Bulletin Board: Plains & Prints Summer, Bobson Denim, SM Accessories Eyewear

Been a while since I last did a bulletin post. Here are some fresh & exciting news from your favorite brands!

1. Plains & Prints Goes Vibrant for Spring-Summer 2015

This 2015, Plains and Prints displays a bolder, more eye-catching take on summer dressing with brighter colors, more interesting prints, and fun cuts. The Plains & Prints Hawaii pre-summer collection, already out in stores, is inspired by the tropical vibe of the islands, featuring audacious prints in hues of green, yellow, salmon, and peach.

The vibrant seas and colorful culture of the South Pacific is interpreted into the brand’s Tahiti collection, featuring kaleidoscopic floral and feather prints in bright shades of orange, cobalt blue, mint green, and pink. 

Other collections are: 

Cape Cod - a breezy, fresh feel with pieces featuring intricate prints of bold flowers with gemstone prints in shades of yellow, blue, purple, blush, and white. Giving a taste of East Coast summers in America

Scandinavian collection - takes inspiration from the clean, fresh dress styles popular in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with light, breezy pieces in pastel colors with accents of washed-out neons and and blue.

Metamorphosis capsule collection - Taking inspiration from bugs and insects, the collection is a fun mix of cute silhouettes with insect patterns in warm shades of blush, blue, and off-white.

The collections will be available at Plains& Prints stores nationwide. For more information on release dates, promos and events, like us at www.facebook.com/plainsandprints. or follow @PlainsandPrints on Instagram or Twitter. Experience online shopping at www.plainsandprints.com

2. BOBSON masters the art of pure Japanese denim
BOBSON jeans are made with quality as the cornerstone and detail as the craft, promising streamlined looks suitable for both day and night.

The Japanese take great pride in craftsmanship. This same concept is what lies beneath BOBSON’s approach to making jeans. As the pure Japanese denim brand, BOBSON jeans are made with quality as the cornerstone and detail as the craft. BOBSON gives premium construction to all products, highlighting the innovative and artisan craft of Japan.

Stripes never looked this chic when paired you’re your staple BOBSON denim and colored jeans to finish off your preppy outfit.

Originating in Okayama, Japan’s denim capital, BOBSON has been in the business since 1969 and has introduced notable denim innovations not only in Japan but also in other countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

While credited for bringing hip denim creations to countries around Asia, Magnaye emphasizes that the brand’s core is its superior craftsmanship. “The clean, modern, streamlined look, and the quality that BOBSON has been known for, all of that goes back to the way we make our jeans. Each pair is built with the Denim DNA in mind,” Magnaye shares.

The Denim DNA is the brand’s “bible”, the ultimate guide in the creation of every pair of BOBSON jeans. Each component in the Denim DNA contributes to the stylishly clean and effortlessly cool pieces that BOBSON wearers can flaunt and enjoy.

Giving BOBSON its signature streamlined look is its clean, open outseam finish while the 11 stitches per inch add to the denim material’s refinement. Hang loops also lessen the creases to keep each pair looking polished.

 Mix it up with striped shirts or your black mid-sleeved top with your signature BOBSON jeans to bring out a different personality to your looks.

In terms of durability, BOBSON’s J-insert loop provides every pair with stronger construction while the authentic Japanese extended waistbands give a better hold. Curve back risers and darts are also strategically placed to accentuate the wearer from behind.

Pockets of BOBSON jeans are also ergonomically hand-fitted for comfort while the Ozaki family crest is used as back pocket design, the mark of BOBSON’s Japanese roots.

BOBSON also utilizes the left hand twill style of weaving to set it apart from other jeans which use the common right hand twill. Left hand twill is a style of weaving that runs from the fabric’s upper left to lower right, which creates softer denim with a more open weave. With this type of weave, BOBSON ensures that each of its jeans is more comfortable and allows the wearer freer movement.

Another Japanese denim discipline practiced by BOBSON is the use of the hand-dye method which produces natural indigo raw denim. Considered as a more traditional and laborious technique, the hand-dye method means that cotton is hand-dipped in indigo (which gives denim its deep blue color) prior to being shuttle woven. This approach enables the indigo to penetrate the center of the yarn so that jeans fade more slowly compared to jeans made using the machine-dye method.

All these meticulous approaches employed by BOBSON in the creation of its jeans spring from its Japanese roots and commitment to quality. “Our strong adherence to our Japanese heritage and superior craftsmanship is what sets BOBSON apart in the denim scene today. We put premium on quality to make jeans that create an impact. When you buy a BOBSON pair, you know that it’s built to last, and to impress on both fronts of comfort and style,” Magnaye concludes.

Visit BOBSON’s official Facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/BOBSONJapan or bobsonjapan.com for more information. 

3. Conquer Summer with SM Accessories Eyewear!

Choose your own adventure whether hitting the beach, trekking against the clouds or backpacking in an unfamiliar city with only one weapon of choice and nothing else: a pair of SM Accessories eyewear. Select from over a thousand styles from 100+ brands and get a pair for every IG-worthy shot you take! Go crazy over and endless selection of aviators, wayfarers, cats eye and round eyeglasses in all colors and prints you can think of. There’s a pair for every summer adventure at SM Accessories. Get everything you want at the Men’s, Ladies’ and Children’s Accessories sections of all SM Stores nationwide. 

Check out SM Accessories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how you can conquer the summer in more ways than one!:)

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