rates and reading feedback, we finally settled on Oasis Hotel. Chose this hotel because of its competitive rates and strategic location. We paid P5,875 (incl. tax and fees) for a Superior room for 3 nights. 


Reception area/Lobby

Their staff escorted us to our room! It's just near the reception:)

hallway to our right

Let's go inside!

Nice bed, soft sheets and fluffy pillows!

Love the spacious bathroom too! Lakas maka resort. Love the earthy vibe. They also provide towels and free toiletries:)

Bathrobe and umbrellas for 2!

Flatscreen TV, dresser, mini ref, complementary water, tea and coffee, safety deposit box

Mini resto over there

Rooms near the pool area

Pool! Bet ko talaga mga ganitong kulay ng tiles. :)

After we're done checking out our hotel, it was time for late lunch! We walked from the hotel to the area where there are lots of resaurants. It's just less than 1 km away. More or less 5-7 minutes walk. :)

Brought this book we borrowed from the reception. Used it as our reference all throughout our trip! Thanks to the hotel guest who left this in the hotel!:)

local bank

just follow the signs!

local travel agencies. if you want to try the hot air balloon, you may ask them:)

art for sale:)

E-bike rental everywhere

Was supposed to book a room here at Hotel Bagan but chose Oasis instead

There's this pagoda sandwiched between restos and stores lining up the street. Only in Bagan! It's lit up at night:) 

Way of life

Chose this resto na! Rain Restaurant.

You can people watch and view the street from inside

Nico ordered this breaded chicken dish. Forgot what it's called! He said it tasted fine. Not that spectacular though.

My order! Mix of seafood, chicken and beef. It was also okay. Wasn't able to finish it 'coz serving's huge!

Only in Bagan na naman! Resto beside pagoda:)

I always see this place jampacked with locals

Bakery I saw! Bought cake for dessert :)

Walking back to our hotel. Fresh air dito!

We took a nap after eating late lunch and woke up at around 8 or 9pm, By this time, restos are already closed so we ate noodles nalang and the cake I bought earlier. Lol. Tiis tiis muna.

Our dinner! Okay na pantawid gutom. Haha.

This ends my Day 1 in Bagan post! Watch out for my Day 2 post. Super loaded with photos and stories. That's the day we toured around Bagan. Can't wait to share them with you!:) For now, have to rest. ASAP tomorrow! Happy Sunday! xo

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  1. Ang saya! :) Ang cool ng unchartered place and picture ni Julia Barretto hehehe!

  2. Very interesting place, love the way how you tell a story. My nephew works there currently and I always wonder how the locals are like. This post has educated me and I can't wait for the next one.



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