Night Out with PLDT Home TVolution’s #TotesAmaze Girls!

Question: What if you could turn your regular TV into internet TV in just 3 simple steps? Totally amazing right?:) Second question: Who in the world is Debbie & Chloe? Or as they call them, the Totes Amaze girls?! I also had no idea! Well, not until last May 28 when I got the chance to know more about PLDT HOME’s newest venture as well as the girls at Republiq! It was a fun filled night with the PLDT HOME team and some blogger loves. I honestly didn’t know what to expect or what the campaign is about, but I went home knowing more about them and PLDT HOME’s latest innovation. All I can say is, #TotesAmaze! Here are photos from the launch…

You might have seen PLDT HOME TVolution’s latest commercial and it might have left some of you wondering. Debbie & Chloe, the beautiful, fun-loving, “totes amaze” duo are two young ladies who share what they love about the wonder gadget PLDT HOME TVolution, the latest innovation of PLDT HOME. The two are comically stereotypical girls, but they help the rest of us appreciate how cool a gadget can be when it offers amazing features while being incredibly simple to use. With TVolution, you can bring your Internet experience to a screen larger than your desktop or laptop computer because your TV becomes your monitor offering limitless viewing possibilities. It also gives you access to exclusive PLDT HOME content such as Clickplay, which lets you stream from a selection of over 200 blockbuster movies on-demand. You need not leave home anymore just to be able to bond with family & friends! I like!:)

For not so techy peeps like me, TVolution is just easy breezy to setup. Take it from Debbie and Chloe, who love it because “it’s easy yet so techy.” It can be done in three steps:

· Step 1: Connect your TVolution to your HDMI-ready TV.

· Step 2: Connect to your WiFi modem by typing in your password.

· Step 3: Use your QWERTY remote to go online or watch movies.
It is now available for only P199 per month to the subscribers of PLDT HOME Fibr, as well as of PLDT HOME DSL Plans 999 and up. At minimal costs, customers get the same benefits of a Smart TV. Amazing. :)

Thanks again PLDT for the awesome night. Hi to the lovely totes amaze girls who are awesome in real life as the characters they portray!:)

*To enjoy more of Debbie and Chloe’s quirks, visit their Facebook page ‘Totes Amaze Girls’. To learn more about PLDT HOME TVolution, Like PLDT HOME on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pldthome) or follow them on Twitter @pldthome or log on to pldthome.com.

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