Globe GCASH 10th Anniversary: 1st Bazaar & Mastercard Experience!

Globe GCASH celebrated their 10th anniversary last October 24-26 at Eastwood Mall Open Park through their 1st ever GCASH Bazaar powered by Mastercard! I was in a middle of a shoot when I decided to drop by. I didn't know what to expect and I had no idea how their new card works. I thought it would be hard to use and would just be another card in my neglected bin. But, nooooo. Allow me to walk you through it. Here are photos from the launch, bazaar and how I used my own card in just a few simple steps...

 Signing up is so easy! Just fill up the application, present 1 valid ID and pay P100. Upon approval, you get a GCASH Mastercard AND a Touch Mobile Sim! Nice. 

Here are some of the 50 booths who participated! They have everything from bags, clothes, eyewear, courier, travel agency, food, etc. All merchants were powered by GLOBE Charge!

Those who doesn't own a GCASH Mastercard was still able to shop using their credit cards! Bongga!

Love these bags by Abby Jocson!!!:)


 Abby showed us how GLOBE Charge & GCASH Mastercard works!

To summarize: All merchants were given that GLOBE Charge dongle that they can connect to their phones. Connector is similar to that of earphones. That is also where they swipe credit cards or the GCASH Mastercard for purchases. Before swiping, they should have already entered the exact amount of the item on the Globe Charge screen and then choose if it's a cash (GCASH users) or card (any credit/debit card) transaction. Another screen opens where the merchant inputs the card details of the buyer. Voila! So easy!!!:) Merchants could then claim their money at the GCASH kiosk after the event. 

 Of course, I had to get my own card!!!

 You must already have a GCASH account when you activate the card.

 Just follow the instructions. Soooo easy! And it just takes a few minutes.

You could load your GCASH Mastercard through Gcash outlets/Cash-In centers or transfer funds via mobile phone, Bancnet ATM & online bank transfer (BPI, Unionbank & PSBank)! So much options.

Now, you could do safe & cashless shopping!!! Perfect sa panahon ngayon db?  Your card and GCASH account becomes connected when you register. You can use both according to your preference and convenience. Winnerrrr. I could honestly say that it's hassle free (maybe even do this sa Bloggers United!), convenient and cost efficient. It's so much better than using a regular credit card machine. 

I already used my card when I gassed up at Caltex and when I dined at Yellow Cab!
Worked like a regular credit/debit card! I also got a text confirmation from GCASH but it didn't ask for my pin anymore.  

Believe me when I say, it was a massacre. Sometimes, I just can't believe this much food could fit in my belly. Well, half of it coz I had to share it with Nico. Patay gutom levels talaga. Hahaha! 

That's it! I have a feeling that I will be using this for a loooong time. Haha. Apply for your own card now and get the shopping experience of a lifetime!:) Thanks Cat for inviting us!

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