INSTAX Wanderlaunch + YSA + Dishwalla

Some people say I could be a rockstar, sometimes. The day before Bloggers United 8, I could say that I truly were! Haha. Instead of resting or working on BU stuff, I spent my day outside doing all sorts of things. Haha. Had a super long day filled with fun activities and memories. My first stop, was Going Straight salon near my apartment. Was supposed to go to STATUS, Katipunan but I was running late. Anyway, the Boracay cuties group knows that this salon thing is already waaaay overdue. Been planning this for 3 weeks na ata. Haha. It finally happened and I'm so happy!!! It has also been my tradition to undergo a hair change the day before BU. Most of the time I end up having horrible baby bangs. Lol. Loved the result this time, though! 

Went for the Lucy Hale hair and I love it! It actually feels liberating. Haha.

Headed to Vanilla Cupcake, Trinoma next for the INSTAX Wanderlaunch! I was late so I wasn't able to make it on time for the program, but I was still able to see the new styles they are launching!:)

 Say hello to these beauties! Brown Instax Mini 90 (so vintagey and also comes in black!) P7,999, Instax Wide 300 P6,999, Instax Mini 8 in Grape & Raspberry for P3,699 

My favorite is the Hello Kitty instax mini for just P4,999! Meg, bilhin mo na to! Haha. They are only selling 200 pcs of these:)

 Instax all day everyday

 they also have gift sets! perfect this holiday!

 Avail natin ang chandelier. Haha.

 Thank you Instax for my new baby. Haha!

 With Ana, Tin, Seph, Arnie and Moira of Instax!:)

Akin nalang pls. Haha. 

My Instax gift set that was super perfect sa blue mini 8 ko:) 

After the Instax event, Ana & I headed straight to YSA, Greenfields branch:)

BU the next day but we still managed to squeeze in some me time at YSA!

Ana tried their Cavislim again (super effective! saw the results on her) and I tried their bleaching service...
You should wait for at least 20-30 mins before taking it all off but since I have super sensitive skin, kinaya ko lang ng 10 mins. Huhu. Instant effect if you make it to 30!:)

Wasn't able to avail na Diamond Peel 'coz of time constraint but I will next time!!! It's one of my favorite procedures there. :) Ran to Megatent after for the DISHWALLA concert!

Up Dharma Down pa when we got there, followed by Wolfgang.

My concert buddy and forever pakner, Ana!

OMG so much feels. All of my Drowning Equilibrium days & feelings all came rushing back. Yes, oo na, emo ako noon. Haha!

Had so much fun singing along our favorite Dishwalla songs. I also love how intimate the set-up and venue was. Thank you Lord for the perfect weather and for hulog ng langit na si Niche for our free tickets:) WiIll be posting a video collage on IG. Anyway, super lagare coz after the concert we headed straight to Whitespace to get ready for Bloggers United 8! To sum it all up, we slept (but not really) & bathe at the venue na and wasn't able to sleep at all. But that calls for another blog post. :) Thanks everyone for coming last Sunday! Thank you Lord for the nice weather. I feel like I could work at PAG-ASA na after all the monitoring and weather updates & forecasts I did that day and before. Lol. 

I know I've been MIA again lately! So busy with a lot of things right now. Styling gigs, shoots, etc. Tracy and I are flying to Cebu this weekend for a magazine editorial shoot! So excited 'coz it will be the first time I will be sharing a page with my GF. We make a great team, in fair!:) Updates soon. Kisses! xo

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  1. make me proud, girl friends!!! :D Excited for the magazine results!!! :) <3
    PS: Ang saya nitong lagari day infer :)


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