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Just would like to share with you guys a project I was proud to be a part of-- the RRJ Strike Series! It just lasted for 4 weeks but I had so much fun doing all the themed photo challenges. But before that, not sure if you know or you noticed, that RRJ recently revamped their social media site and their campaign BIG time. I love it. RRJ's new campaign centers on urban fashion which strikers, like you and me, could wear in the real world. It's all about keeping real and being yourself in this ever changing world. Here are photos which I uploaded on Instagram!

RRJ short dress, Thrifted vest, Forever 21 hat, Converse high-cut sneakers
This is my favorite from the bunch, not just because of the badass shirt dress I'm wearing, but because of the amazing pieces of art behind me! I even dragged Nico to Marikina just to shoot here. Also because I've lost one of my favorite walls in Cubao. It has been painted a boring shade of gray. Anyway!

Wore the shirt with a black vest and my favorite white sneaks from Converse! Let me share with you my little secret, got this pair from a thrift store for just P600. Quite a steal! ;) I have this silent obsession over white sneakers. Hihi.  White sneakers for women are on-trend right now, I know you'll all agree, but my obsession goes way, way back. I have almost 10 pairs and counting haha! Right now, I'm checking out more white sneakers for women online to add to my growing collection. Shoot me. :p

 "Urban Art"

I could live in these pants. So comfy! I'm a sneakers kinda girl.

"Light x Shadow"

 When it doubt, wear skirt with shirt.


Chill time! Ganyan ako magchill. Laging sidewalk.

"Urban Chill"

You might know or not know, but my signature style is modern vintage bordering preppy. So, I was really excited when I was invited to do this project because not only will it test my styling skills, but also test the real me. I accepted the challenge to wear the pieces assigned to me while still incorporating my own style. I think achieve naman. What do you think?:)

Thank again RRJ and congrats on this kick-ass campaign! Congrats Jonathan and the whole team. Love you guys!:)

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  1. Agree on loving the whole re-branding of RRJ thing. They really did a good job with it. Love the shirt dress :D

    <3 Alex // I Blog at Tick... Tock... It's Locked. // Follow me on Bloglovin


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