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I am a full-pledged budget traveler. Yup! Proud of it. That's why I choose hostels more than hotels when planning a trip or booking a place to stay in. I go for savings, value for money, location and convenience. If you get all that plus comfort, then you've definitely hit a jackpot. That's how I felt when I stayed in Z Hostel (a new hip, luxury hostel in Makati) with my favorite people! Here are photos from our 2-day staycation in Z!:)

 Ever New shirt, Factorie shorts, Clio bag, SM Parisian shoes

How cute is this polka bag from CLIO???:) Love the print, style and that it can hold a lot of things. Used it as my overnight bag:) Thanks to baby girl Trice for this!


Z Hostel is located along Don Pedro Street Makati. The street is narrow but very quiet. It's also very near Kalayaan. Just a few steps away. It's actually very easy to find! 

Yes, yes!

 Z's lobby is very nice and welcoming. That bar there, in the middle of the room, is for pole dancing. Cool noh? The hostel's design is a little industrial and minimal. I like!


Calendar of Activities! 

They have books you can borrow and a computer station! Check your emails or surf the net for free. Just remember to be considerate and refrain from hogging it for hours. Haha. :)

They also organize paid tours! Be sure to inquire:)

Map of the Philippines. For your backpacking reference. Hihi.

After checking in into our 6-bed dorm room, we decided to take OOTD photos at the roof deck! Oh, did I mention they have 2?! Choose from wood or grass. I like both! Both have great views!:)

Rules in backpacking

Hello, Makati

OOTD game strong by Jas & Tracy

View from the greener side

The roof deck is where Z's activities happen. They have acoustic nights, EDM, open mic, etc. So much fun. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends!:) They even invite foreign DJ's sometimes. So, be sure to check out their page for announcements.

Ended up hanging out here with Nico. More on that later!

Celebrating something? Avail their party packages!

Left Jas and Tracy in the room and I headed downstairs to check out their cafe. Love that they have a cafe inside making food easily available for guests. Haven't eaten lunch yet (and it's already 4pm) so I decided to linger and grab a quick bite there. 

Chicken adobo flakes with garlic rice for just P140! Super delicious.

While waiting for Ana and Paul, Tracy and I decided to just chill muna inside our room. Our room is on the 6th floor but we didn't have a hard time hauling our things because they have an elevator! :) T took a nap and I worked on some emails and did some research for our upcoming Asia trip! We could stay here forever. So comfy and cozy! Before I take you on a mini tour of our room, here's some good news!!!

You should definitely avail, now na!!! Z Hostel is extending their booking promo until July 18! Such huge savings ha.

Ongoing promo until July 18. Sweet deals!

Regular rates

Now, here's our homebase for 1 night! Our 6-bed dorm room! 

Mini kitchen!

Vanity Mirror


We have lockers!

And a view!

Of course, had to check out the bathroom

Looks a little out of place (if you compare it to the hostel's theme) but it's as cozy as your Aunt's bathroom. Hihi.

Claiming of beds. Haha!

Each bunk bed have a lamp and 2 sockets! 

They also provide a towel and blankets for each guest. Yey! (photo from Ana)

Did some research and planning for my upcoming Asia trip while Tracy was sleeping. Love Z's super fast WIFI! They provide 1 password per device. 

Paul and Ana finally arrived at around 7pm! (selfie pa more haha)

Hello, T

Hello, Loves!

Hello, GF! Kagulo. Haha.

We were so hungry and decided to eat outside. We wanted to check out the area and maybe discover some cool spots around the hostel. It's super near everything! There's a convenience store a few steps away along the main road that is Kalayaan.

Our favorite tamabayan El Chupacabra is just across the street (Kalayaan)!

There were so many people in EL Chupacabra and we were in the waiting list for about 30 minutes. We couldn't contain na our hunger so we decided to eat nalang at Senior Pollo which was just on the other street. 

Work of art:)

Ana enjoying her veggie burger! Loveee.

We waited for 45 minutes for our chicken to arrive. Okay lang, the place is fun to hangout in naman!

Headed back to the hostel after dinner! 
iba ata pupuntahan ni Paul. Hahah!

We stayed in the room for an hour just chatting, teasing each other and making kulit. Come 12:00am I asked them if they still wanted to check out the rooftop ganaps. Lola and lolo mode na sila so the 3 of them just decided to stay in the room. Nico and I stayed at the rooftop for awhile to make chika and drink beer. :) 

Halooo! You have to get an RFID bracelet from the reception which will serve as your roof deck pass and your currency. No RFID, no beer. :)

Paul and Ana stayed up late planning their SG-Malaysia trip this end of June!

The next day...
Goodmorning from the Clingies! Hehe.

We woke up like this. Charot. Ganda ng lighting db.

Tracy, Nico and I skipped breakfast, so I'm just posting photos taken by Ana!
Not your typical hostel budget breakfast (of toast and jam)! They offer more! Love it:)

Our lunch! More adobo flakes from the cafe! Yum.

After lunch, we were toured around by one of their super friendly staff! :)
Beer pong table in the game room!

Entertainment room (didn't see this! photo grabbed from Ana) where you could watch movies, play video games and just chill.

This is their common bathroom. Reminded me of Beary Best hostel in SG!:)


Toilet. It's clean!

6-bed Female Dorm Room

With robes!

Bathroom! Love this.

Private Room

#5 :)

8-bed Mixed Dorm Room

Lockers are big enough for your bags!

And big enough for us to fit inside! Hihi.

We decided to hang around in our room some more after taking photos around the hostel. It took so much willpower to drag ourselves out of there. Haha! Can we live here??? 
 the secret behind my IG photo. Haha!

So, don't think twice na! Book Z Hostel if you're looking for a nice place to stay in Makati or the Philippines. This world-class establishment offers clean rooms, wonderful service, amazing facilities and fun activities to make your place more memorable. Thank you Z Hostel for such an amazing stay! Thank you Cao for being an amazing host.:) We can't wait to be back!!!:)

For more info, follow Z:
IG: @zhostelph

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