My Big Day Slim Team Experience

When it comes to beautification, forget about commuting or braving the unforgivable Manila traffic, the Big Day Slim Team has now made our lives easier by bringing the procedures you want and the body you want, right at our doorstep! It's a personal home-service slimming spa who offers affordable non-invasive slimming services administered in the comfort of your own home. Here's what happened when I tried out their RF (Radio Frequency) procedure at home...

 Their service van

First and foremost, you have to schedule an appointment 1-2 days before. Make sure you're there because they might have other clients lined up that day! :) For now, they are limited to Metro Manila residents only (not including Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Pasay, Valenzuela, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Sucat and Alabang). Interested clients residing outside Metro Manila will be billed an extra P300/ session as distance surcharge. Better than getting stuck in traffic db?

 Assessment Form:)


 Rates and Services

 They also have blow dry and mani/pedi wow! But you have to book the bigger procedures first before booking those. Parang additional services lang sila dapat. :)

 All set!!!

 Ate Gina preparing for our 30-minute RF session

 application of cream over my problem area aka tummy

  Unlike other RF machines, this one has a suction. They can turn it off though! I asked Ate to turn it off because it tickles me. Hehe!

 You could also ask Ate to adjust the heat. The hotter it is, the more fats it burns!

 I really felt my tummy tighten after the whole session! Ate also measured my puson area before and after-- from 28 to 27! Super fast results.  

 I also had RF treatment sa face:) It tightens and firms the face, so go! Pampabagets.

Here are the other services they offer:
Radio Frequency
Lipocavitation (sa mga gusto magpaslim)
Hand & Foot Spa
Body Massage

They also have packages you can avail. They have the Bridal Package, Debutante Package and Summer Package. More discounts and savings!:)

 After the procedure, my face felt tighter and I was glowing. Love it!

The whole thing (set-up plus procedures) took more or less 1.5 hours. That fast! Didn't take much of my time. I love it. With the holidays here, parang I need a few more sessions to tighten all the areas that needs to be tightened. Haha. Thank you Maxine of BDST for this wonderful experience!:)

For more details or if you need to book an appointment, click the links below!


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