Asia Trip 2015, Cambodia: Arrival + Secrets Pavilion Hotel

Hello, guysss!!! So, are you ready to go on this wonderful trip semi-around Asia with me??? Sorry if my posts take long, editing thousands of photos take time pala. Haha. Also, I don't want any any na post lang. I want it as detailed and visual as possible. But before we fly to our first destination, hope you already read my 1st post on how to plan, prepare and book your trip on a budget. Not yet? Here o! http://www.aisaipac.com/2015/09/asia-trip-2015-budgeting-planning.html . Okay, let's go!

So last August 22, a day before my birthday, Nico and I began our Asia tour by flying out to Siem Reap, Cambodia via Cebu Pacific. Stories through photos starting with some outfit shots!

(all photos taken using my Iphone6 and a few photos by Canon Ixus 265s of Anagon)
Promod x Clement Dezelus shirt, Suiteblanco skirt, Nava sunnies, H&M hat

So we were super excited and anxious at the same time as we started our 20-day journey around Asia. I prayed and prayed that we survive this almost month-long trip and get back safely para naman I'd be able to share with you our incredible experience. Db? Hehe. Anyway, the start of our trip was not very promising. Why? Because... 

On our way to the airport, I discovered that I left my passport at home!!! Our flight was 7:45pm and we got to the airport at around 5:40pm. That means we only have 2 hours to get my passport, check-in and go through immigration. We also absolutely, cannot not board that plane because there were no more available flights (there's not much flights going to Siem Reap sa CebuPac) so we can't re-book. Nico was furious but still patient and supportive. Walang choice haha. But of course, you know me, best in damage control!!! So I called my cousin Pia (who always saves my ass and assist me sa shoots) to get my passport in my apartment and bring it to the airport. Buti nalang Sunday, no traffic and may Uber! At exactly, 6:15 I had my passport with me. Thank you, Lord! And Pia. :) Crisis averted. But that left me feeling bad that the whole trip might get jinxed. Moving on...

 First time to be seated on the 1st row! 

 It has been raining cats and dogs days before our trip so we got a little paranoid. Thankfully, it mellowed down the day of our departure! 

Airplane mates

Slept almost all the way to Siem Reap 

 Nico is not very fond of plane rides and that time there was a slight turbulence which occurred for more than an hour. I was not able to sleep anymore coz I had to pacify him a little. Haha. Sareh.

After 3 hours, Sues-Day (hello in Khmer) Siem Reap!!!

Love their airport, parang clubhouse ng subdivison...

Got surprised that it was renovated na pala! Last time I was here, it looked like a temple inside pa... See here: http://www.aisaipac.com/2012/11/cambodia-airport-golden-mango.html

Going through immigration was a breeze. As well as getting our luggages! My luggage is from ROXY:)

There were no Tuk-Tuks available so we availed their airport taxi service. Taxi was just $7 while tuk-tuk was $5. Not bad for a $2 difference. Aircon pa. :) 

Our taxi service that night. Driver knows english well and knows Manny Pacquiao! He got a little disappointed (mejo galit haha) though when we turned down his tour offer. Sorry, Kuya.

After a 15-minute drive from the airport, we finally arrived in Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel, our home for 5 days!!! I love that it's near the night market, but still far enough for us to enjoy quiet days and nights. It's like a resort in the heart of the city. :)

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Secrets Pavilion Boutique Urban Hotel staff and they helped us check-in our room.

Lobby/Restaurant area:)

 They offer a complimentary evening shuttle going to and from the hotel to Sok San Road!

Ano yun baket? 

 Road leading up to the pool area and the stairs going to our room

 View from our floor's terrace / balcony

 Amazing service! Thank you!

 Used their safety deposit box! Super useful! 

 Our super cozy bed :)

Side table for my kalats (or trash) hehe

Love how the room was designed. Love the painting on the wall and the lights. I really felt like I was in another place. Screams Cambodia. :)

Bedtime story. Hihi.

There were free toiletries inside. I always bring my own but I still used these. :)

 I could see the Night Market from our terrace! 

The one with all the lights:)

After settling in, Nico and I decided to go out, explore a little and fill our empty stomachs while we're at it! The alley where the hotel is located and the street leading to the main streets could be dark at night, but we felt totally safe walking through them. The walk from our hotel to Pub Street (this is where most tourists eat and drink, might be a little expensive than most areas) took more or less 15 minutes. You could always ride a tuk-tuk for $2-3. 

 Main street going to the Night Market and Pub Street. It's lined with great restos and tour companies too!

