My Cirque Inspired Birthday Party at Victoria Court!

I feel so embarrassed that I'm posting this 2 months after my actual party. Huhu. I wasn't able to blog about my epic party sooner because I didn't have that much photos. I wasn't even able to bring my own camera because I was so busy with the whole set-up. Hihi. 

Anyway, I'm not really huge on birthdays. My usual means of celebration is by hibernating and a quiet dinner with the immediate family. This year, I originally planned to fly to Cebu with Nico and spend it there. But one day, I got an offer from Victoria Court (where we shot Kyla's music video months before) asking if I wanted to celebrate my birthday there. It made me think 'coz the discount was pretty remarkable, they waived all corkage fees and they extended the rental hours. I then thought, why the hell not??? It was my 1st time to organize my own party (last epic party was at Ponti but was organized by Mich) and I wanted to go all out. I'm like, the party organizer of the year. No seriously, I go crazy when I organize shits. They initially offered me party rooms in Malate but I told them it would be too far for me and my guests. They were kind enough to refer me to the marketing people of VC Pasig. Yaaaaas. It's happening alriiiight. 

But wait, why Victoria Court??? I'm sure most of you are wondering. Let's be honest, when you hear or see Victoria Court you think sexy thoughts agad. Aminin! Well, I did too. But that was before I discovered their Themed Party Rooms!!! I first discovered it years ago when a friend held his birthday party at the Austin Powers inspired room. You could cut decoration costs 'coz they have countless themed rooms according to your preference and liking. Your friends would likey! Haha. Here are some of the rooms that didn't make my cut...

Look for VC Suites! That's where most of the themed rooms are located

 Gondoooo. Sorry naman sa extrang plastic ng tissue daw

We first checked out the biggest party room -- CIRQUE!
 Love the interiors! It could accommodate up to 30 guests

 mini games and masks are available!

 mini stage! I like!

 smoking corner haha

 powder room and restrooms (2 toilets and 1 shower)

 the room! so cute!

 heart attack levels lang coz there's also a switch for sound effects--- as in growling of tigers. Haha.

 Room rental is P15,000 for 5 hours.

2nd stop: MOULIN ROUGE
 I loved this too!!! Only problem was that it was a little small for my party. 

 Love this swing hehe

 There's even a hot tub! Love it!

This room is P12,000 for 5 hours

3rd stop: Forgot what this room is called but it's new!

Smaller version of the room...
 This one's I think P8k+ for 5 hours

4th stop: 50 Shades of Gray
I love how they replicated Christian Gray's condo elevator! As in with matching movement ng floor when the door opens. Cool. 


 the famous white piano

 Red room of pain!!! That thing at the foot of the bed is functional. Strap yourself up and then spin. Kinky lang haha. 

 toys pa more haha.

This room is at P12,000 for 5 hours. Perfect for bridal showers!

5th Stop: ASGARD (you know, Thor's hometown yeah)
Upon entrance, they have this hammer which you can bring with you. strike it at any surface in the room and then voila! Lightning and thunder. Ang cool. Haha.

 jacuzzi like a bowzzz

 Rental is P8,000 for 5 hours. Not bad!

6th stop: PENTHOUSE
 This one naman perfect for Bachelor parties! Rental is at P8,000 for 5 hours. 

Didn't check na the other rooms 'coz it was smaller and I pretty much know what I wanted. The biggest, of course. Smaller rooms are available for P6k/5 hours like Star Trek, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. They have a lot more to offer! It was also fun checking out the rooms. Hihi.

Anyway, here's what happened during my semi- biglaan 21st birthday party! I chose Cirque, obviously, coz aside from being the biggest room, circus is also my fave! Nagaddict ako as usual. I researched about what food to bring, minor decorations, bought cotton candy for souvenir and I even wanted to rent contortionists or clowns to complete the experience. Haha! That night was a blur. Everyone went home wasted (except for me haha). I remember a lot of dancing, laughing, shouting, EDM music, beer bong, food, pole dancing, fist pumping, lahat na! Haha. The photos are random, grabbed from family & friends. Thanks to everyone who came! You know how much I love all of you! Thank you to my love, Nico, for my cakes, cooking my party food and helping me organize all this! Love you!:)

 resident DJ Catch! Hehe.

 love you girlfriends Sarah & Ana!!! 

 Yeeey! Thank you Pizza Hut for the treats!!!:)

 Cotton Candy I ordered online!!! For souvenir. 

 King & Queen. Harhar.

 Thanks for the cake Madame Cheska and Pipisik girls! Hehe

 August celebrants!

 Thanks for coming guys!!! Love youuuu! Love you Niche!

Jager shot!!!

 my ever reliable assistant Philip!:)

 with my close college friend Ariel! Love you!!!

THE END. Hehe! Definitely one for the books! In fairness, people were still talking about the party weeks later. Success! I would definitely party at Victoria Court again. Such a perfect place to conduct an amazing, beyond ordinary and epic party!:) 

Thank you Victoria Court for everything! It was truly quite an experience. My best birthday ever! Thank you Phame of Marketing Department. You were so helpful and amazing!:) Til the next!

If you want to party at VC, contact the numbers below:


Phone Number: (+632) 671-9782
Cellphone: (+632) 998- 9721464 or (+632) 917- VCSERVE (8273783)

Email: party_reservation@victoriacourt.biz

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