Armin Concert x Globe Tattoo Trend Talks

It's not a secret (lalo na sa blog friends ko haha) that I'm so into EDM or Electronic Dance Music right now. I think each music genre has it's own golden time and it's quite surprising how EDM, without warning, took over the music scene like a sweet explosion this 2014. I've been to countless events/concerts this past year and it's the recurring theme. I have a separate "Happy" EDM playlist in my Spotify account and I love how one song could boost my mood and fuel me the whole day. My first major EDM concert was Avicii at MOA Arena (thanks Globe!), followed by Tiesto and the rest was history.

I was one of the lucky few who was able to attend Globe Tattoo's first ever TREND TALKS at Solaire a few weeks ago. Hosted by prominent event industry insider Tim Yap and supermodel Joey Mead King, the forum tackled a variety of topics about Electronic Dance Music from the artists’ point of view down to the business and career side of the industry. Here are photos from the event!

 wish I listened to each one!

 Electronic Music History

I came alone (until Papa David kept me company), but I really enjoyed the talk! I am a huge fan of Alternative music, so being there taught me a lot about my new favorite genre. :)

First speaker was veteran DJ Nicky Hurado who shared his experiences being at the forefront of the clubbing scene back in the days of hit clubs like Orange Juice.

Next up were Driven Manila’s Domini Primero and Bigfish International’s Ricky Daker who talked about international trends that permeated the local dance-event market. As two of the country's leading event and concert promoters who have worked with countless foreign acts, their wisdom proved integral to the discussion. 

Next speakers were top local DJ Mars Miranda and business maverick Stephen Ku, who tackled the business side of putting up clubs and establishments and making a career out of being a DJ. Pulling from their experiences, they gave valuable insight that aspiring musicians and producers, as well as entrepreneurs, can draw inspiration from. 

The gorgeous Katrina Razon and Mikail Schemm began their segment by treating the crowd with a special set showcasing their signature brand of sound. They shared their view on the shifting patterns and trends of underground music in Southeast Asia, taking off from their immersions and observations, having travelled to different parts of the world. 

Completing the lineup of speakers were Ingo Voglemann and Pav Parrotte, who showed the similarities and contrasts between the international and local underground dance music scenes.

Five-time top DJ in the world and producer Armin Van Buuren top-billed the event, in which he shared his expertise and international view on the evolution of dance music, particularly in progressive trance and uplifting trance—genres he is most familiar with.  

Armin welcomed questions from the press, guest and fans about his passion for music and his world tour, as well as his pre-show rituals and future plans. He was also asked about balancing being a prolific artist and being a devoted family man.

 too cute! 

Kinilig ako sa tuwa! My #1 favorite EDM song is "This Is What It Feels Like" by Armin. I could listen to it over and over the whole day. I kid you not. Post breakup, I was only able to create poems or emo hits whenever it's playing. Promise. Weird pero ang cool lang haha.

 EDM movers and shakers!

After the talk, Nico and I went on a mini date muna. Ate dinner and watched Maleficent before heading back to the Arena. And then it's showtime!

 hello weirdo

The show was absolutely AMAZING!!! It ran for 6 hours (we didn't finish na coz we had work), but it was so worth it. One of the best shows I've been to. Great music, amazing set design and production..Armin really went all out on this one. So glad I was there to witness it!:)

Love the set! O db bongga. He even brought ALL his singers sa tour. Even Trevor Guthrie who sang my favorite song!!!:) Waaaah. 


New fave song on my list: Sound of the Drums! LSS!

Thank you Globe Tattoo for an incredible night. One for the books! Best moments of 2014 levels. Hehe. I love you Armin---and Cat Trivino!!!:)

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