 The minimart at the corner! Across it is Pub Street!:) 

 Decided to walk a little. Night market's still open.

Stolen shot coz didn't want to pay $.50 for a photo. Hehe sorry. But these are snacks that are not for the faint hearted! Scorpions, worms, whatever icky insects pa. Eeew.

 Love this area. So lively!

A lot of people were eating here so Nico and I decided to try it out. We backed out after seeing the menu. It's a little pricey! 

  So we went back to the minimart where there is a food stall serving authentic Khmer food!

 Hulas diaries! Ang inet!

 Happy kid! I was not able to finish my food. Serving's big!

Menu in dollars:) 

Ordered Fried rice with beef, fried rice with chicken and spring rolls for $2 each. Our bill was $7 including 2 bottles of water $.50 each:)

We decided to call it a night after eating. Headed back to our hotel to catch up on sleep so we'll have more energy to explore the city the next day. Also woke up to lovely birthday greetings from friends and family! Super thank you. I love you all!:) Best birthday ever. :) Now, here's how the hotel looks like in broad daylight. So beautiful! 

Our superior room on the 4th floor. :)

Best kept (not anymore!) secret of Siem Reap!

Lovely facade! Love anything that's nature-y.

 Rooms across our building. Wasn't able to peek inside them but I think they'd be wonderful for people traveling in groups!

 Resort feel. :)

Table and chairs outside the rooms where one could relax, chill and just take in the view. Love this.

 happy kid hehe

 Reception and lobby area

 Restaurant with extra tables outside. Innovative!

Peeked inside some of the rooms! Here's one of their superior room at the ground floor:)

Your own patio:) Deluxe Double with Mini Patio


 I just wanna jump in the bed hehe

 View from the other side of the room




Here's another room located at the ground floor! It's smaller but still super cozy. It's similar to our room:)

Superior Double with Mini Patio

It looks industrial and basic but it's part of it's whole charm. :)

We always come home to new bottles of water! 

 Inside! Love the interiors again:)

 Feels like home:)


 Best part? THE POOL! I could only count in one hand the number of instances I actually swam in a pool during an out of the country vacation. Oh! Yeah! 1. ONE. And it was just THIS time. The whole place was just so chill and relaxing and beautiful that I was not able to resist getting in the water. There's even a mini fountain (is that the right term?) at the edge of the pool with the water trickling down a temple like wall. Gandaaa. We spent our first day just lounging here, enjoying the cool water, napping on the sunbeds, eating and reading. Perfect day. 

 Pabebe wet look haha

Float float pa more

There are pool towels available too. 

View from our terrace...

If you look close enough, you'd see the market from up here:) 

 Alley and streets outside! (from hotel to main street)

Go straight to the exit

Turn left

 Walk straight and then turn left on the corner

 Walk straight and you will see lots of restaurants, stores and tour agencies:)

 If you go super straight you will reach Pub Street!:) But if you turn left (white building on the left) you'll find yourself at the Night Market! 

 This is the street where Happy Pizza, Ecstatic Pizza are located:) 

Last time I was in Siem Reap, 2012 to be exact, the place I stayed in was far from the city center. We had to ride a tuk-tuk everytime just to get there. So I was super happy this time because it was only a few meters away! I only rode on a tuk-tuk once when I was too tired too walk. We were able to save more or less $20! Perfect for travelers on a budget. Like us. :) In summary, here are the 10 reasons why I love Secrets Pavilion...

1. Perfect location. Walking distance to the Angkor Night Market and Pub Street.
2. Close to the markets but still far enough from all the hustle, bustle and noise.
3. They have resident tuk-tuks guests can avail
4. Complimentary evening shuttle everynight from 7-11pm from hotel to Sok San road
5. Delicious and healthy breakfast!
6. Amazing pool
7. Ambiance of the whole place
8. Great customer service
9. Tour arrangements! Our tour was actually cheaper than the usual. 
10. Free water everyday! Saved a little because of this. 

Thank you Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel for such an incredible stay! Can't wait to go back. Hopefully, with my whole family in tow!:) Will blog about our city tours next! :)

Going to Siem Reap, book a room at Secrets Pavilion here:

Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel
120 Angkor Night Market Street, Stueng Thmei, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap Central Area, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Telephone: +855 (0) 63 966 879
Mobile: +855 (0) 88 72 72 737


  1. I say woow, I love the rooms. I love nature and it's pathway. Seldom, you'll see a hotel here in Manila surrounded by wonderful nature like plants and tress.

  2. And medyo naloka ako very light sa passport fiasco, very you!!!


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