Beat Summer Dryness with OLAY's New Collection!

I’m not a huge fan of summer. Sorry. I hate getting drenched in my own sweat (I am an excessive sweat-er), melted makeup, walking under the harsh sun, extreme heat, humidity, feeling icky, unmanageable hair, dryness of the skin, not being able to wear my favourite sweaters. I seldom go out during this season because I try to avoid all of the things I mentioned above. I might sound maarte but try having atopic dermatitis all the days of your life. It sucks. Anything could trigger my skin allergy—sitting on leather sofa, using a strong or scented soap, spraying on perfume, wearing clothes made of  non-breathable fabrics, excessive heat which makes me perspire a lot (tiny bumps usually appear on my wrist & nape!) and extreme cold.  Trapped for life. Haha! So between dying from heat stroke or from dryness due to extreme cold, I’ll choose the lesser evil!  I usually stay indoors and overcome my summer dilemma by basking in the comfort of our airconditioner.  But as I know & you must all know, long & extended exposure to AC takes away our skin’s moisture, making it dry & itchy. Sometimes, lotion or ordinary soap is not enough. That’s why I’m so happy to share with you OLAY’s newest innovation! 

Presenting, Olay Body Wash Moisture Outlast collection! This body wash’s breakthrough outlast formula penetrates the skin layer by layer, providing deep moisture for up to 24 hours. Now, you could get that smooth, tender, beautiful skin you’ve always wanted and deserve!:)

And because OLAY loves you, they are inviting you to experience #MoistureThatLasts & get more beautiful, summer-ready skin by swapping your non-P&G bar soaps for new Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash (200ml) on Saturday, March 28 at Robinsons Place Manila, Midtown Atrium. Starts at 10am!

See you all there! :)

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